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Empire Eats Its Own-Navy Seals to Pay Cost of Their Training If They Don’t Get Kill Shot

By Jim HoftPublished October 16, 2021 at 12:59pm1511 CommentsShare(2.5k)TweetShare to GabTelegramShare This is what Democrats think of the military’s finest. Joe Biden imposed a mandatory vaccine mandate on the US military. A growing number of Navy SEALs are seeking a religious exemption to the government’s vaccine mandate. Now the US Navy is threatening to fire the SEALs and […]

US Navy SEALs, Cyprus Special Forces Hold Anti-Terror Drill

LIMASSOL, Cyprus—Members of the U.S. navy’s elite special forces SEAL unit joined Cypriot underwater demolition soldiers on Friday in a joint drill to hone skills in countering terrorist hijackings at sea. The exercise involved teams of U.S. and Cypriot special forces re-taking a ship controlled by terrorists. Cypriot Defense Minister Charalambos Petrides said after the […]

Caspian seals awaiting protection plan to survive extinction 

Caspian seals awaiting protection plan to survive extinction  – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The endangered Caspian seals, the sole marine mammal inhabiting the Caspian Sea, do not have suitable breeding grounds, so it is necessary to develop and implement a protection plan as soon as possible. “The Caspian Sea condition is not appropriate for species such […]

Belarus Seals Off Border With Ukraine as President Warns of Repeat of 1941

The government of Belarus announced today that it is completely closing its border with Ukraine, which for months have been targeting Belarus with accusations of plotting military aggression against it. Ukraine has a population of almost 45 million and a military trained and armed by the US. and NATO. Belarus has a population of 9 […]

“The Seals Are About To Be Broken” – Sharlene Reimer

Things are changing in the spiritual realm for me. I’ve been receiving visions during my time with God in His temple more regularly as of late. May 13 was the first one that I was introduced to the angel Ariel. Although I have been previously visited by an angel from time to time during my […]

Marines, Seals Head Rescue of Millions of Tortured Children, While Trump Implodes Fiat Dollar for a Global Currency Reset

Before It’s Judy Byington | April 22 2021 US Special Ops Military forces numbering over 10,000 began training in July 2018 for the rescue of children from the Illuminate’s DUMBS – deep underground military bases – an extensive tunnel system that ran beneath every major US city as well as every major capitol throughout […]

In the Kingdom of Seals

By Donald Alexander MackenzieFrom Wonder Tales from Scottish Myth and Legend [1917] The sea fairies have grey skin-coverings and resemble seals. They dwell in cave houses on the borders of Land-under-Waves, where they have a kingdom of their own. They love music and the dance, like the green land fairies, and when harper or piper […]

Police seize relics including spearheads, seals from dealers

TEHRAN –Iranian authorities have confiscated 145 historical objects from two antique dealers in the town of Pakdasht, near Tehran.  After days of intelligence operations, two illegal dealers were traced and arrested after police received reports from cultural heritage aficionados about their misdeeds, Pakdahst’s police chief has announced.  Recovered relics include spearheads, clay seals, metal rings, […]

Obama Jokes “Navy SEALs” Could Be Sent Into White House to Drag Trump Out

Leftists responded to a Twitter thread asking “how do you deprogram 75 million people?” by suggesting Trump supporters should be interned in “re-education camps” and that all conservative talk radio should be banned. “No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook?” asked David Atkins (pronouns in bio), a regional […]

Navy SEALs Rescue US Missionary Abducted in Niger Via Nighttime Raid

(The Christian Post) — The U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six has rescued an American missionary who was kidnapped by an armed group last week in the West African nation of Niger, the Pentagon confirmed on Saturday. Jonathan Hoffman, the public affairs assistant to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, said in a statement that U.S. forces […]

Navy Seals Get Neutered! Plus “Child Marriages” Skyrocketing Due To Covid – Thursday Live

Join DeAnna Lorraine live to discuss the latest tyranny in America and around the globe! Watch Election Countdown weekdays from 7-9PM at! ‘We caught you!’ Trump told Biden during first presidential debate – share this link and tune in for the break down! Tom Pappert joins Owen Shroyer to host this LIVE Thursday edition […]

US Navy SEALs becomes gender-neutral, despite team having no Women in its ranks

    US Navy’s commando units may have zero female officers, but they decided to change their creed to meet gender-neutral standards nevertheless, presumably to reflect the fact that women are allowed in their ranks. The US Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) has quietly changed the wordings of the guiding principles for its commandos to […]

Mahmoud Abbas seals his intellectually impoverished legacy

Mahmoud Abbas’s April 30 speech has since become known as his “anti-Semitic speech” acquired an entirely unwarranted and undeserved degree of fame since it was issued. Albeit to a lesser extent, the speech’s absurd sense of self-importance and intellectual poverty also undoubtedly caused offence to those unfortunate enough to witness it. Palestinians have been long […]

Secret SpaceX satellites: Musk seals years-long mission to place Starlink in orbit (VIDEO)

The car-sized satellites, which weigh about 390kg each, were launched from the Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday, after the rocket’s launch had been delayed a number of times due to poor weather conditions. “Today’s Falcon launch carries 2 SpaceX test satellites for global broadband,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “If successful, Starlink constellation will serve least […]

Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed.

  The Green Beret sergeant’s dry day became a key to unraveling the narrative spun by the elite Navy commandos whom military investigators now suspect killed him, officials familiar with the case said. Melgar, a staff sergeant in the Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group, was specifically selected for an intelligence operation in […]

Virginia: Massive Nonwhite Turnout Seals Democrat Win

A massive turnout by blacks and Hispanic, who together make up at least 33 percent of voters in the state of Virginia—sealed the Democratic election victory in that state yesterday, reinforcing the reality that unless white Americans start acting in a racially unified fashion, they will be displaced and destroyed within the next few decades. […]

Propaganda Alert: Trump vows ‘justice’ as he sends Navy SEALs to captures abduct ‘key Benghazi militant’ from Libya

     U.S. special operations forces captured a militant in Libya accused of playing an instrumental role in the Benghazi attacks, officials said Monday, in a high-stakes operation designed to bring the perpetrators to justice five years after the deadly violence. President Donald Trump identified the militant as Mustafa al-Imam and said his capture signified that […]

Navy investigating 2 SEALs in connection with strangulation of Army Green Beret death

     The Navy is investigating two unnamed members of the elite SEAL Team 6 in the death of an Army Green Beret who was found strangled to death in Mali last June, according to a report published Sunday. Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar, 34, was found dead June 4 in embassy housing he shared with […]

Israel seals off Gaza crossings

Israeli occupation authorities to seal off crossings with besieged Gaza Strip during in September and October, Palestinian Authority said on Thursday. Director General of the Public Administration of the Crossing Points and Borders Committee in Gaza Nazmi Muhanna said that Karm Abu-Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing is going to be fully closed from 20-23 September. Karm […]

Sea Breeze: US sends missile warships, Navy SEALs to massive war games off Ukraine coast

The multinational war games are taking place in the northwestern part of the Black Sea near the Ukrainian port city of Odessa. They will feature 31 vessels, 29 aircraft and over 3,000 troops, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Monday.  Naval forces from 16 nations, including the US, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Poland and […]

Air Force Officer Who Witnessed Attack on Seals Who Killed Bin Laden Just Said We Have All Been Lied To

A highly decorated Air Force officer is breaking her silence about the disturbing incident that occurred back in 2011 that marked the deadliest attack on Navy SEALS in U.S. history. She claims that Obama’s administration covered up what happened to 38 of our warriors in Afghanistan, when a Chinook helicopter crashed and killed 38 fighters. […]

US Navy SEALs Kill Five Civilians In Yemen Raid: Reprieve

International human rights organization, Reprieve, claim that five civilians were killed in an overnight raid by U.S. Navy SEALs in Yemen on Tuesday. The U.S. military allege that a counter-terrorism operation was conducted on May 23 against a compound associated with al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which they say claimed the lives of seven militants. In a […]

Israel fully seals off Gaza Strip, West Bank

Israeli occupation authorities decided to fully seal off Gaza Strip and West Bank from Tuesday to Thursday this week. An Israeli army spokesperson confirmed the closure, noting that Israeli would celebrate its independence day. This day is the anniversary of massacring Palestinians, displacing them from their homes and occupying their land –Palestine. Like our page […]

US Navy SEALs Deployed To North Korea

US Navy SEALs arrived in South Korea on Tuesday in preparation to station themselves just off of North Korea’s coast in readiness for war.  According to Fox News, the USS Michigan, a nuclear-powered submarine that carries US Navy SEALs, appeared in Busan in readiness to join the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group off of North […]

Clinton Foundation Snafu: Video Footage Catches FBI Probe Suspects Arriving At Hillary’s House

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe invited the Chinese businessman whose donations to him have been named as a focus of Justice Department investigators to a 2013 fundraiser at Hillary Clinton’s personal Washington, D.C., residence.   Wang Wenliang, a Chinese national with U.S. permanent residency, briefly shook Clinton’s hand at the Sept. […]

Araqchi: Iran, Japan should retain good sanction-era ties

Beijing, May 19, IRNA – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi termed Tehran-Tokyo relations during sanctions era as satisfactory, saying that the two countries managed to maintain their good relations despite such conditions. “It is our pleasure that the two governments could maintain their links and communication capacities during sanctions era,” Araqchi said in […]

Iranian researchers build drilling rig measuring device

Hossein Afarideh, the project manager and the Director General of a knowledge-based company in which the project has been conducted, told Mehr News that the highly-accurate measuring device uses data fusion, accelerometers and magnetometers in order to measure the angles needed to steer the drill bit. Given the harsh working conditions such as high shock […]

$20,000 Honda Civic Comes with Self Drive Mode for Highways

$20,000 Honda Civic Comes with Self Drive Mode for Highways March 16th, 2016 Via: Fast Company: Honda is adding features to its $20,000 Honda Civic LX that will make the entry-level car able to drive itself down the highway, reports the Wall Street Journal. […]

Filming Cops Is Now Illegal, Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court in Pennsylvania has ruled that filming cops is illegal, and can lead to arrest.  The cases of Fields v. City of Philadelphia, and Geraci v. City of Philadelphia involve two historic incidents where citizens were arrested for filming the police. reports: Richard Fields, a Temple University student, was arrested after stopping […]

‘If we lose the West Bank, we lose everything’: An evening with a liberal Israeli

I had just traversed much of Jerusalem, a good deal of it on foot. Coming from Ramallah, I had experienced the slow agony of the Kalandia checkpoint, was let off at the East Jerusalem bus station, then went to my hostel in the Old City and then on to the YMCA in West Jerusalem, where […]

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