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Toronto school promoting Israeli military deemed ‘charity’

Canada’s largest private high school recently organized a genocide solidarity trip in which students cooked for Israeli soldiers. In a sane world, the school’s charitable status would be revoked. Source

Nov 28 – Toronto Cops Raid Protesters’ Homes at 5 a.m.

Please send links and comments to Toronto police raided homes of people who postered Indigo Books,  owned by Heather Reisman who raised funds for foreigners  to join the Israeli Defence Force. Apparently, Toronto cops already belong. Like most Canadian cities, Toronto is a Masonic shit hole   “Between 4:30 and 6 am Wednesday Toronto […]

50-year-old man competes with teenage girls in Toronto swim competition

(NaturalNews) A 50-year-old man was recently allowed to compete in a swimming competition intended for teenage girls just north of Toronto, generating alarm among… Source

BURNING ISSUE: Toronto landlord prohibits “potential fire hazard” personal EVs on property; tenants’ rights advocates outraged

(NaturalNews) Tenants’ rights advocates are raising legal concerns as they found it unreasonable that a real estate company in Toronto, Canada is banning electric… Source

DISCRIMINATION at WORK: Toronto mom loses job after arguing against posting pride stickers at school board meeting

(NaturalNews) In an exclusive interview with alternative news outlet LifeSiteNews, a mom revealed how he was a victim of discrimination, cancel culture and unjust… Source

June 29 – Toronto’s Satanist Cops Endorse Child Molestation

Please send links and comments to I have a friend whose son was rejected as a Toronto kapo because he wasn’t corrupt enough. See the Masonic symbolism in the kapo badge (left)? There is a Masonic statue in front of the Toronto Kapo HQ on College Street. How long are we going to pay […]

Toronto Police investigation of Barry & Honey Sherman murders sealed by the Crown to cover up who committed the targeted murders

There is compeling evidence that shows that 5 years ago Justin Trudeau conspired to have his August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraisers murdered. Justin Trudeau had motive to conspire to murder Barry and Honey Sherman. An ongoing RCMP investigation of his election campaign fundraiser for the Lobbying Commissioner and an Apotex lawsuit put Justin Trudeau […]

One Woman Dead, Another Injured in Stabbing at Toronto Subway Station

The Toronto Police Services emblem is photographed during a press conference at TPS headquarters, in Toronto on May 17, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Christopher Katsarov) A woman is dead and another is injured after a stabbing at a subway station in west Toronto. Toronto police say officers responded to calls about a person assaulting and stabbing people on the eastbound […]

Housing and Crime Major Issues as Tory Seeks Third Term as Toronto’s Mayor

Seeking a third term as mayor of Toronto, John Tory is the candidate with the most name recognition, but with pressing issues like the high cost of housing, crime, and transit facing Canada’s biggest city, 30 others have joined the contest to challenge him. When announcing his renewed candidacy in May, the 68-year-old said he […]

Toronto Immigration Lawyer

He was additionally a member of the Central Board of The Swedish Bar Association and chairman of the Bar Association’s supervisory board for the West of Sweden, as nicely as chairman of the Gothenburg Law Society. It is our job to pre-empt this and ensure that every thing that could presumably be wanted is provided […]

Activists Disrupt Business As Usual In Toronto’s Financial District

Above Photo: Greenpeace media library. Calling on Canadian banks to stop funding climate chaos and injustice. Toronto – Greenpeace Canada activists blocked entrances to the RBC’s corporate headquarters today by suspending climbers from fifteen foot high tripods as part of a call for Canada’s big five banks to stop funding fossil fuels and to respect […]

Bicentennial of Greek War of Independence to be Marked in Toronto

“Episode from the Greek War of Independence,” Eugene Delacroix, oil on canvas, 66.7×81.6 cm, 1856. Credit: National Gallery of Greece The Hellenic Heritage Committee of Toronto will mark the bicentennial of the beginning of the Greek War of Independence with the dedication of a new plaque at a historic Greek community center in the city […]

University of Toronto reverses block of hire after donor influence scandal

A year after the University of Toronto re-offered attorney and legal scholar Valentina Azarova a job directing its International Human Rights Program following donor pressure to deny her a visa, she has turned the school down. The university faced backlash over allegations of stifling academic freedom and censure from a teacher’s union. Initially, Azarova’s was […]

Ernst Zündel, Dr. Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter in Toronto (1989)

⁣Ernst Zundel hosts Dr. Robert Faurisson and gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter at Zündelhaus on June 17, 1989. Link Share now! Source

Clashes break out at massive pro-Palestinian rally in Toronto (VIDEOS)

A large pro-Palestine rally has been held in Toronto, Canada amid the escalation between Israel and Gaza. The gathering was met by a small pro-Israel group, and the two sides engaged in scuffles despite a massive police presence. The rally, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), was held in central Toronto on Saturday. The […]

“Police On Guard for Thee”: Toronto Police Officers Challenge “Unconstitutional Publ ic Health Measures”

“Police On Guard for Thee”: Toronto Police Officers Challenge “Unconstitutional Public Health Measures” Tap News / Weaver MARCH 23, 2021 By Len Faul and Julius Ruechel For those officers who are silent while we are ordered to enact questionable policies, mandates and bylaws, we hope you will #RememberYourOath Important commitment by police officers in Toronto. […]

Toronto Activist Chris Sky stands up for his rights and refuses to be illegally arrested. 20 cops stand down. Stand up Canada! #justsayno Dylan Eleven | Toronto activist stands up to cops in his driveway and says no he will not be illegally arrested. He refuses to be bullied and tricked into allowing himself be arrested for not wearing a mask at Longos food supermarket. Claiming medical exemption is allowed and the police have no right […]

From Amsterdam to Toronto, world’s mayors rally to stop antisemitism

 Mayors from some of the world’s major cities met in a virtual forum to discuss ways to stop the spread of antisemitism and eradicate prejudice from their municipalities. The first-ever “Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism,” sponsored by the Frankfurt am Main Municipality, in partnership with the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM), brought together 44 leaders from 32 […]

Toronto police target protesters holding signs, megaphones at anti-lockdown rally. Rebel News Dave Menzies

Source: Rebel News ►​ David Menzies tries to find an answer for why police in Ottawa allowed a protest against Ontario’s lockdown to happen without incident, while the Toronto police continue to make arrests and issue charges to demonstrators. FULL REPORT from David Menzies: Source

Toronto man in forced “quarantine” comes forward about Canada’s coronavirus internment camps

The Blogging Hounds Thursday, February 11, 2021 by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) International travels who try to enter Canada from elsewhere are learning the hard way that Justin Trudeau’s henchmen are ready and waiting to throw them into Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) internment camps straight from the airport. This iswhat happenedto 34-year-old Steve Duesing, who upon arriving […]

In Pictures: Ten Arrested During Toronto Lockdown Protests

TORONTO, Canada: Ten people were arrested on Saturday during protests in Toronto against the strict Wuhan coronavirus lockdown measures implemented by the Ontario government. The ten people were all arrested at Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Square on Saturday, which saw a large crowd first gather at around noon before eventually walking toward the Ontario legislature […]

Toronto Lockdown Protests

 Second week of arrests at Toronto lockdown protest By Rebel News January 23, 2021 Fight The Fines Reporting on and fighting the pandemic fines. JOIN | WATCH | FIGHT For a second straight weekend, protesters in Toronto attempted to gather in defiance of lockdown and stay-at-home orders issued by Premier Doug Ford. And, much […]

Toronto police identify person of interest in billionaire’s murder

Toronto police said on Wednesday they had identified a person of interest in the high-profile murders three years ago of a Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple but had not made an arrest. Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found hanging by belts from a railing next to a swimming pool at their Toronto mansion in […]

Toronto suburb to rename street named after Nazi naval officer

A suburb of Toronto will rename a street named for Nazi naval officer Hans Langsdorff. The town council of Ajax, a suburb northeast of Toronto, voted 4-3 this week to rename Langsdorff Drive after a Jewish-led campaign, according to B’nai Brith Canada, a Jewish organization that advocated for the change. The town is named after […]

550 people who visited a Toronto strip club have been warned they may have COVID-19

Public health authorities in Toronto, Canada, warned on Friday that around 550 people may have been exposed to coronavirus after visiting a strip club in August. It comes after an employee of the Brass Rail Tavern, on 701 Yonge St, tested positive to COVID-19. The person has not been further identified, but Toronto Public Health […]

Canada: Two Beaners Terrorize People With Chainsaws at Toronto Beach

Welcome to multicultural Canada, where beaner drug dealers terrorize people with chainsaws on beaches. Blogto: Two people were injured this morning and two others were arrested after a fight broke out between what police are describing as a “large group of people” near Toronto’s Cherry Beach. Chainsaws were involved. “Encountered two man bleeding, carrying running […]

Toronto Public Health: People Who Don’t Die From COVID-19, But With It, Are Included In Death Count

The Facts: Retired Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene has been given 20 years for continually sexually abusing his daughter from a young age. DynCorp has also been implicated in trafficking children abroad. Reflect On: How many people are aware of these actions? How much power and influence do they have over what happens on our […]

Spike in Toronto homicides linked to Justin Trudeau and the RCMP smuggling Syrian terrorists into Canada

Sun of David

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke The Halifax International Security Forum was founded in 2009 as a propaganda program within the German Marshall Fund (founded June 5, 1972 by West German Chancellor Willy Brandt) by the Crown in Canada using Crown Corp […]

Judge Calls Toronto Cop Who Ate Cannabis Chocolate on Duty a ‘Complete Idiot’

Vittorio Dominelli was one of two Toronto police officers facing criminal charges in the incident. A Toronto police officer who ate a marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in a pot shop raid has pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice. Const. Vittorio Dominelli says he is remorseful and ashamed of his actions on the evening of […]

Manhunt for Two Suspects Underway After Explosion at Toronto Restaurant Injures 15

Police across Ontario are searching for two men who detonated an “improvised explosive device” in a Mississauga restaurant on Thursday night where patrons — including young children — had come for birthday parties. The suspects immediately fled the Bombay Bhel restaurant, located in a plaza at Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, after the explosion around […]

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