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CNN’s Tapper: Last Few Days Really Eye-Opening to ‘Antisemitism on the Left’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Tuesday on his show “The Lead” that after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel, the last few days have been a real eye-opening period “in terms of antisemitism on the left.” Source

CNN’s Tapper to Ford CEO Farley: You Have Given Yourself Huge Raises, Why Can’t Workers Share in the Profits?

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” anchor Jake Tapper asked Ford CEO Jim Farley why, after CEOs got large raises, they can’t “share the profits” with the workers to avoid a strike. Source

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Musk Should Face ‘Repercussions’ for ‘Sabotaging’ Ukrainian Attack on Crimea

CNN warmonger Jake Tapper on Sunday pressed Secretary of State Antony Blinken on whether or not the “capricious billionaire” Elon Musk will face “repercussions” for “sabotaging” a Ukrainian attack on Crimea. Source

Sean Spicer Calls Out Jake Tapper for Asking Hakeem Jeffries Zero Questions About Election Denial

Former Trump White House press secretary Sean Spicer called out CNN anchor Jake Tapper for not questioning possible Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries about his past election denial. Source

CNN’s Tapper: Ginni Thomas Behavior ‘Irresponsible and Inappropriate’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Thursday on his network’s special coverage of the hearing held by the House Select Committee investigating January 6 that Ginni Thomas behaved irresponsibly and inappropriately around the 2020 presidential election.

Jake Tapper’s Alleged Pedophile Producer Resigns From CNN

Jake Tapper’s Alleged Pedophile Producer Resigns From CNN Date: December 31, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Darian Alexander CNN confirmed Wednesday that Jake Tapper’s producer, Rick Saleeby, resigned from his position after it was revealed that he allegedly solicited sexually explicit photos of an underage girl, Post Millenial reported. Fairfax County police also reportedly confiscated devices from his residence.The news broke […]

Jake Tapper Silent as Child Exploitation Squad Investigates Former Producer

CNN anchor Jake Tapper has issued no formal statement after it was revealed that police are now investigating his former producer for crimes involving “juvenile victims.” Earlier in December, Project Veritas revealed audio and text messages allegedly from Rick Saleeby, a former senior producer for CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, showing him fantasizing about sex acts with […]

Police: Jack Tapper’s CNN Producer under Investigation for ‘Sickening’ Child Sex Crimes

Another CNN pedophile producer is under investigation for ‘sickening’ child sex crimes, police have now confirmed. Fairfax County police confirmed on Wednesday that Rick Saleeby, senior producer for CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” is now under a criminal investigation by the department’s Child Exploitation Squad. The CNN pedophile ring investigation comes after Project Veritas exposed the senior CNN […]

Fairfax County Police Confirm Jake Tapper’s Producer Under Investigation by Child Exploitation Squad 

Fairfax County police confirmed Tuesday that Rick Saleeby, senior producer for CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, is under investigation by the department’s Child Exploitation Squad. Saleeby’s investigation comes after Project Veritas revealed video and text messages on December 15 that allegedly show him fantasizing about sex acts with his former fiancé’s underaged daughter. Project Veritas revealed Saleeby’s information two days […]

CNN’s Tapper on Death Threats to FNC’s Cavuto: ‘Stay Strong, Neil’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Friday on his show “The Lead” that Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto should stay strong after getting death threats for his pro-vaccine messaging. Sunday on “MediaBuzz,” Cavuto urged those who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID to do so for “those around you.” Tapper said, “A quick note from us […]

CNN’s Tapper: Trump Vaccine Success Doesn’t Erase ‘Derelictions of Duty’ on Pandemic Response

Jake Tapper declared Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the success of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine rollout set in motion by former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed did not excuse his other “derelictions of duty” on his response to the pandemic. After explaining he received his vaccination, Tapper said, “Thank God for […]

CNN’s Jake Tapper Shames Trump’s Lawyer over Orthodox Jewish Faith

CNN’s Jake Tapper mocked David Schoen, one of former President Donald Trump’s lawyers, for his Orthodox Jewish faith on Friday afternoon. Tapper tweeted after Schoen left the Senate impeachment trial to make it home in time to observe the Jewish Sabbath, when work is forbidden. Tapper, who is also Jewish, mocked Schoen, suggesting that he […]

‘MAGA Terrorism’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Says Trump Voters Who Don’t Accept Election Need to Be ‘Held Accountable’

The absolute state of CNN. CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper slammed “MAGA “terrorism” on Sunday and said people who dare question the 2020 election results must be held accountable. After pushing the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax for half a decade, CNN is now telling its dwindling audience that Trump supporters need to shut […]

CNN’s Tapper Questions Double Amputee, Purple Heart Recipient GOP Rep. Mast’s ‘Commitment’ to Democracy

As the House of Representatives was debating articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper commented on Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), who is also a retired U.S. Army bomb technician and Purple Heart recipient, position on impeachment. In his remarks, Tapper questioned Mast’s “commitment” to democracy. “But just one other thing,” Tapper […]

CNN’s Tapper: Many Republicans ‘Clearly Have Lost Their Minds’– GOP Needs Exorcism to ‘Get this Demon Out’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Wednesday on his network’s coverage of the second impeachment of President Donald Trump that Republicans who “are in a state of denial about the fact that he incited this riot” are causing a need for the Republican Party to have a politically exorcism. Tapper said, “It is the most bipartisan […]

Tapper accuses Ossoff of false attacks in Georgia race, Ossoff doubles down

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Dr. Tapper denounces the terrorism of the media against humanity in the scamdemic (Video)

Risking his profession and maybe his life, this doctor is a true hero speaking the truth that most of the others are too afraid to say. Share please 🙏 — jon kirby (@jonkirbysthlm) October 12, 2020 Part two. — Dr. Ben Tapper (@DrBenTapper1) October 12, 2020

CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Made My Female Friend’s 6th Grade Daughter ‘Burst Into Tears’

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Jill Biden Shuts Down Jake Tapper On Joe’s Gaffes – “Nope, Done!”

During an interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Jill Biden on Sunday, the wife of the Democratic presidential nominee made sure talk of his infamous gaffes was off-limits. When Tapper told Jill, “Your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe,” she quickly shut him down. “Oh, you can’t even go there,” she declared. […]

Watching The Hawks – No Nukes, No Tapper, No Relaxation

Watching The Hawks – No Nukes, No Tapper, No Relaxation Watching The The UN makes a big move toward a world with no nuclear weapons, though the most important players may still be missing. RTs Brigida Santos has more on Californias new need to prepare for a potential nuclear strike in light of the […]

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