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The WHO’s Proposed Pandemic Agreements Worsen Public Health

Much has been written on the current proposals putting the World Health Organization (WHO) front and center of future pandemic responses. With billions of dollars in careers, salaries, and research funding on the table, it is difficult for many to be objective. However, there are fundamentals here that everyone with public health training should agree […]

Four Agreements Between Israel And Pfizer Have Been Released Via FOI Lawsuit That Prove The Israeli Government Conducted Forced Experiments On People

The Liberty Beacon Israeli government “found” lost Pfizer agreements! Four agreements between Israel and Pfizer have been released via FOI lawsuit, still in a heavily redacted form. They prove that the Israeli government conducted forced experiments on people. SASHA LATYPOVA | Substack Israeli news article with detailed analysis and history of these FOI: The new documents […]

Iran-China agreements turned into specified projects

TEHRAN- The agreements signed between Iran and China during President Raisi’s trip to Beijing in mid-February were turned into specified projects during the two countries’ joint cooperation committee meeting, the Iranian finance and economic affairs minister announced. Ehsan Khandouzi left Tehran for Beijing on Wednesday night to attend the Iran-China Joint Cooperation Committee meeting, which […]

US Seals Agreements With Micronesia in Bid to Counter Beijing

The United States struck three agreements with the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) on May 23 to sustain cooperation at “significant levels” amid ongoing rivalry between the U.S. and China in the Pacific region. The accords were signed by Alissa Bibb, the charge d’affaires of the U.S. embassy in Pohnpei, and Micronesian negotiator Leo Falcam […]

‘Iran, China industrial agreements to be implemented within 2 months’

TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) has said that the agreements reached between Iran and China during President Ebrahim Raisi’s visit to Beijing, are expected to be implemented within two months, Tasnim News Agency reported on Monday. “Considering the president’s emphasis, the agreements and contracts signed during this trip will enter the […]

Will coalition supporting legitimacy disintegrate into bilateral agreements with a weak authority?

The past week has witnessed remarkable developments on the Yemeni scene, the most prominent of which was the signing of a surprising agreement for military and security cooperation and combating terrorism, between the UAE and Yemen, on the side-lines of a visit by the Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari, and the Minister of […]

Iran inks 2 agreements with China to facilitate agricultural exports

TEHRAN – Iranian Agriculture Ministry has signed two cooperation documents with China’s General Administration of Customs to facilitate the access of Iranian exporters to the Chinese markets, IRIB reported. Source

Arbitration Agreements Are Simply A Corporate Trick to Screw the Little Guy Making It Burdensome for Them to Sue or Even Make A Claim-Glad to See This Strategy Backfiring On Greedy/Criminal Corporations.

May 27, 2022•Sam Mellins How Corporate America’s Favorite Legal Trick Is Backfiring Comment: Our Politicians are in the Pockets of Big Pharma AND Big Corporations otherwise Arbitration Wouldn’t even be allowed. Small Claims courts suffice to help Many a Small Claimant but Arbitration Ensures that Small Claimants won’t get paid b/c they Can’t Afford Arbitration. […]

Turkey ratifies seven international agreements

The Turkish government has ratified several international agreements in areas of sports, transportation, economy and trade, according to the country’s Official Gazette on Thursday, and reported by Anadolu News Agency. The agreements with Palestine, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Lesotho were detailed in the Gazette. The 2021 amendments made in the annexes of “the European Agreement […]

Pfizer Engineered Agreements With Governments Stating They Had to Pay for Covid Vaccines Whether They Worked or Not – NO Recourse for Injuries

BY CAPTAINDARETOFLY ON JULY 29, 2021 • Listen Now  The contract reveals that governments have been forced to pay for the vaccine whether it worked or not, whilst Pfizer cannot be held liable for any injuries caused by the jab. Shocking revelations posted to social media this week revealed that Pfizer engineered a contract, which governments had to sign […]

Blinken: US commitment to Israel ‘ironclad,’ welcomes more normalization agreements

Browse > Home / News / Blinken: US commitment to Israel ‘ironclad,’ welcomes more normalization agreements April 16, 2021 by JNS Read on for article U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that America’s commitment to Israel is “ironclad,” and that he—and the Biden administration—supports more normalization agreements. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcoming […]

Asinine Allied Agreements

We Americans can claim only a relatively short history of settlement on the North American continent, but it would still come as a terrible blow if we were forcibly driven from our homeland by foreigners, i.e. Mexicans. The Sudeten Germans experienced such an ethnic catastrophe. They resided in settlements that were over 700 years old. […]

Israeli Scientist reveals US extraterrestrial agreements & joint Mars base DECEMBER 8, 2020. POSTED Prof Haim Eshed, a senior scientist who for nearly 30 years headed Israel’s space security program has revealed secret US extraterrestrial agreements, a joint US ET base on Mars, and how a Galactic Federation is closely monitoring human affairs. Major media around the world is covering Prof Eshad’s revelations. He […]

Citing broken agreements, Netanyahu says ‘no doubt’ elections are on the way

In a sign of the nearing of the long-expected fall of the government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that there was “no doubt” elections are coming, and blamed his coalition partners. “When agreements are not respected on the part of Blue and White, there is no doubt that we are on the way […]

Pro-Israel Organizations in the US Facilitated Israeli Agreements With UAE, Bahrain

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, the American Jewish Committee, and the World Jewish Congress worked for 25 years to procure the agreements. UAE and Bahrain had previously refused to have diplomatic relations with Israel because of Israel’s massive ethnic cleansing against the indigenous population of a region that had been called Palestine […]

White House releases UAE and Bahrain agreements with Israel. Here are some details.

White House releases UAE and Bahrain agreements with Israel. Here are some details. – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement

Over 100 Police Departments Back Out Of DNC Security Agreements

More than 100 police deartments are pulling out of security agreements to send personnel to next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. The decision follows orders that would have prevented police officers from using certain crowd control measures during protests. The city is now considering using National Guard or federal agents for the Convention which […]

What’s Wrong With Secret Donor Agreements…

What’s Wrong With Secret Donor Agreements… Above photo: Students and faculty members have protested arrangements GMU made with donors. AP Photo/Matt Barakat Like the ones George Mason University inked with the Kochs? Arlington, VA – George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera acknowledged this month that his school gave the Charles Koch Foundation “some influence” over hiring and evaluating faculty as […]

Photos: Iran, Sri Lanka sign 5 cooperation agreements

ISNA | Borna Qasemi: Iran and Sri Lanka signed five agreements on mutual cooperation in various areas in a Sunday ceremony in Tehran. The ceremony where the documents were signed was attended by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his visiting Sri Lankan counterpart Maithripala Sirisena. The agreements include four mutual cooperation deals as well as […]

Imperial Road To Conquest: Peace And Disarmament Agreements

Imperial Road To Conquest: Peace And Disarmament Agreements Above Photo: Alan Denney/Flickr May 01, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – In recent years US imperial strategy has sought to lessen the cost of defeating and overthrowing independent countries. The means and method are fairly straight forward. World-wide propaganda campaigns which demonize the adversary; the enlistment and collaboration of European […]

Thanks to “Consent” Buried Deep in Sales Agreements, Car Manufacturers Are Tracking Tens of Millions of U.S. Cars

Thanks to “Consent” Buried Deep in Sales Agreements, Car Manufacturers Are Tracking Tens of Millions of U.S. Cars February 24th, 2018 Via: BoingBoing: Millions of new cars sold in the US and Europe are “connected,” having some mechanism for exchanging data with their manufacturers […]

Ukraine: Russia’s representative to OSCE says Kiev sabotages Minsk agreements

State power has its own limits defined by the fact that it is authority that reaches people from outside. State power cannot oversee and dictate the creative states of the soul and mind, the inner states of love, freedom and goodwill. The state cannot demand from its citizens faith, prayer, love, goodness and conviction. It […]

IRIB, Syria Information Ministry sign agreements

Press TV- The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) and Syria’s Ministry of Information have signed a number of agreements on mutual cooperation. The documents were signed during a visit by Abdolali Ali-Asgari, the IRIB’s director general, to Syria, Iran’s Young Journalists Club news agency reported on Saturday. Ali-Asqari traveled to Syria at the invitation […]

TOS Agreements Are a Sham Device to Discriminate: The Case to Be Made that the Internet Is a "Public Accommodation"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes A Federal suit alleging discrimination is long overdue as companies selectively enforce Terms of Service agreements as a sham device to discriminate against the rights of Americans to express their views. It is a demonstrable fact that jewry has openly advocated that TOS agreements be implemented and used for the purpose of […]

Privacy International Sues US Government Over Denied Access To Five Eyes Surveillance Agreements

The last thing anyone heard about Five Eyes surveillance partnerships via official channels was more than seven years ago. In the intervening years, leaked documents have shed a little light on the information sharing Five Eyes countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) engage in. But the last Five Eyes agreement released is now […]

EU finalizes economic association agreement with Ukraine that counters WTO agreements

     The European Union has formally concluded on Tuesday the association deal with Ukraine. The deal is expected to increase economic links between the two. The deal comes into force on September, 1 and had troubles with ratification in Europe. It was held up by a referendum in the Netherlands. The country rejected the deal […]

Donald Trump’s Main Reasons For Withdrawing From The PARIS Climate Agreements

As you’ve probably already heard, Donald Trump has chosen to exit the Paris climate agreement that would commence in the year 2020. Our ways are destroying our environment, damaging our health, and eradicating entire species. This is the biggest issue. There is no excuse not to implement new energy technologies. Fossil fuels are done and have […]

UK police summon Israeli ex-FM Livni over alleged war crimes during Gaza conflict

The summons was issued Thursday, but was only made public three days later. The summons was canceled after diplomatic talks were held between Israel and the UK, which ended in Livni’s visit to London acquiring the status of a “special diplomatic assignment,” Haaretz reported. This effectively granted her immunity from arrest and prosecution. […]

Private Prisons Making Deals To Lock Up More Immigrant Women & Children

Print Friendly Above Photo: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement New report sheds light on how local contracts are boosting private profits from family detention. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is striking deals with private prison companies to lock up a “guaranteed minimum” of mothers with their children in euphemistically-termed family detention centers. The 2009 congressional mandate […]

U.S. sanctions agency beefs up staff to help implement Iran deal

The chief U.S. agency in charge of implementing sanctions has added staff to help speed up processing applications from businesses hoping to trade with Iran, a U.S. Treasury official said on Thursday. The beefing up of the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control comes as businesses and lawyers say that often the answers they […]

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