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Challenger Astronauts Allegedly Alive

On May 21st, a citizen came before Florida’s Brevard County Commission to confront them with the fact that alleged victims of the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster are still alive. It appears that NASA is laundering US Tax Dollars and lying to the People – and they’re doing it with Duper’s Delight! Citizen: I think […]

Astronauts set for ‘splashdown’ off the coast of Florida

A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is set for a “splashdown” off the coast of Florida shortly after midnight Monday, marking the end of a nearly six-month mission for four astronauts.  According to NASA, the splashdown is slated for 12:17 a.m. EST on Monday at one of seven targeted landing zones in the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf… […]

China Could Claim Parts of Moon as Own Territory, Force Out US Astronauts, NASA Boss Warns

As the United States and China are racing to resume sending astronauts to the moon, NASA administrator Bill Nelson has warned about the regime’s ambitions as Beijing sets to establish a permanent presence on the lunar surface. “It is true that we better watch out that they don’t get to a place on the moon […]

What Do Astronauts, Atlantis, and Africa Share? The Richat Structure!

Tucked away in Mauritania, surrounded by the imposing, shifting dunes of the Sahara Desert, lies the Richat Structure. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa Unexplained Phenomena Read Later 

SpaceX Is Launching a Bunch of NASA Astronauts to Space on 4/20 Nice!

SpaceX Is Launching a Bunch of NASA Astronauts to Space on 4/20 Nice! High Altitude Lots of people will be blasting off on April 20, but if all goes according to plan, four NASA astronauts will be getting particularly high — off the surface of the Earth, that is, on the long journey to the […]

Biden Orders Astronauts On ISS To Eat All The Freeze-Dried Ice Cream And Not Leave Any For The Russians

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Joe Biden retaliated against Russia this morning when he directed astronauts aboard the International Space Station to eat all the freeze-dried ice cream and not leave any for the Russians. American astronaut Kevin Fjordway saluted the president bravely and then propelled himself to the station’s kitchen where he proceeded to gorge himself on […]

Russia Rejects Accusations Of Endangering Astronauts Aboard ISS With Weapons Test

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian officials on Tuesday rejected accusations that they endangered astronauts aboard the International Space Station by conducting a weapons test that created more than 1,500 pieces of space junk but a White House official said the move by Russia would threaten activities in space “for years to come.” U.S. officials on Monday […]

Astronauts return to Earth after 200-days in space

Four astronauts, including France’s Thomas Pesquet, returned to Earth on Monday after a 200-day space station mission that began last spring. Their capsule streaked through the late night sky like a dazzling meteor before parachuting into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. Recovery boats quickly moved in with spotlights. “On behalf […]

SPACE: Astronauts aboard ISS take part in first ‘Space Olympics’

The International Space Station Expedition 65 crew recorded themselves having a day of ‘weightless fun’ at the end of a long week of work. From Earth orbit, 400 km above our planet, the crew present the very first “Space Olympics”. ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet shared this video on social media with the caption: “The first-ever […]

CIA Document Reveals Astronauts Conducted Telepathy Experiments in Space

MIND GAMES: CIA Document Reveals Astronauts Conducted Telepathy Experiments in Space SM  Source – “…Why do we still ridicule parapsychology? It’s correlated with quantum physics, and it seems to be the next logical step for science….it’s not fair that government agencies are the only ones who seem to be actively and heavily engaged in […]

Branson and Bezos are not astronauts, US says

Branson and Bezos are not astronauts, US says Posted on Sunday, 25 July, 2021 Does a Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin flight make you an astronaut ? Image Credit: Virgin Galactic Following the two billionaires’ historic flights, the FAA has decided to tighten the definition of the term ‘astronaut’.Both Branson and Bezos, who soared into […]

Chinese Spaceship With 3 Astronauts Docks At New Space Station

JIUQUAN, China (AP) — A Chinese spaceship carrying a three-person crew docked with China’s new space station at the start of three-month mission Thursday, marking a milestone in the country’s ambitious space program. The Shenzhou-12 craft connected with the Tianhe space station module about six hours after takeoff from the Jiuquan launch center on the […]

SpaceX Crew Dragon arrives with 4 astronauts at space station

Four astronauts who lifted off from Earth on Friday docked at the International Space Station. They were greeted with hugs from colleagues at the space station. They travelled in the SpaceX Crew Dragon Endeavour capsule. They will replace four astronauts already aboard the space station and who will travel back to Earth later this week. […]

Four astronauts on Elon Musk’s SpaceX capsule dock at International Space Station

Four astronauts including France’s Thomas Pesquet were welcomed with hugs at the International Space Station on Saturday, bringing the station’s population to 11 people. The SpaceX Dragon capsule docked autonomously a day after launching from NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The four astronauts — from France, the US and Japan — will spend six […]

Astronauts arrive at space station aboard SpaceX Endeavour

A four-astronaut team arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule Endeavour, NASA said, after becoming the first crew ever to be propelled into orbit by a rocket booster recycled from a previous spaceflight. The Endeavour capsule, also making its second flight, was launched into space on Friday atop […]

Astronauts work on International Space Station upgrades in spacewalk

Two astronauts were scheduled to complete a six hour spacewalk to upgrade the International Space Station. Tasks included venting early ammonia system jumper cables and reconnecting the current cooling systems. The two NASA astronauts also worked on connecting cables for the European Space Agency’s Columbus module. Mission Control is eager to get the station improvements […]

Spacewalking astronauts manage possible ammonia leak

Spacewalking astronauts took extra safety precautions on Saturday to avoid getting toxic ammonia on their suits. The spacewalk on Saturday was to rearrange the International Space Station plumbing but the astronauts had to be careful to avoid the coolant still lingering in the lines. Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins had no trouble removing and venting […]

‘Eytan Stibbe is Leading the Next Wave of Private Astronauts,’ Says Head of Ramon Foundation

Eytan Stibbe. Photo: Mark Neiman / GPO via Wikimedia Commons. CTech – News of the second Israeli astronaut made headlines eariel this month, with Eytan Stibbe bound to board a commercial spacecraft by late 2021. Many years have passed since an Israeli astronaut was sent to space, but how this project came into being is […]

Elon Musk’s firm delivers astronauts to International Space Station

Elon Musk’s SpaceX firm delivered four astronauts to the International Space Station on Monday – the first fully-fledged taxi service for NASA by a private company. NASA turned to private companies to haul cargo and crew to the space station after the shuttle fleet retired in 2011. SpaceX qualified for both. With Kennedy back in […]

SpaceX capsule with 4 astronauts reaches space station

SpaceX’s newly launched capsule with four astronauts arrived Monday at the International Space Station, their new home until spring. The Dragon capsule pulled up and docked late Monday night, following a 27-hour, completely automated flight from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The linkup occurred 422 kilometres above Idaho. “Oh, what a good voice to hear,” space […]

NASA astronauts splashdown to Earth on SpaceX capsule after historic mission

The first astronauts to ride a SpaceX capsule into orbit splashed down back to earth on Sunday in the Gulf of Mexico. NASA pilots Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken stayed on the space station for two months. The mission made history as it was the first time a private company, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, successfully sent […]

NASA To Build US Moon Base & Send Astronauts To Mars

NASA plans to send astronauts to the moon to build a base within the next decade, moving one step closer in fulfilling President Trump’s wish to send humans to Mars. In preparation for human exploration of Mars, the agency will begin building a Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway in 2019. reports: The platform will consist of at […]

12 American Astronauts Visit Planet Serpo & Some Of ‘Theirs’ Came Here: The Alleged ‘Project Serpo’

Next Story Project Serpo is rumoured to be a top secret Special Access Program (SAP) between the United States government and an alien civilization who referred to their planet as Serpo, located in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Details of this supposed program have appeared all over the internet, and stem from unverifiable sources that […]

Hey, this space lasagna tastes like crap! Astronauts to eat their own microbe-recycled human waste in latest science "breakthrough"

(Natural News) Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University recently reported that they were able to harness microbes and convert them into potential food sources, which in turn may help space travels a lot less grueling for astronauts. The research team noted that bringing enough food and water from Earth to outer space takes […]

7 (Out of Many) Astronauts Who Told The World We Are Being Visited & What They Said

Next Story The UFO/extraterrestrial issue continues to gain the attention of the masses. This comes as a result of multiple factors, one being of them being the onslaught of credibility that’s been accredited to it, in the form of official previously classified government documents, some of which provide some startling details about UFO encounters with […]

Classified Photos From NASA of Big Extraterrestrial Vehicles Taken By Astronauts & Robotic Probes

Next Story The picture above comes from, according to the lecture below, apollo 12. Of a craft that was several hundred feet in diameter. “They published it, and they issued it in the summer of 1964, while I was there working in the war room. They titled it ‘An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible […]

Frankenstein astronauts: NASA wants to alter DNA to protect against space radiation

(Natural News) Going to the moon is hard on human bodies, as the astronauts on moon missions discovered after dealing with heart-related and other health issues after spending long periods of time in space. When NASA sends astronauts to Mars in the 2030s, they will face even more challenges, and they could have deadly consequences. […]

Apollo 15 Pilot Joins The Long List of Astronauts To Tell The World About ‘Alien’ Visitation

Next Story If we look at the long list of astronauts to share their knowledge and beliefs about UFOs, as well as intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are or have been visiting our planet, the list is quite long and it never seems to stop growing. Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, told us that there […]

Watch astronauts repair ISS robot arm in daring spacewalk (LIVE)

Expedition 53 Commander Randy ‘Komrade’ Bresnik and ISS flight engineer Mark Vande will be replacing a motor that malfunctioned on the device used to move supplies and undock spacecraft. The large grappling mechanism, known as the Canadarm2, recently experienced an issue with one of its motorized latches. READ MORE: Happy 60th birthday, Sputnik! How USSR launched […]

Astronauts extremely likely to die from cancer if they travel to Mars, warns new science study

(Natural News) The idea of heading out to space and traveling to the red planet is thrilling but consider this for a moment: Going to Mars significantly increases your chances of acquiring cancer. That’s what the latest study published in Scientific Reports concluded. Cancer risk for humans who go on a mission to Mars or on long-term […]

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