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Feb 17 – We’re Sitting on a Debt Volcano

Please send links and comments to [email protected] There are 108 million car loans in the US totalling $1.6 trillion  There is $1.77 trillion in student loan debt There is another trillion in credit card debt in general.  And another trillion of commercial real estate debt is due this year. When you create money out of […]

Biden Calls Trump The ‘Sitting President’

Joe Biden referred to Donald Trump as the “sitting president” during a speech in South Carolina over the weekend. As he ripped into Donald Trump during his speech Biden claimed is rival was the ‘sitting […] The post Biden Calls Trump The ‘Sitting President’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

HUGE FREUDIAN SLIP! Biden refers to Trump as “a sitting president” on campaign trail (Video)

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Unhinged Joe Biden’s Unhinged Appointee Sitting in Men’s Jail

Report: ‘Genderfluid’ Former Biden Official Sam Brinton to Be Held in Men’s Jail Comment:  He probably sucked joe Biden off to get his position.  That is the degenerate way our gov’t works including ALL the Alphabet Agencies including the DEA…yup they have to suck D__ks to get promoted.  Not kidding! 447 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images […]


Videos: Germans Have Had It With Eco Protesters Sitting In The Road

Everyday people in Germany are done with tolerating climate alarmists sitting in the road preventing them from going about their daily business. Several videos have emerged over the past few days showing drivers almost running over the ‘protesters’ and dragging them out of the way by their hair. The eco loons have seized on the […]

How Iran became a sitting volleyball superpower

TEHRAN – As player, captain and head coach, Hadi Rezaei has been an integral part of Iran’s extraordinary four-decade dominance in men’s sitting volleyball. Source

Zelensky Seen Sitting On Mall Santa’s Lap Asking For Another $50 Billion

RESEDA, CA — A small commotion broke out and stopped Christmas shoppers in their tracks at a local mall today, as Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was seen sitting on the mall Santa’s lap and overheard asking for an additional $50 billion in funding for his nation’s ongoing war against Russia. Source

Professor Warns U.S. Is Sitting on the ‘Brink of a Deeper Recession’

Appearing Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, Brian Brenberg, who serves as an Executive Vice President and Associate Professor of Business at King’s College said the United States is sitting on “the brink of a deeper recession.”

Sitting and Watching TV May Boost Older Adults’ Dementia Risk

Adults 60 and older who sit for long periods watching TV or engaging in other passive, sedentary behaviors may be at increased risk of developing dementia, according to a new study. The risk is lower for those who are more active while sitting—engaging in behaviors like reading or using a computer. “It isn’t the time […]

The Comfiest Couches and Sofas That Feel Like Sitting on a Cloud

A house is not a home without a couch. Next to our BDSM pommel chair, the sofa is the real workhorse of the casa, because it’s the tireless host of naps, Netflix binges, deep conversations, and (most importantly) your sweet peach. It’s not that we don’t think this sinister, $45,000 postmodern starfish throne isn’t tight—we […]

Breakthrough DNA Study Proves Sitting Bull Has a Living Great-Grandson

Sitting Bull was the brave Native American leader who defeated the forces of General Custer in 1876. After analyzing DNA from a lock of the legendary warrior’s hair, scientists have now identified one of his living descendants. On June 25, 1876, at the Battle of the Little Bighorn near southern Montana’s Little Bighorn River, Native […]

Asian Storytelling: Rakugo, Pingshu And The Art Of Sitting Seiza

Intertwined with the development of mythologies, storytelling predates writing and the earliest oral storytelling was animated with gestures and expressions thrown in for good measure. Tools to enhance the oral narrative of the prehistorical storyteller could have been rock art, rhythm and dance, all of which contributed to the audience’s understanding and attributing meaning through […]

U.S. Intel Sitting on Large Amount of Evidence Concerning Lab Leak Theory

More prominent scientific figures have thrown their weight behind calls for investigating the lab leak theory as the cause of the coronavirus pandemic, with some revealing they were previously ostracised for presenting research that suggested the scenario was realistic. The Daily Mail reports that British vaccine researcher and professor of oncology Angus Dalgleish struggled to […]

Sa’ar said to condition sitting in Lapid-led government on Bennett also joining

New Hope chief Gideon Sa’ar has conditioned joining a government led by Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid on the fellow right-wing Yamina party also doing so, Israeli television reported Monday. Sources close to Sa’ar told the Kan public broadcaster that if Lapid is able to put together a ruling coalition but Yamina head Naftali Bennett […]

CDC VAERS CAUGHT SITTING ON HUGE INVENTORY OF ADVERSE EFFECTS CLAIMS 3/21/2021 | Current reported deaths and adverse reactions are just a fraction of actual current cases, they have just not been posted yet

Before it’s By Zeropointenergy March 23, 2021 Source

Johnny Enlow Says Trump Is Sitting in ‘The Presidency Seat in Heaven’

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Videos: Police Harass People For Walking, Sitting As Chief Admits ‘We’ve Had Enough, This Is Not Policeable’

After the European Commission convened to discuss the potential of so called ‘vaccine passports’ Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that “We have all agreed that we need vaccine certificates.” Bloomberg reports that Merkel added “In the future, it will certainly be good to have such a certificate but that will not mean that […]

Joe Biden Once Claimed He Was Arrested at Capitol for Trespassing, Sitting in Senate Presiding Officer’s Chair

President Joe Biden once claimed that he had been arrested at the age of 21 for trespassing in the Capitol, describing a crime that is similar to those for which some participants in the January 6 Capitol riot currently face federal charges. Fox News reported Sunday: In a 2007 appearance on David Letterman, then-Sen. Joe […]

A set of questions for those who are still “sitting on the fence” with the CV vax

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Sitting on the shore of Gaza, dreaming of Amsterdam’s canals

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Sitting volleyball league the best preparatory tournament for Paralympics: Hadi Rezaei

TEHRAN – Iran sitting volleyball head coach Hadi Rezaei says that the league competition acts as a best tournament as part of preparation for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Rezaei, who is also head coach of Iranian club Mes Shahr Babak, says that COVID-19 pandemic has caused the most significant disruption to the sporting competitions and […]

UK’s first UNsocially distanced gig with fans sitting in pens to watch Sam Fender

The UK’s first ever socially distanced gig took place in Newcastle on Tuesday evening. Musician Sam Fender took to the stage at Gosforth Park and fans watched him rock out as they sat in penned off areas. A number of people attending the concert took to social media to share snaps from the event that […]

On The Eve Of Venezuelan Presidential Election, US Empire Is Not Sitting Idly By

On The Eve Of Venezuelan Presidential Election, US Empire Is Not Sitting Idly By Above photo: Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores attend a rally with supporters in Caracas, Venezuela April 14, 2018. Miraflores Palace/Handout via REUTERS Note: I am currently in Venezuela and thankfully President Evo Morales’ prediction of violence before […]

On the Eve of Venezuela’s Elections, the US Empire Isn’t Sitting Idly by

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is the frontrunner in the presidential elections scheduled for May 20. If past pronouncements and practice by the US empire are any indication, every effort will be made to oust an avowed socialist from what is considered the US’ “backyard.” With a week to go to the election, the leftist president of […]

Israel’s Netanyahu: a clown sitting on a huge pile of weapons of mass destruction

Gilad Atzmon writes: On 30 April Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu provided a fascinating glimpse into a psychotic tribal mind. A clown who sits on a huge pile of weapons of mass destruction, an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons designed to kill millions, is crying foul, complaining that another state in the region […]

Leftist Starbucks employees call the cops on two black men sitting peacefully in their own store… just ‘cuz they’re BLACK

(Natural News) Our pop culture generally associates the Starbucks coffee franchise with Left-wing Seattle-like hipsters who are tolerant, diverse, and inclusive, so imagine our shock when we learned that one of the most overt acts of racism in recent memory just occurred at a Starbucks franchise. As noted by The Daily Wire, […]

The Forgotten Art Of Squatting: Is It The Antidote For The Damage Done To Our Bodies From Sitting?

Next Story The invention of the chair was really a total game changer in regards to how our bodies function and which parts of the body we are using on a regular basis. The chair took all of that pressure off of our rears and backs, and relieved some of our weight for us. Of […]

If "sitting is the new smoking," who is responsible for the health consequences of desk jobs?

(Natural News) A new study that is set to be published in the forthcoming Lewis and Clark Law Review shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time can often lead to a number of health issues, which include increased body fat and cholesterol, high blood sugar, and increased high blood pressure. According to Natalie Pedersen, […]

Inactivity doubles your risk of blood clots: New study says sitting around, like when watching TV, raises risk even in those who exercise

(Natural News) Aside from making you unproductive, it looks like being a couch potato can also increase your risk of getting a deadly blood clot. While this is a risk TV junkies willingly take by being inactive for long periods, even people who regularly exercise can get blood clots while watching television. According to a […]

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