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The arguments for “NO VIRUS” – PART 1 : Dr. Mike Yeadon is battling the virus. — A CONTINUOUSLY EXPANDED ARTICLE.

May 15 2024 Dr. Mike Yeadon, May 20, 2024 : The purpose in sharing this is so that if you find utility in some of my longer posts, you may find some of the better ones here. Credit & thanks to Suavek here for his initiative. I believe the most useful observation here is […]

A Book Not To Buy-‘PATTON-Battling With History’

I have always read. Today I have an extensive library which I figure I will not live long enough to read all I have gathered and would like to get to but my library is a gift I pass down to my prodigy. Knowing I don’t have enough days left in this life to read […]

Sec. Lloyd Austin battling prostate cancer; Michael Strahan’s daughter has a brain tumor; BBC’s Glenn Campbell has a brain tumor; Kathy Brown has lung cancer; Lindsay Lohan’s dad has skin cancer

Note: see comments for an update on Sec. Austin … who seemingly was killed in Ukraine? … read & judge for yourself. Check out our sister site for other news From Dr Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack “YouTuber Brian Barczyk enters hospice for pancreatic cancer”; CBS TV host suffers a “hypoxic brain injury” The […]

Mark Sheppard has SIX “massive heart attacks”; Billy Bean “battling cancer”; Kelly Ripa, Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie absent from TV; Michael B. Jordan’s odd car crash; Lil Wayne’s swollen face

From Mark Crispin Miller @ substack NL’s Bowen Yang “shares update on his mental health following ‘bad bouts of depersonalization’”; Shania Twain’s fans leaving her show in droves (she “doesn’t even look like herself anymore”) ‘Supernatural’ Star Mark Sheppard Survives Massive Heart Attacks December 3, 2023 Mark Sheppard, best known as “Crowley” on Supernatural, revealed […]

Battling a mining Goliath on two continents

Environmental activists have made some important strides in confronting the Australian mining company Lynas. Source

Clint Russell Interview – Battling The Two-Party Illusion & Its Fast Track To The Great Reset

Joining me today on Moving Target is Clint Russell of Liberty Lockdown, here to discuss the Two Party Illusion, why it exists, and the may different ways in which this deception influences our daily lives. Most important of which, today, is what appears to be a Lockstep agenda marching directly into The Great Reset and […]

[Premiering Wed. Aug 31, 7 PM ET] Entrepreneur Battling Communist China for Control of ’Goldilocks Zone’

Declan Ganley, founder and president of Rivada Networks, is in a fierce battle over Earth’s “Goldilocks zone”—a prime location for a low Earth orbit satellite network.  “This is the most state-of-the-art communications network that the planet will have ever seen,” Ganley told NTD’s Paul Greaney. The network would compete directly with Elon Musk’s Starlink network. […]

Greek-Australian Man Needs Help in Battling Multiple Sclerosis

Dimitri Garbas, a Greek-Australian, needs help in battling the scourge of multiple sclerosis. Credit: Facebook/Dimitri Garbas Greek-Australian man Dimitri Garbas, a father of two, has been battling multiple sclerosis since 2017. Fighting off crippling nerve pain and an array of other symptoms, he is now pinning his hopes on trying a new treatment that he […]

German MEP Declares Solidarity With Australians Battling COVID Tyranny: ‘We Will Fight’

A German official has announced her “full solidarity” with Australians and others battling authoritarian governments as they roll out unprecedented medical tyranny across the globe. by Dan Lyman Christine Anderson, a Member of European Parliament (MEP), has broken with the vast majority of her contemporaries in staunchly opposing COVID restrictions and injection mandates. “Dear citizens […]

Algeria Battling “Israel” in Africa

10 Nov 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Net Hussam AbdelKareem Due to the strong Algerian opposition, “Israel”‘s accession is almost impossible. On October 16th, 2021, the Executive Council of the African Union announced the postponement of its decision on approving or rejecting the “observer status” of “Israel” in the Union to the next African summit scheduled […]

Neanderthals Were Likely Battling the Common Cold 700,000 Years Ago!

Evidence has emerged that the common cold virus has been around for longer than previously believed. A lot longer, in fact. In  a study published online  in the open access journal  bioRxiv, a team of microbiologists and genetic researchers from Copenhagen University explain how they recovered residues of the adenovirus C in a pair of […]

Euro 2020: who are the last four teams battling it out for a place in the final?

The semi-finals of the European championship are coming to London’s Wembley Stadium this week. With the group stage and initial knock-out stages being held in stadiums around Europe, England now have the home advantage for their game against Denmark, and for the final if they progress. Meanwhile, Italy and Spain face off for the other […]

NBC News Hit Piece on Grassroots Parents Battling K-12 Critical Race Theory Draws Fire

An NBC News hit piece on grassroots parents’ groups battling Critical Race Theory (CRT) and woke education in K-12 schools has drawn a flood of criticism. The piece, published Tuesday, titled “Critical Race Theory Battle Invades School Boards – with Help from Conservative Groups,” was written by Tyler Kingkade, Brandy Zadrozny, and Ben Collins, and […]

Tiny Greek Warrior Battling Leukemia Needs Help for Cancer Research

Lukas Voelz is supported in the hospital by his father, Jeff. Lukas has been in a battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia since March of 2019. Courtesy Voelz family. Lukas Voelz, whose extended family come from Tripoli and Thessaloniki, is a leukemia warrior — and he would like your help to find better treatment that is […]

Wuhan Returns To Normal As Rest Of World Keeps Battling Pandemic

WUHAN, China (AP) — A year ago, a notice sent to smartphones in Wuhan at 2 a.m. announced the world’s first coronavirus lockdown, bringing the bustling central Chinese industrial and transport center to a virtual standstill almost overnight. It would last 76 days. Early Saturday morning, however, residents of the city where the virus was […]

Ala. Pastor Dies After Battling COVID-19 for Six Weeks

HAMILTON, Ala. (ABC 33/40 News) — Pastor Mike Stancil preached the gospel at Fulton Bridge Baptist Church for nine years. This week, his congregation is grieving. “It’s still hard to believe. I still believe Brother Mike should be back here Sunday to get into the pulpit. Hard to get a grasp of it, although this […]

WATCH: Five-Year-Old Battling Leukemia Becomes ‘Santa’s Mailman’

A little boy fighting leukemia worked as Santa’s helper recently while waiting for his Make-a-Wish dream to come true in Stockton, California. On December 3, five-year-old Mateo gathered letters to Santa from people outside a Macy’s store and dropped them into a big red box labeled “Santa Mail,” according to CBS Sacramento. In his own […]

How Americans can help the frontline workers battling Covid-19

Chad Longpre Shepersky repeatedly took COVID-19 tests—and waited on pins and needles for results each time—during a coronavirus outbreak at Guardian Angels Health and Rehabilitation Center in Hibbing, Minnesota. Longpre Shepersky, a certified nursing assistant (CNA), never contracted the virus. But he watched in agony as dozens of his patients and coworkers fell ill and […]

How Russia’s soft media power is battling for Moldovan minds

As is the case in many countries, the media is often a battleground between opposing ideas and ideologies. In Moldova, this battle hinges on the influences of East and West. So, as Russia seeks to strengthen its media presence in the country, alarm bells have begun to ring for local analysts concerned about the threat […]

Battling a Black Bitch About Her Crybaby Grievance Narrative

Escaped sheboon doesn’t like to hear about the violence of her race. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo!

Over 70 Syrian Tribal Leaders to Join Syrian Arab Army in Battling US Occupation

ALEPPO, SYRIA – On Saturday, over seventy tribal leaders from the regions of Aleppo, al-Raqqa and al-Hasakah met in the Syrian government-controlled city of Deir Hafer near Aleppo at a summit titled “Syrian tribes against foreign intervention and the American presence on Syrian soil.” According to reports, the tribal leaders – whose territory is either […]

Watching The Hawks – Battling Addiction with Dr. Jane Orient

Watching The Hawks – Battling Addiction with Dr. Jane Orient Watching The As the nation faces an existential threat from opioid addiction, Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, sits down with Sean Stone to discuss who exactly benefits from this crisis and what can be done about […]

19 Year Old Ranchi Boy Battling Bone Cancer Scores 95% In Board Exams And We’re Applauding

It’s not everyday that we hear stories of bravery, resilience and strong-will. While they inspire us, teach us everything about persistence, they also make us feel thankful for the life we have. We stumbled upon one such story, about a lion-heart young boy from Ranchi who did not let a frightful disease like cancer, defeat him. He […]

Battling to save the Ethiopian wolf – Africa’s rarest carnivore

Claudio Sillero (TC) : Most members of the Canidae family, such as wolves, dogs and foxes, are versatile and opportunistic animals, thriving in many […]

Haiti and the NFL: Toussaint Tyler and Battling TBI

In exile at St. Helena, when asked about his dishonorable treatment of Toussaint, Napoleon merely remarked, “What could the death of one wretched Negro mean to me?” The Black Napoleon, or thats what former slave Toussaint LOuverture was called. Get this, historians the leader of the only successful slave revolt in modern history in effect […]

Blacks Feeling a Sense of Justice and Empowerment from the Dallas Commando Rambro Raid

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Commando Rambro Micah Xavier Johnson skillfully executed several police officers in retaliation for past police killings of blacks. His feint around a structural support column took his opponent completely by surprise and enabled him to shoot the cop in the back. The only chance the policeman had was to hit Commando Rambro […]

Anti-govt protesters storm PM’s office, Green Zone in Baghdad, curfew imposed (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A curfew has now been imposed. People in the mostly young male crowd shouted, “This is the revenge of the people!” and “Don’t side with the corrupt!” as they gathered outside the heavily fortified area to censure the government for failing to pass a key anti-corruption law. Friday’s demonstration was called by secular protesters, who […]

Anti-govt protesters storm PM’s office, Green Zone in Baghdad, curfew imposed (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A curfew has now been imposed. People in the mostly young male crowd shouted, “This is the revenge of the people!” and “Don’t side with the corrupt!” as they gathered outside the heavily fortified area to censure the government for failing to pass a key anti-corruption law. Friday’s demonstration was called by secular protesters, who […]

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Team Up To Keep Britain In The EU

The former Democratic president of the United States and once Labour Prime Minister of Britain were close allies when in office, both strong proponents of a corporatist, pro-globalisation new brand of “third way” centre-left politics. Mr. Clinton’s visit is intended to reinforce the message delivered by President Obama two weeks ago. He claimed the UK […]

Voter Fraud Activist Found Dead Under Suspicious Circumstances

Voter fraud activist, Gary Welsh, who broke the story about the gay foam sex parties that Marco Rubio took part in, has been found dead in his apartment under suspicious circumstances.  Authorities are yet to give an official reason for his death, but have hinted that the death was potentially suicide. The political blogger had also […]

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