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Edward Snowden and fellow hacker, Andrew Huang wants to build an iPhone case that will tell you if the NSA is listening

     Edward Snowden wants you to know at all times whether the NSA is keeping tabs on your iPhone. Along with Andrew Huang, his coauthor and fellow hacker, Snowden presented his research on phone “hardware introspection” at MIT, which aims to give users the ability to see whether their phone is sending out secret signals […]

Most Young People Don’t Like Trump

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not popular with young Americans. Results of a recent poll show that young adults don’t much like presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Those results are especially true for young people of color. The poll is the first to focus on the opinions of […]

Megalithic Sites Are More than Just Stone: They’re Alive!

It doesn’t take much to stimulate the human body’s electro-magnetic circuitry, in fact a small change in the local environment is enough to create a change in awareness. People who visit ancient temples and megalithic sites often describe such a sensation. The standard explanation is that such feelings are nothing more than a ‘wow’ factor: […]

Battle of the bulge: Binge drinking & eating leaves N. Korean leader overweight – report

N Korea backs ‘wise politician’ Trump, slams ‘dull Hillary’ Kim has never been noted for his slender figure, but he has been piling on the pounds over the last four years. A South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) report to a parliamentary committee revealed that the leader is suffering from insomnia and paranoia, which are […]

Parents coerced to sign incriminating vaccination refusal forms and ‘admit’ that not vaccinating endangers their child’s health

(NaturalNews) In the latest bullying tactic against parents who refuse to expose their children to the dangers of vaccines, the American Academy of Pediatrics has produced a new “vaccine refusal form” to be distributed in doctor’s offices throughout America. Parents who sign the form will be acknowledging that a doctor informed them that […]

Whole Foods Goes ROGUE.. Partners With Monsanto To Kill GMO Labeling Across America

Whole Foods was just caught blatantly LYING about everything covered in this article. CEO Walter Robb has been captured on video admitting total support for Monsanto-engineered GMO fake labeling law that kills Vermont GMO labeling bill. Whole Foods takes to social media to LIE to everyone, denying everything, even while Robb is captured on video… […]

US Court of Appeals: Constitution Is Dead, Judges Should Not Study It

A US Court of Appeals judge has declared that the Constitution of the United States is effectively “dead”, urging other judges to stop studying it.  7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner told Slate that he sees zero value in studying the outdated document. reports: “I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, […]

Pentagon’s ‘revised’ $416mn program trained fewer than 100 Syrian fighters – reports

The additional 100 Syrian rebel leaders have been trained to fight Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) under a new Pentagon-run train-and-equip program since March, US officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity told reporters on Monday. Tanks for nothing! US-backed Syrian rebel division attacked & looted by Al-Qaeda affiliate The revamped $416-million-worth program does […]

Organic blueberries improve brain function and sharpen memory, while lowering risk of dementia

(NaturalNews) Blueberries are just one of the “superfoods” nature has blessed us with. There are so many wonderful qualities and health benefits to eating more blueberries that they are almost too numerous to count. Besides being packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, research shows that blueberries are excellent stress relievers and can add […]

Photos: Zarif meetings in Paris

‘Trump should be tried in militarily court over profiling Muslims plan’ If the United States is truly committed to its Constitution, Donald Trump should be tried in a militarily court, and summarily executed… Source Article from

Russian soldier wounded in Syria dies in Moscow hospital

Junior Sergeant Mikhail Shirokopoyas died at the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital in Moscow on June 7, the Russian military announced in a statement. The soldier died from an abdominal wound inflicted by a shell fragment when a “convoy from the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation” was shelled by terrorists in Aleppo province in the […]

Dutch woman raped on vacation receives ‘lenient’ suspended sentence from Qatari court for “adultery”

On Monday, a Qatari court sentenced a 22-year-old Dutch woman, known as Laura, to a one-year suspended sentence and fined her 3,000 riyals ($824) for having “extramarital sex.” The woman will be deported once she pays the fine, according to the court’s decision. While on vacation in Qatar in March, Laura went out for drinks […]

Mysterious Ancient Greek ‘Computer’ Was Celestial Guide For Philosophers

Dubbed the ‘Antikythera mechanism’, after sponge divers hauled the bronze mechanism from a shipwreck off the coast of the Greek island in 1900, the machine has been described as an ancient computer because of its advanced technological design. Today, the device is split up into 82 pieces, some of which are inscribed with faded ancient […]

Photos: Iran-Russia-Syria trilateral meeting in Tehran

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on June 9 Iranian newspapers on Thursday covered a rare gathering of 2,000 Iranian teenagers in Tehran, who were dispersed by the Police. The teenagers… Source Article from

Great glyphosate rebellion: Europe refuses temporary license extension

     The Great Glyphosate Rebellion continues at full pace in Europe as a new European Commission proposal for a temporary license extension of 18 months failed to receive support from the European Union members states. The European Commission may now submit its temporary extension proposal to an appeal committee of political representatives of the 28 […]

Self-Important Kike Jonathan Weisman Quits Twitter Over Anti-Semitic Trolls

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 9, 2016 Warning: Minor Tweet storm coming before I sign off from @twitter. — (((Jon Weisman))) (@jonathanweisman) June 8, 2016 One of the Times’ social media gurus went through the worst of the Nazi anti-Semites and forwarded them to @twitter. — (((Jon Weisman))) (@jonathanweisman) June 8, 2016 .@twitter response: we see […]

‘Disgusting’ and ‘shallow’: Corbyn on the ridiculous bias of the BBC

     Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has struck out at the BBC for its “disgusting” and “shallow” coverage of him, accusing the broadcaster of being “obsessed” with turning positive stories into negative ones. Corbyn was particularly critical of the BBC’s local elections coverage last month, in which he said Labour did well because it “hung […]

Teenager Gang-Raped, Murdered And Hung From Tree In India

The body of a teenager was found hanging from a tree in Uttar Pradesh, India on Saturday. The 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted, gang-raped and murdered and her body hung from a tree to give the impression that she committed suicide, according to police. The teenager went missing from her village on Friday after reports […]

Gaza refugee finally freed from Arizona immigration jail

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 28 May 2016 From left to right: attorney Zayed Al-Zayyed, Hisham Ghalia, attorney Liban Yousuf and Mounis Hammouda, pictured just after Ghalia’s release from an ICE detention facility in Florence, Arizona. Ehab Tamimi More than 19 months after Hisham Shaban Ghalia told an immigration officer that he sought asylum in […]

Russia calls for anti-doping reform as IOC eyes collective punishment

Several doping scandals have hit Russian athletes over the past month, with the latest alleging that doping was used during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee said should the scandal widen further, Russian athletes would possibly be considered guilty until proven otherwise. “Should there be evidence of an organized system contaminating other […]

How Conscious Cinema Is Making Its Way Into The Mainstream

As art reflects the changes in social and cultural conventions as they happen, the current movement in film where “conscious cinema” is reaching the mainstream hopefully indicates a shift in the consciousness of millions of movie lovers. While blockbuster remakes remain prevalent in Hollywood, there is a sea change afoot. Festivals like the upcoming Illuminate in Sedona […]

The opiate of the masses: When religion becomes an addiction

“I’ve never been happier since I quit my 30-year addiction to Jesus.” – Blogger and Christian Heretic, Sandra Kee      To a medical researcher, the word addiction has a specific biological meaning. But in common vernacular, it means approximately this: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is […]

Miss Earth Switzerland 2016 Isn’t Swiss

Editor’s Comment: Miss Earth Switzerland is a Swiss beauty pageant for young women in Switzerland. Swiss is a European ethnicity that is part of the White race. Have you ever heard of a White European woman winning a pageant to become the new Miss Nigeria or Miss China? Of course not because only in White […]

Netanyahu announces ‘seminar on Jewish history’ in his office– for European diplomats

High Israeli officials have lectured Europeans in recent days over their supposedly false understanding of Jewish history, especially as that history applies to the Israeli claim to have annexed Jerusalem. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday announced a “seminar on Jewish history” in his office for French, Russian, Spanish and Swedish diplomats– among others– who described Jerusalem […]

Fluoride wars: Loving cancer & loving lower IQ

     It’s no surprise that the US government would look the other way when lower IQ and cancer are business as usual. One of the major agencies that would look the other way is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). —But suppose scientists within the EPA spoke out, revolted, and issued official rebukes to their own […]

Lavrov: Assad’s relationship with Russia is not similar to Ankara’s with the US

     Syrian President Bashar Assad is not Moscow’s ally like Ankara is to Washington despite Russia’s support of the Syrian leader in his fight against terrorism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik in an exclusive interview. The United States, the European Union, as well as their allies in the Middle Eastern region consider Syrian […]

Large coalition of environmental activists rally outside White House, demand EPA revoke glyphosate license

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is currently conducting a “registration review” of glyphosate to determine if the chemical is safe to use for another 15 years. For it to be approved, the chemical must be in compliance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, which requires that under proper use the […]

Muslim prayer hall in Corsica ravaged by blaze

The fire happened at around 4:30 local time on Saturday morning in a Muslim prayer hall in the capital city of Ajaccio, in Corse-du-Sud, local media reported. Fire fighters were called at about 5am by worshippers who had gathered to attend the morning service. No one was injured, according to first reports. The cause of […]

Forty people contract mumps at Harvard … all were vaccinated … mumps vaccines based on scientific fraud

(NaturalNews) It wasn’t supposed to happen this way – at least, that’s what the vaccine Nazis have always told us in justifying forced ingestion of poisonous, infectious substances into our bodies. Once we were vaccinated against diseases like measles, mumps and rubella, they said, we were never again at risk of getting those […]

At least one country should say ‘enough’ – French MP Thierry Mariani on anti-Russia sanctions

“We are demanding to lift the sanctions because they are totally ineffective and they are dangerous for our economy,” the member of the center-right party said during the French National Assembly meeting on Thursday. Fifty-five members in the lower house of the French Parliament apparently agreed and supported the resolution calling on the government to […]

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