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‘Simply put, I call things as they are’: Mohammed El-Kurd on shifting the Western discourse on Palestine

The following interview by the Metras Editorial Board with Palestinian activist Mohammed El-Kurd was originally published in Metras on July 16th, 2021.   Israelis have long oriented their rhetoric towards the West through an intentional program of political propaganda referred to as “hasbara”. In contrast to this, Palestinians have had few comparable successes, and none […]

Christian Woman in Pakistan Accused of Blasphemy for Simply Receiving a Text

Family Forced into Hiding Due to Threats from Extremists 08/10/2021 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian woman in Pakistan has been arrested for allegedly violating the country’s notorious blasphemy laws after she received a text message on WhatsApp. Following the arrest, the Christian woman’s family fled […]

Residential schools are a stain on Canada’s history that won’t be erased simply by appointing an indigenous Governor General

July 30, 2021, -by Eva K Bartlett Governor General, Mary Simon, has spoken of reconciliation and moving forward. But such talk is meaningless until Canada owns up to the extent of its crimes against the indigenous peoples. Recently, I wrote about the sudden emergence of media attention to the horrific issue of the Canada-wide “residential schools”, where […]

INVESTIGATION – Available data proves the Covid-19 Vaccines are a huge failure; they simply do not work

BY DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 27, 2021 In recent weeks, a number of signs have emerged indicating the COVID-19 injections cannot put an end to COVID-19 outbreaks. As of July 15, 87.5% of the adult population in the U.K. had received one dose of COVID-19 “vaccine” and 67.1% had received two. Yet symptomatic cases among partially and fully […]

Endless Resuscitation Required: Wind & Solar Simply Can’t Survive Without Massive Subsidies

Iowa Climate Science Education As soon as the subsidies for wind and solar dry up, so does the investment in generating capacity, proving the point that neither wind nor solar can survive for very long without guaranteed, government-mandated support; whether in the form of Production Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Certificates or penalties and fines laid […]

Canadians can enter Canada without quarantine or delay | Simply show the front page of your passport

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US is whipping up fear of China because Washington simply cannot contemplate a world it does not dominate

According to research by Stop Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Hate, there were nearly 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents from March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021, not including those that have occurred the most recently. America’s annual threat assessment has highlighted the dangers posed by China. The manufactured hysteria about Beijing’s supposed intentions reveals […]

Margaret Mead On Extraterrestrials: ‘They Are Simply Watching What We Are Up To’

What are there these mysterious objects that constantly cruise through our atmosphere performing maneuvers that no known man made piece of machinery can perform? Who are they? Many people have been asking this question for centuries. UFOs have been documented for what seems to be thousands of years. Interesting interpretations can be found in ancient […]

Masks Are Making You Sick & It Seems That Is Simply Part Of The Plan

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 2/16/21 & 2/19/21. As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or […]

Venezuela Wins Simply By Holding An Election

Above photo: PSUV campaign rally in Portuguesa. PSUV. NOTE: I am in Venezuela currently to serve as an international election observer and will report on the elections and more.  – MF The upcoming legislative elections in Venezuela are going to be held in a context of great adversity are an important step in the democratic […]

Why are Jews flinging anti-Semitic libels at Jews who simply want to pray in synagogue?

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Jews: We Didn’t Torture Tesak. He Simply Hung Himself, Turned Off CCTV Cameras and Ripped Out His Own Toenails

‘If suddenly I slash my veins or hang myself while in transit, know that I was helped [by Jews]. Strongly.’ – Immortal National Socialist martyr Tesak Maxim Martsinkevich Mossad Execution Team Left Blood-Splattered Jail Cell Lawyer Ivan Sidorov said that the whole cell was covered in blood. Tesak was found in the lower bunk, yet the […]

The secret to good health is simply eating more vegetables

(Natural News) If someone tells you to “eat your vegetables,” they might be on to something good: Science has proven time and again that vegetables hold the key to building a healthy body. According to an article in Archives of Medicine, foods which originated from plants contain so-called “protective chemicals” which are composed of phytonutrients […]

Add 7 disability-free years to your life by simply practicing healthy lifestyle habits

(Natural News) It looks like its time to get up from the couch, turn off the TV, and put on your running shoes. Aside from making you fit and strong, a study has confirmed that living a healthy lifestyle can also help add seven disability-free years to your life. The results of […]

FISA Memo Could Be Made Public by a Congressman Simply Reading it on the House Floor

FISA Memo Could Be Made Public by a Congressman Simply Reading it on the House Floor Judge Napolitano says it would be protected under the Constitution Paul Joseph Watson January 24, 2018 While Americans become increasingly frustrated over lawmakers’ failure to secure the release of the FISA memo, Judge Andrew Napolitano says it could […]

APATHY – In this Global World – most people simply ignore what our leaders are doing to destroy our lives

APATHY – In this Global World – Most people simply ignore what our leaders are doing to destroy our lives, perhaps they are far to stressed to care or simply don’t care or just want to have fun while it lasts. They say things like, “Why do you care?” or “It is just how it […]

It’s Not Simply Jerusalem, It’s All of Palestine

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American dominance ‘becoming history,’ Berlin can no longer simply react to US policy – German FM

‘We have other priorities’: German FM urges US to end sanctions policy toward Russia Speaking at a foreign policy forum in Berlin on Tuesday, Sigmar Gabriel said “the global dominance of the United States is slowly becoming history.” He noted that the “withdrawal of the United States under Donald Trump from its reliable role as a guarantor of […]

Fight Against ISIS Throughout Iraq Intensifies

nsnbc : The ground war and aerial campaign against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq intensifies throughout the country with thousands of ground forces and militia battling the insurgents in Fallujah and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters renewing their campaign in Mosul. Observers note that troops are about to expel ISIS from Fallujah. Iraqi military forces supported by […]

Trump Would Throw-Out Climate Change Hoax Deals!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 19, 2016 As anyone with two brain cells to rub together is well aware, manmade global warming is a stupid globalist Jew hoax designed to strip the goyim of their resources and transfer vast amounts of White wealth to third world brown countries. Unsurprisingly, Our Leader is going to shut this […]

Red Sea Deal: Are Israel & Saudi Arabia Forming a Joint Military

(ANTIMEDIA) As more details emerge revealing the brutal nature of the ongoing military campaign carried out by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, Muslim Press reports that documents leaked by an unnamed senior military official associated with the Israeli left-wing liberal party Meretz show Israel and Saudi Arabia have cooperated in military efforts. The report also suggests […]

We Just Found Out The Real Reason The FBI Wants a Backdoor Into The iPhone

The FBI versus Apple Inc. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object — the feverish momentum of American technocracy accelerating into the cavernous Orwellian entrenchment of the surveillance state. You thought thepatent wars were intense? The ‘Battle of the Backdoor’ pits one of America’s most monolithic tech conglomerates against the Department of Justice and, ultimately, […]

CDC channels Natural News, now says whooping cough vaccine doesn’t work… but recommends more vaccines anyway

(NaturalNews) It seems that the CDC’s only mission is to acquire immunity against its own errors. Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is known to promote vaccines that incur over 20 possible side effects, including deafness, coma and permanent brain damage, they seem to only be worried that their whooping […]

Russia wins battle in Swedish court within Yukos shareholders’ case

In its 18 January ruling, quoted by RIA Novosti, the Swedish Court of Appeal overturned previous decisions by the Stockholm District High Court and a Stockholm arbitration court that “the arbitral tribunal has no jurisdiction to adjudicate the claim.” Witnesses confirm Khodorkovsky’s role in assassinations – attorney The long legal battle began in 2007 when […]

How the global jewellery industry is funding israel’s crimes

How the global jewellery industry is funding Israeli crimes Revenue from the diamond industry is estimated to generate about $1bn/yr in funding for the Israeli military. Despite the many grievous human rights violations committed by Israel the jewellery industry continues to deceive consumers by claiming diamonds from Israel are conflict-free. The Zionist project in Palestine […]

Catholic Church Backs Venezuelan Opposition on Approval of Amnesty Law

Jonas Holldack (VA) : The Catholic Church in Venezuela has waded into the controversial debate on the opposition’s electoral promise to pass an “Amnesty Law” on gaining a two-third majority in the country’s parliament.  Cardinal Urosa Sabino has backed the MUD over its proposed amnesty law (Aporrea) The highly contentious amnesty law would be used […]

Half a Million Britcucks Sign Petition to Ban Glorious Leader

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer December 11, 2015 Give up now, faggots. He’s already President. Proving once again that it is a nation of pure cuckoldry, over half a million British folk have signed a petition to ban Our Glorious Leader from their crappy burned-out Islamic State. Fortune: A petition on the British government’s website to ban […]

Russian military reveals new details of ISIS funding

The US-led coalition has failed to intensify strikes on oil tankers and other IS oil infrastructure. Russia will send intelligence on potential targets to coalition members, assuming that a lack of intelligence may be the reason for their hesitance. Russia, for its part, will continue attacking the oil business of the terrorists and expects […]

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