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Israel launching sinister Zionist plot to erase the First Amendment in the name of stopping “antisemitism”

(NaturalNews) The Zionist lobby is dumping lots of cash into a nationwide effort to redefine “antisemitism” in United States law and make it illegal for Americans… Source

Experts Admit WEF Planning To Erase 4 Billion People Within Years

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and various globalist leaders are fervently advocating for the phasing out of fossil fuels, presenting their ambitious “Net Zero” goal as a cornerstone of the WEF and UN’s comprehensive plans for humanity, specifically encapsulated in “Agenda 2030” and “Agenda 2050.” This ambitious target seeks to dramatically diminish reliance on fossil […]

Axis of Resistance’s goal is to erase “Israel” from existence: Hamas

October 10, 2023 Source: Agencies Hamas’ spokesperson denied the resistance’s allies were informed or aware of the operation ahead of time, adding that Iran and Hezbollah were “following up on every step.” By Al Mayadeen English A spokesperson for the Hamas movement in Lebanon, Abdul Majeed Awad, stated on Tuesday that the end goal of […]

Blinken: ‘Putin has already lost’ in attempting to ‘erase’ Ukraine

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already lost his invasion of Ukraine, which Blinken says he remains confident will come out victorious in the war. “And the reason that I remain very confident in Ukraine’s ultimate success, which is that they’re fighting for their country, for their future… […]

Olympics Threaten To Erase A Symbol Of Paris, Say Riverside Booksellers

Almost 60% of the famed book stalls along the river Seine have been ordered dismantled and moved ahead of the games. Source

‘People Want To Erase Me’: Michigan Family Goes Missing Hours After 911 Call About 9/11 Attacks

A family of four has gone missing in Michigan, hours after the father called 911 and warned “people want to erase me from the face of the earth” because of information of “vital national interest” he has about the 9/11 attacks. “I need some police protection immediately. It is of vital national interest,” Anthony (Tom) […]

Let’s Erase Us Some History!

Let’s Erase Us Some History!  tlamn   Incoming!!!, OppoResearch   29th Aug 2022   Update– My apologies, Campers. I wanted to post this as soon as it broke days ago, but shit happens. File this Under… If I may, I need to borrow a quote from the great and funny-as-Hell film Team America: World Police.“Why are […]

Let’s Erase Us Some History!

Let’s Erase Us Some History!  tlamn   Incoming!!!, OppoResearch   29th Aug 2022   Update– My apologies, Campers. I wanted to post this as soon as it broke days ago, but shit happens. File this Under… If I may, I need to borrow a quote from the great and funny-as-Hell film Team America: World Police.“Why are […]

WEF’s “Global Intelligence Collecting AI” To Erase Ideas From The Internet

Unapproved opinions are becoming more popular, and online censors cannot keep up with millions of people becoming more aware and more vocal. Source

NATO plan: Let Russia erase Estonia from the map

NATO does not plan to respond to a Russian takeover of the Baltics if Russia decides to enter Estonia, for example. Instead, NATO’s plan is to let the Russians take over the area and then try to resolve the issue militarily or diplomatically, according to Estonia. It was on Wednesday that Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja […]

Billy Eichner Says Dave Chappelle (and Netflix?) ‘Trying to Erase Trans People’ During Netflix Standup Set

Billy Eichner has attacked fellow comedian Dave Chappelle for making jokes about transgender people — and swiped at Netflix for streaming his content — in a standup performance also carried by Netflix.

Delete, Deny, and Destroy: Chinese and Western Strategies To Erase COVID’s Origin Are Being Exposed By Independent Research

The task of every COVID-19 origin theory is to explain a human outbreak in Wuhan, China, when the closest wild relatives of SARS-CoV-2 are located far away, 1700 km to the South West.

CNN’s Tapper: Trump Vaccine Success Doesn’t Erase ‘Derelictions of Duty’ on Pandemic Response

Jake Tapper declared Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the success of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine rollout set in motion by former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed did not excuse his other “derelictions of duty” on his response to the pandemic. After explaining he received his vaccination, Tapper said, “Thank God for […]

Exclusive — Jim Banks: Republicans Cannot ‘Erase Donald Trump’

ORLANDO, Florida — Republican Study Committee (RSC) chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) told Breitbart News exclusively that Republicans cannot “erase Donald Trump” and be successful in future elections. Banks, who spoke with Breitbart News at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU) this weekend, argued that the failed establishment […]

ACLU Wants to Erase Male, Female Sexes from ID Documents, Add ‘X’

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is jumping on the Biden administration’s embrace on Day One of the transgender ideology by seeking to make identification documents include “X” as a category for one’s sex. “Trans and non-binary people belong, and we need IDs that accurately reflect who we are so we can travel, apply for jobs, […]

In last push before Trump exits, GOP tries to erase Palestinian refugees

In one final push before Donald Trump leaves office, some Republican Members of Congress are attempting to push the Trump administration to declassify a State Department report that distinguishes between Palestinian refugees born in Palestine before Israel’s establishment in 1948 and their descendants.  On December 11, Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) and 21 of his fellow […]

Here’s how the cultural marxists are trying to erase American history. AntiFa is a highly organized communist criminal organization

BY TYLER O’NEILPJ Media Twitter screenshot (@NDpendentPDX) While most Americans were eating turkey and stuffing at whatever kind of socially-distanced gathering their state government would allow, “peaceful protesters” — who never spread the coronavirus, apparently — toppled statues and spray-painted anti-Thanksgiving messages to celebrate the holiday. Vandals targeted statues of President William McKinley in Chicago, […]

Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop With Hillary’s Emails Says FBI Told Him to Erase Everything

The FBI agent who uncovered incriminating messages that led to the Hillary Clinton email investigation being reopened days before the 2016 election claims senior officials at the bureau instructed him to erase his findings. John Robertson feared he would be made a ‘scapegoat’ when he found the bombshell emails less than two months the 2016 […]

Historians Erase Sir John A. Macdonald’s Name from Book Prize

The main association of Canadian history scholars has voted to remove Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from a prestigious prize, joining a movement to stop celebrating the country’s first prime minister as a hero. The decision to rename the 40-year-old prize the “CHA prize for Best Scholarly Book in Canadian History” came Tuesday at the […]

Unit 731: The WW2 Holocaust The West Tried To Erase From History

Newly released historical documents are giving insight into a mass killing during the World War II era that is not covered in public schools. Japanese Unit 731, a group that specialized in biological warfare, committed horrifying atrocities during the Japanese Army’s occupation of northeast China—and the United States was complicit in its cover up. According […]

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