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Israel is Flooding Hamas Tunnels in Gaza, Endangering the Hostages

    In a strategic move, the Israeli military has reportedly initiated the flooding of Hamas’ underground tunnel network beneath Gaza, a contentious operation that has raised concerns about the safety of more than 100 hostages and potential contamination of the strip’s water supply. According to the Wall Street Journal, Israeli forces have begun pumping […]

Murdergon: “Significant Escalation” In USA Endangering Lives Of Russian Pilots legally in Syria By Erratic Flying By US Plane Illegally Violating Syrian Air Space

US War Criminal officials said a Russian fighter jet legally in Syria at the request of the duly elected Syrian Government flew close to a US reconnaissance plane Illegally over Syria. The US Plane Illegally Violating Syrian Air space flew erratically in an attempt to evade the legal interception by the Russian pilot, endangering the […]

U.S. Jews who are angry at Israel are ‘endangering its existence’ — Cuomo

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is very worried by the fact that the American people, Democrats especially, are turning against Israel over its policies toward Palestinians– though not the American government. “Americans more and more are opposing the state of Israel.” And Cuomo says Jewish people who are angry at Israel are […]

Matt Walsh Accused Of Endangering Nazis By Sharing Pictures Of Auschwitz

NASHVILLE, TN — Matt Walsh is once again stirring up controversy after he shared pictures of Nazi death camps on his Twitter account with the words “We must never let this kind of evil happen ever again.” Critics have called his social media posts a clear incitement to violence against Nazi people. “This kind of […]

Watch: Democrats Warnock, Cortez Masto Ripped over ‘Endangering’ Supreme Court Justices

Democrat Sens. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) are the targets of a new ad from JCN ripping Democrats for “endangering the lives of Supreme Court justices” following leftist violence after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Falsehood, Hate and Crime the Endangering Culture of India

“Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually they believe it”. These words of Adolf Hitler, the fascist leader of Nazi party of Germany seems to be proving true for India by its ruling establishment. Historically speaking, Adolf Hitler was a German leader who joined the Nazi Party which later became […]

Large election rallies in UP- Endangering the lives of the people in view of the Omicron fears

To Shri Sushil Chandra Chief Election Commissioner Election Commission of India (ECI) Shri Rajiv Kumar Election Commissioner Election Commission of India (ECI) Shri A.C.Pandey Election Commissioner Election Commission of India (ECI) Dear S/Shri Sushil Chandra, Rajiv Kumar and Pandey, In view of the imminent outbreak of the Omicron variant of Covid, it is well recognised […]

Russia Rejects Accusations Of Endangering Astronauts Aboard ISS With Weapons Test

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian officials on Tuesday rejected accusations that they endangered astronauts aboard the International Space Station by conducting a weapons test that created more than 1,500 pieces of space junk but a White House official said the move by Russia would threaten activities in space “for years to come.” U.S. officials on Monday […]

Envoy reminds U.S. that endangering public health is war crime

Envoy reminds U.S. that endangering public health is war crime – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Iran’s permanent envoy to the United Nations has censured the U.S.’s illegal and inhumane sanctions on Iran as instance of “war crime”, saying they are used as a means to endanger the Iranian nation’s health for political purposes. Majid Takht-Ravanchi made […]

EU Says Communist Party of China Endangering Peace in South China Sea

BEIJING—The European Union called out China on Saturday for endangering peace in the South China Sea and urged all parties to abide by a 2016 tribunal ruling which rejected most of China’s claim to sovereignty in the sea, but which Beijing has rejected. The EU last week released a new policy aimed at stepping up […]

 Violation of COVID norms- Endangering of human lives- Take action against political parties and their leaders under IPC

To Shri Rajiv GaubaCabinet Secretary Dear Shri Gauba, I write this letter in continuation of my earlier letter dated 30-3-2021 (copy forwarded) addressed to the Union Home Secretary on the potential danger of the huge election rallies being held in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, West Bengal and Assam becoming super-spreaders of COVID. I had earlier […]

Israel’s failure to pass state budget is endangering nonprofits

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Are the Walter Reed doctors are endangering Trump’s life?

To Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus advisor by Jon Rappoport October 3, 2020 (To join our email list, click here.) Scott: If media reports are correct, the president is receiving 2 experimental drugs: the antibody cocktail, Regeneron, and the antiviral, Remdesivir. Aside from their individual adverse effects… THESE DRUGS HAVE NEVER BEEN STUDIED FOR THEIR […]

Endangering a Landmark Nuclear Treaty with Russia. Jeopardizing Global Security

Five cancer-fighting recipes that also help you beat the summer heat

(NaturalNews) As summer kicks into full swing, gardens everywhere are overflowing with fruit and vegetables. If you’ve been looking for creative ways to use summer produce, the American Institute for Cancer Research has published five of its most popular cancer-protective recipes that can help you beat the heat, while taking advantage of the […]

Video: The Government’s Insane War On Tiny Homes

Officials in Los Angeles have started seizing the tiny homes made by a local builder and donated to homeless people in the city The City of Los Angeles considers the compact homes a blight. Los Angeles city council member Curren Price recently requested that sanitation officials confiscate and destroy a number of tiny homes. But […]

The zombie masses of America reach new record for emergency room visits due to walking into traffic while distracted by mobile devices

(NaturalNews) Addiction to mobile devices is a growing problem in America. It’s gotten to the point where people are so distracted that they will walk right into traffic, fall off train platforms, or even fall right off a cliff. As Americans plug their entire existence into their mobile devices, they give away the […]

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