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Biden has no emotional attachment to Israel, it’s about politics

The New Yorker asked Aaron David Miller, the longtime peace processor, why Joe Biden is going along with Israel’s war crimes, and Miller said it’s because Joe Biden has an emotional attachment to Israel. “Joe Biden, alone among modern American Presidents, has an emotional relationship with the idea of Israel, the people of Israel, the […]

Elon Musk Issues Emotional Statement in the Final Minutes of Don Lemon Interview

After enduring an hour of Don Lemon’s politically-charged questions and constant attempts at “gotcha” moments, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk emerged from the interview with the public perception of holding the moral high ground. “How do you see your legacy, Elon?” the former CNN anchor asked. “How will people see you in the —” “First of […]

Emotional clashes over Israel torment House Democrats: ‘It’s hell’

The highly charged debate over U.S. policy in Israel has exposed long-standing frictions among House Democrats, pitting Israel’s staunchest allies against pro-Palestinian liberals and posing a stark challenge for party leaders who are racing to ease the tensions. The divisions surfaced last month, when 15 Democrats declined to support a resolution declaring U.S. solidarity with… […]

Explaining the Nocebo Effect, Emotional Contagion, and Mass Hysteria

At the beginning of the pandemic, I couldn’t wrap my mind around why so many people were acting in such irrational and self-destructive ways. I had to find a way to explain their behavior, even if just to myself. Despite being an infectious disease immunologist, this meant delving into human psychology. Fortunately, I found many […]

Freed Palestine prisoner shares emotional reunion with daughter

Freed Palestinian resident of Jerusalem Ali Da’ana on Thursday had an emotional reunion with his daughter Aya, who was still a baby when he was detained by the Israeli occupation forces 20 years ago. Da’ana, from Wadi Qaddoum in Jerusalem’s neighbourhood of Silwan, was detained 20 years ago. He was married shortly before his detention […]

‘It was sudden and it was unexpected’: Emotional Megyn Kelly announces death of 58-year-old sister from a Killer Jab Heart Attack

Those who could not see the scam were spiritually blind. Those who took the killer jab knowing it was bull s#it were spiritually weak. If they have not already, they will pay for their lack of trusting in God instead of trusting in man with their lives. The Ole Pure Blood Unjabbed Dog! Megyn Kelly […]

Qatar Minister: Emotional demands to cancel hydrocarbons ‘unrealistic’

Qatar's Minister of State for Energy Affairs, Saad Al-Kaabi, said yesterday that emotional demands to cancel hydrocarbons are unrealistic. In a statement, he said: "The recent months have proven that the demands to cancel hydrocarbons are harmful to a realistic, accelerated transition." According to Reuters, Al-Kaabi said hydrocarbons "are not going to disappear any time […]

The Most Emotional Photos From Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was filled with poignant moments on Monday as members of the royal family, heads of state and mourners from all around the world said their last goodbyes. Some moments were unexpectedly emotional: Observers watched Princess Charlotte crying after the funeral, and the queen’s piper ― whose bagpipes woke the monarch every […]

Queen Elizabeth’s emotional procession, in 180 seconds

Queen Elizabeth’s emotional procession, in 180 seconds King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward took part in Queen Elizabeth’s processional to St.Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland on September 12. lead image Source

Bride Shares Emotional Wedding Dance With Her Grandfather

The love between a little girl and her grandpa is something that can’t be described in words. (Video courtesy of Shaun Reilly Photography) … Source

Emotional Moment Stolen Dog Is Reunited With Family 8 Years Later

A dog who was stolen from her owner’s yard in southern England in 2013 has finally been reunited with her family. Cassie the cocker spaniel wagged her tail while being hugged by her original owners in a video that Sussex Police shared online this week. And she had three of what are believed to be […]

Elizabeth Holmes Gets Emotional Under Fire by Prosecutors

SAN JOSE, Calif.—One-time entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, under questioning by prosecutors, struggled Tuesday to recall key events that led to her facing criminal fraud charges for allegedly fleecing investors and customers of her failed blood-testing startup Theranos. Her cross-examination began the day after she shared painfully vivid memories of alleged abuse by her ex-lover and business […]

‘Trump is Gonna Save the World’: Emotional Woman Says America, World ‘Depend’ on Trump

A woman who appeared to be fighting back tears while stating that Donald Trump was “gonna save the world” was one of thousands of people who gathered to hear the former president speak at a rally this weekend at the Iowa State Fairground in Des Moines. Woman at Trump rally today says her whole family […]

Emotional Wellness Matters

We’ve had news coverage of the coronavirus pandemic almost daily for over a year and a half. The economy has major problems—hysterical, mass exit from Afghanistan, many people out of work—oh, it’s hard not to feel a little emotionally shaken about something nowadays. Although you may hesitate to admit (or even realize) it during the […]

3 Powerful Tools to Help Overcome the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

The Facts: According to professor of evidence based medicine at Oxford Dr. Carl Heneghan , who is also an emergency GP, most diabetic, heart disease & alzheimer’s deaths were categorized as COVID deaths in the United Kingdom. Reflect On: How many deaths have actually been a result of COVID? Why is this pandemic surrounded with […]

3 Powerful Tools to Help Overcome the Emotional Toll of the Pandemic

The Facts: According to professor of evidence based medicine at Oxford Dr. Carl Heneghan , who is also an emergency GP, most diabetic, heart disease & alzheimer’s deaths were categorized as COVID deaths in the United Kingdom. Reflect On: How many deaths have actually been a result of COVID? Why is this pandemic surrounded with […]

ZAKA volunteers return to site of Meron disaster for psychological counseling and emotional support.

Browse > Home / News / ZAKA volunteers return to site of Meron disaster for psychological counseling and emotional support. May 9, 2021 by Lydia Weitzman Read on for article Almost a week after the disaster at Mount Meron in which 45 people lost their lives, dozens of ZAKA Search and Rescue volunteers and paramedics […]

Emotional Georgia Mom Begs School Board: ‘Take These Masks Off My Child’ – ‘Shame On Us’

While Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are chock full of virtue-signaling sheep declaring their double, triple, quadruple masking efforts; their personal sacrifices for the greater good of all mankind (against a virus that leave 99.7% of those infected unharmed); and blindly following the ‘science’ from political operatives who need a crisis to drive their agenda; […]

Tree Medicine for Increased Immunity and Emotional Wellbeing – FREE Online Workshop

Did you know that the trees we walk past every day have untapped healing wisdom to share with us? Within the bark and flowers of trees lie easily available botanical remedies — with modern and ancient uses in both medicine and spiritual practice. We can for example, call on conifers — juniper, pine, spruce, fir, […]

Here Is A Proven Technique To Neutralize Draining Emotional Reactions

Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area, near your heart. Breathe slowly into the area for about a minute, focusing on a sense of ease entering your mind and body. Click here to learn why we suggest this. We are having a Full Moon in Libra on March 28th/29th, which […]

How EMDR was my Emotional Exodus

During the pandemic, my friends cleaned out their garages of stuff they no longer needed. I chose to clean out bad memories of traumas I wish I never had. For years I’ve hid how my past enslaved me. I wanted to be free, but like Pharaoh, my heart was hardened, and I refused to seek […]

‘Social Emotional Learning’ Now a Vehicle for Critical Race Theory

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) – the program of in-school “psychological training” for children – has now become a major vehicle for Critical Race Theory, the movement that serves as a foundation of identity politics and promotes the analysis of many aspects of life through the prism of race. Public schools have failed American students in the major […]

God is so… emotional!

Women are frequently accused of being guided by their hearts rather than their heads. When the accusation is levelled, it is often intended as an insult and a gender stereotype. Being guided by one’s emotions, it seems, is less desirable than setting them aside. However, the Torah encourages us to open our hearts. We are […]

EFT: A Powerful Technique That Brings Fast Relief From Emotional & Physical Stress

Mercury began another retrograde process on January 30th/31st which will last until Feb 20th/21st. This is when it appears to be moving backwards from our earth based vantage point due to the positioning of the Earth and Mercury in each of their orbits around the Sun. This one is occurring completely in Aquarius. In the […]

Spotify Wins Patent to Snoop on User’s Voice to Gauge ‘Emotional State’

A CNN report published Wednesday details how Venice, Italy has created a disturbing monolithic surveillance grid to track and trace everyone who enters and leaves the city, and claims that this could be the ‘future of tourism’ in a ‘post-COVID world. The article begins: They’re watching you, wherever you walk. They know exactly where you […]

‘Writing for the sake of collective survival’ — the emotional brilliance of the Palestine Writes Festival

This past year, the isolated loneliness of being a writer has been magnified by the cruelties of the pandemic. Spending five intense virtual days at the Palestine Writes Literature Festival with over 3,000 people from 75 different countries was an exhilarating and welcome relief, even though it came with the expected Zoom toxicity levels and […]

‘We Cannot Survive, My Staff Cannot Survive’: Emotional Saloon Owner Berates L.A. Mayor Garcetti for Giving Special Treatment to Film Industry

A saloon owner in Sherman Oaks, California, is publicly blasting Gov. Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti over their outdoor dining bans while allowing a TV production to set up eating areas just feet away from her establishment. In a video that went viral on Friday, and which was confirmed by Breitbart News, […]

The Root Cause of Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Dysfunctional Digestive System

November 18th, 2020 By Raluca Schachter Contributing writer for Wake Up World What do depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, epileptic seizures and many other mental and behavioral disorders have in common? A dysfunctional digestive system. The digestive system has been called the “second brain”. The enteric nervous system (ENS), a branch of the autonomic nervous system, which is […]

CNN’s Lemon: Emotional Celebrations Because Trump Gave Marginalized People ‘PTSD’

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Saturday that the celebration in the streets of American cities after projections that former Vice President Joe Biden will be named the 46th American president was because “marginalized people” have PTSD from the four years under President Donald Trump. Lemon said, “I almost can’t talk right now because of the emotion. […]

Surrogacy – parenthood at any cost? The emotional and financial price

Released last April on social media networks, a video of dozens of babies sparked an international outcry – and reignited the surrogacy debate. Ukraine: the European surrogacy hub The video was shot by Biotex Com, Ukraine’s leading medically-assisted reproduction services agency. It showed dozens of babies in rows of cots in Kyiv, born to surrogate […]

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