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Al-Aqsa Flood a battle of existence, destiny-shaping: Sayyed Nasrallah

31 May 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen Listen By Al Mayadeen English Hezbollah Secretary-General touches on Operation Al-Aqsa Flood and its pivotal and far-reaching impact in the region, addressing some issues concerning the Lebanese front. Operation Al-Aqsa Flood has had a pivotal and far-reaching impact on the region, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said.  Sayyed Nasrallah […]

Hezbollah leader says Israel’s very existence is now at risk

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, has warned that Israel’s very existence is now at risk. “There will be a before and after this moment,” he said. The Hezbollah head’s recent remarks serve as a warning to Tel Aviv after it attacked the Iranian consulate in Syria. The April 1 attack […]

GW, Palestinian existence is not “terrorism”

Students for Justice in Palestine at George Washington University responds to attacks on its recent protest honoring Palestinians killed since October 7, and the broader suppression of student organizing for Palestine across the U.S. Source

Axis of Resistance’s goal is to erase “Israel” from existence: Hamas

October 10, 2023 Source: Agencies Hamas’ spokesperson denied the resistance’s allies were informed or aware of the operation ahead of time, adding that Iran and Hezbollah were “following up on every step.” By Al Mayadeen English A spokesperson for the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Abdul Majeed Awad, stated on Tuesday that the end goal of […]

University Creates Language Guide That Erases ‘Man’ And ‘Mother’ From Existence

The University of North Carolina (UNC) has shared an ‘inclusive’ language guide, laying out guidelines for what students and staff are and are not allowed to say. The guide essentially wipes the word ‘man’ out of existence, and discourages the use of the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’. A statement from the university claims “Carolina is […]

Querying the Existence of a Covid Pandemic

Querying the Existence of a Covid Pandemic Posted on June 9, 2023 By HART Health Advisory an Recovery Team Words are powerful: handle with care Covid-19 has been described as a global pandemic but does this title give it a severity and indeed fear factor way beyond its actual impact? The word pandemic used to have […]

U.S. Jews who are angry at Israel are ‘endangering its existence’ — Cuomo

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is very worried by the fact that the American people, Democrats especially, are turning against Israel over its policies toward Palestinians– though not the American government. “Americans more and more are opposing the state of Israel.” And Cuomo says Jewish people who are angry at Israel are […]

Why the Judaic Cult Must Be Wiped From Existence

I am an old soul. Seen and done about everything. Been there, done that. When “historians” write about my past lives, one of the things often mentioned is I was tolerant of most all religions. The reason is even in the worst cult religions are people who are truly searching for God within the parameters […]

The Viral Delusion, the existence of the COVID virus and other viruses

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 Tune in to “Good Morning CHD” as Mary Holland takes on the controversial subject of whether the existence of the COVID virus + other viruses, like the HIV virus – have been thoroughly proven. She brings on two guests, David Rasnick, Ph.D. and filmmaker of the series ‘The Viral Delusion’ Mike Wallach, […]

The Tip of the Tip of the Tip of the Iceberg: CIA Agent Simply Exposes Existence of MKUltra & What He Doesn’t Reveal: How TWO PRESIDENTS Were Involved in Torturing a Boy Until His Mind Split to Create An Assassin (Our Presidents are ALL Secret Society Agents)

Kevin Shipp @Kevin_Shipp CIA MKUltra. The mad-scientist who pioneered the CIA’s mind-control experiments September 10, 2019. Gottlieb developed his practices straight from Nazi-doctors responsible for some of the most horrific human experiments on concentration camp victims during World War II. 9:18 AM · Sep 10, 2019·Twitter Web App STAFF NEWS & ANALYSIS The mad-scientist […]

Woman Who Exposed Existence Of Elite Jewish Pedophile Ring Arrested On Way To Protest At Rothschild Mansion

“Rothschild family” [26/02/2017]—->Rothschild Satanists—->“Signs and Symbols Rule the World…Decoded” “And remember Anton LaVey, former head of the Church of Satan, had a church at the Robert Mondavi vineyards, and it was pyramid shape. “Baron and Baroness Phillipi de Rothschild in a joint venture with Robert Mondavi, begin the construction of a pyramid in […]

50 Years of Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Bigfoot

This is certain to be a very controversial topic, but I’ve been meticulously researching and investigating the Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti phenomenon since 1971, when I first read Ivan T. Sanderson’s breakthrough, 1968 book, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life ( still rated 4.9 out of five stars by, and realized that the actual, physical and forensic […]

Russians Confirms The Existence of ‘Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life’

901 Shares Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently confirmed the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in a short interview away from network cameras after an appearance on Russian television. This is extremely significant, as it is a rare occasion  when a current serving Prime Minister of any nation has come forward to share the truth. […]

‘A real fight for our existence’: Massachusetts GOP spirals in Baker exit

Republicans have clung to relevancy in this bluest of blue state through a long line of moderate governors, including one-time presidential nominee and sitting Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who appealed across party lines even as Democratic supermajorities in the state Legislature continued to grow. But Trump’s rise splintered the party, pitting a popular governor who […]

Biden-Harris Regime Warn They Will Fine Small Businesses Out of Existence if They Resist Medical Tyranny

The Biden-Harris regime has announced that they will fine small firms out of existence if they refuse to implement their facist medical agenda. On Thursday, Biden announced that the U.S. government will require all federal employees to be vaccinated, with no option for those who prefer to be regularly tested instead. Disturbingly, Biden also said […]

Astonishing Human Heads: Do Satellite Photographs Now Prove Existence of Humans on Antarctica…6000 Years Ago? – Part I

Accurate geographical and cartographical information concerning the continent of Antarctica has only really been uncovered since AD 1822. However, in direct contradiction, ancient maps reveal Antarctica completely free of glaciation thousands of years beforehand. According to experts in ancient cartography and oceanography, only a very advanced maritime culture exploring Antarctica after the end of the […]

Art of the Oppressed: Politics of Existence

Why Sarpatta Parambarai holds an important place in Tamil film history? It not only has convincing arguments for Dalits and women but raising questions against the dominant images and ideas.   A Tamil film, Unnal Mudiyum Thambi  (‘you can do it brother’ ) released 33 years ago,   directed by a prominent dialogue writer cum director […]

With only 330 million Americans in existence, Biden says U.S. has vaccinated 350 million

At a press conference addressing the July jobs report, Biden also discussed the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  “You know, we have, roughly, 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world, and virtually no one has died because of that vaccinations [sic],” the president said.  The actual U.S. population is just over 330 million, […]

1,5 million € for a virologist who presents scientific proof of the existence of a corona virus

WE NOTICED… All virologists, not just those pictured, have deceived themselves and the public when they claim the existence of disease-causing viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. Virologists inadvertently kill cells in test tubes, believing that this is proof of the presence and isolation of a virus. Only from fragments of dying cells do virologists mentally construct […]

Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon: Aliens Prevented a Nuclear War on Earth to Ensure Our Existence

The Sixth Man to walk on the Moon – Edgar Mitchell made fainting claims about alien life when he stated that the existence of the alien visitors is kept a secret from the public – not due to fear of widespread disbelief – rather, a fear that the monetized interests of big business could go […]

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