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Native Americans never scalped people

Native Americans never scalped people. That was Rothschild and his kill squads. He payed $5 a scalp. Rothschild even got his kill squads to dress up as Natives and terrorize the goy to promote hatred. Since those days, nothing has changed I’m afraid.

New York bans native wildlife killing competitions

The statewide law, signed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, “prohibits events during which contestants compete to kill the most, the heaviest, and the smallest animals for cash and prizes.” Source

The Holy Grail of Nutrition: Discover the Native Americans’ Secret to Health and Longevity

(Note: Thank you for supporting this sponsored message, which helps keep this Substack running to bring you uncensored news.) Scientists have researched for years what makes Cree so tall and strong. In fact, according to the Scientific American, they are the tallest group of people in the world, averaging 2cm taller than their white counterparts. […]

Americans Divided On Native American Policies

Americans on both sides of the aisle are in agreement over several policies that would work towards safeguarding the rights of Native American people living in the United States, but they remain divided over a few key areas, among them: reparations, monuments and sports mascots. The following chart, based on a survey by YouGov which asked 1,000 U.S. […]

Slavery is Evil & Even Native Americans Had MANY Slaves

SPECIAL REPORT Indigenous Slavers: American Indians Who Whipped and Owned Blacks You won’t learn about Indigenous slaveholders from our textbooks. by PAUL KENGOR October 8, 2023, 10:05 PM   Sign up to receive our latest updates! REGISTER     Hot Off The Press THE NATION’S PULSE Time for Prudence in Foreign Policy by ROGER KAPLAN POLITICAL HAY Kevin […]

1,000-Year-Old Native American Canoe Recovered in North Carolina Lake

Canoes have long occupied a special place in the tradition of the indigenous tribes of the Americas, particularly in the northern half. All along the Pacific Northwest, masterfully crafted canoes of many shapes, sizes and forms, were the main mode of transportation until long after European colonization. Adding to this rich history, a team of […]

Poem: Native Resistance

Emma Lucy Shaw shares her poem about White people being abused in our own homelands, which are being given away to foreigners. Source

Mexican Native Princess, la Malinche, Inspired a Popular Mexican Slur

For Mexicans, being called a malinchista is an insult. The word comes from la Malinche, remembered as the indigenous interpreter who helped Hernán Cortés during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

European Governments Offered Rewards for Native American Scalps

If watching The English, the Prime Video series, you may have been surprised at the depiction of a chilling character named Black-Eyed Mog. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source


NOVEMBER 16TH, 2022 Source By Ramzy Baroud At a recent Istanbul conference that brought many Palestinian scholars and activists together to discuss the search for a common narrative on Palestine, a Palestinian member of the audience declared at the end of a brief, but fiery intervention, ‘we are not red Indians’. The reference was a […]

Retired Historian Uncovers Native American Effigy Mounds in Wisconsin

In a patch of woods on a homestead in southeastern Wisconsin, a recent aerial survey revealed the presence of a pair of hidden historical gems.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later  Source

DOC admits to their recent killing of Kea in 1080 drop (note, killing NZ’s native birds with 1080 is not new)

This looks like an uncommon occurrence while still insisting the pay off is worth it to continue its use. Here is a link to Newshub’s recent news announcement on topic at Youtube: “The Department of Conservation has confirmed a number of kea were killed in a recent 1080 drop around Arthur’s Pass. The department says […]

Germany: Greens Plan to Ban Native Germans From a Third of Jobs to Promote ‘Diversity’

In the name of promoting “diversity,” ruling Greens in the German the city of Hanover plan to ban a third of native citizens from applying for government jobs so they can be given to migrants. Yes, really. “A green mayor makes the difference!” wrote Turkish-born Filiz Polat, managing director of the Greens parliamentary group. Polat […]

Germany: Greens Plan to Ban Native Germans From a Third of Jobs to Promote ‘Diversity’

In the name of promoting “diversity,” ruling Greens in the German the city of Hanover plan to ban a third of native citizens from applying for government jobs so they can be given to migrants. Yes, really. “A green mayor makes the difference!” wrote Turkish-born Filiz Polat, managing director of the Greens parliamentary group. Polat […]

Four Native American Kings Visited Queen Anne in London With a Special Request

The visit of four Native American “Kings” to London in 1710 caused quite a stir. While this wasn’t the first time that Native Americans had been on English soil Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Pleistocene Fossil DNA Suggests Native Americans’ East Asian Roots

Genome sequencing of a human Late Pleistocene Fossil in southwest China dating back around 14,000 years is helping shed light on the ancestry of the very first Americans. Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Human Origins Science Read Later  Source

Nothing More SAVAGE Than the Way the U.S. Gov’t Has Treated NATIVE Americans! F__K the [Secret Society] Pedophiles Who Run the U.S. Gov’t![0]=AZW0uqZjMHBQoTh8ynxVzjoOsAbH5HinDD-k-87684MTos1knsHqj05_e8Uxa2InAkhVkIHRwW5iMip0YcIEboNXL5Zr3amzIjstb65knk-FJtgrQX2X0xqgpirrLRU5Tw4zjOuwVyM6MRIOon9cF_T-p_9UzXObC8AkrpeOWC-lMDKe0Xub332i5NiOdbpjE8g&tn=-UC%2CP-R I hate the word “Savage” because I know the dehumanizing and racist connotations that it has. However, during this Fourth of July weekend, I can’t help but be proud to be considered a descendent of the people that the Declaration of Independence describes as “merciless Indian savages.” If welcoming new people to the land […]

Johnny Cash Was Censored & Backlashed For Speaking Out on the Plight of Native Americans; He Was a Hero!

Proof Native Children Were Trafficked in America For $10

Matt Remle noSrpeodtsaf4r308c02 8002 r,189eyfulh4mb1mFi1l1  ·  Trafficking Native children in 1952. Buy a Native child for $10. Letter from Indian Mission in South Dakota descibing the ‘sale’ of a Native child to a donor for $10. Pilam to Michelle Echols from bringing this doc forward.

‘TENS OF THOUSANDS’ of Native Children Discovered in 50 Mass Grave Sites at Gov’t-Run Schools

It is no secret that the United States of America has a deeply dark and disturbing history in regard to how Native Americans were treated in this country. After wiping out large portions of the indigenous populations with European diseases, the federal government took to forcibly assimilating the remaining population in government institutions. In the […]

The Largest Native American Cave Art Site in SE North America Emerges!

The 19th Unnamed Cave in Alabama, first discovered in 1998 in the southeastern US state, was anonymized to keep it safe from the prying eyes of the larger public. It has now turned out to be the largest Native American  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later 

‘Reckoning’ With The Economic Marginalization Of Native Americans

Above Photo: National Community Reinvestment Coalition. Over the last two years, there has been much discussion of a national “reckoning” on race. There can be no complete reckoning without strong analysis and substantive action to address the economic marginalization of Native Americans in 21st century America. Through years of intentional governmental policies that took away their […]

Census undercounted Black people, Hispanics and Native Americans in 2020

“Taking today’s findings as a whole, we believe the 2020 Census data are fit for many uses in decision-making as well as for painting a vivid portrait of our nation’s people,” said Santos, who was nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed after the decennial count was completed. “We’ll be exploring the under- and overcounts […]

Native Hawaiians Fight US Navy For Polluting Island’s Water

 Under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, Native Hawaiians surprised the gates of the US Navy Command with a civil disobedience action over the #RedHill fuel leak. Empire Files producer Mike Prysner was on the ground. Support the efforts to #ShutDownRedHill! Learn how to join the campaign, donate and get the latest updates on the […]

The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation

The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation Activist Post / Activist Post By Molly Carter The Battle at Wounded Knee is a significant battle in American history, as it put an end to the Indian Wars and is marked as the last official defeat of the Native Americans. But […]

White Man Callously Attacks Native American Woman

U.S.—In a heated exchange on Twitter, a powerful white man viciously attacked Elizabeth Warren—a noble Cherokee squaw and Senator from Massachusetts. “This violent verbal attack on me was literally a hate crime,” said Warren as a single tear slowly rolled down her cheek. “The white man continues to oppress my people by resisting the government’s efforts […]

How the Native American population in the US increased 87% says more about whiteness than about demographics

Image Credit: Andrew Cullen/Reuters The Native American population in the U.S. grew by a staggering 86.5% between 2010 and 2020, according to the latest U.S. Census—a rate demographers say is impossible to achieve without immigration. Birth rates among Native Americans don’t explain the massive rise in numbers. And there certainly is no evidence of an […]

Breaking News: Cover Up By Pope Francis Fails as Puppet Native Chiefs Cancel Trip to Rome – Prosecution of Pope Proceeds

Breaking News from the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)December 8, 2021Coverup by Pope Francis fails as puppet native chiefs cancel trip to Rome –Prosecution of Pope proceeds as new evidence reveals role of chiefs, Catholic bishops in ritual murderof indigenous children in Kamloops – Church seizures by natives to commence December […]

Disturbing Discovery, native dead American kids identified

Disturbing Discovery, native dead American kids identified – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – The Nebraska Commission in Indian Affairs says researchers have identified more than 100 Indigenous children who died at a notorious government-run boarding school in the Midwestern U.S. state of Nebraska. The search for the remains of the children is ongoing. Ever since the arrival […]

Mass Internment Camps and Mass Murder For Native’s Children

Researchers are still searching for the cemetery where the children are likely buried.By Anya ZoledziowskiTORONTO, CANovember 15, 2021, 10:19am Share Tweet Snap U.S. INDIAN INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL, LOCATED IN THE EASTERN PART OF GENOA, NEBRASKA. PHOTO BY AMMODRAMUS (WIKIPEDIA) Researchers have identified 102 Indigenous students who died at a former federally funded boarding school in Genoa, Nebraska, […]

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