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Toronto school promoting Israeli military deemed ‘charity’

Canada’s largest private high school recently organized a genocide solidarity trip in which students cooked for Israeli soldiers. In a sane world, the school’s charitable status would be revoked. Source

Gallup poll: Los Angeles among five cities deemed unsafe to live in or visit

(NaturalNews) Los Angeles has a complex and layered identity. With its glitzy entertainment industry, cultural diversity and iconic landmarks, it captures the… Source

In America, when deadly chemicals spill on land, it’s deemed “perfectly safe,” but when chemicals are used to sterilize instruments in hospitals, it’s called “dangerous”

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The haphazard Environmental Protection Agency of America wants to limit use of the hospital sterilizing agent ethylene oxide due to increased cancer risk. This strange assessment comes just weeks after they declared all land, farms, and water perfectly safe where dioxin (one of the most deadly toxins on Earth) was burned … […]

Joe Biden’s ‘Dark’ MAGA Speech Deemed a ‘Terrible Mistake’ over Bad Optics

President Joe Biden’s speech Thursday night in which he characterized MAGA Republicans as a dark threat to American democracy has not exactly generated a positive response, with even some of former President Donald Trump’s harshest critics admitting he made a mistake.

Lockdown Deemed A Success As Everyone Is Now So Obese They Can’t Fit Out Their Doors

Lockdown Deemed A Success As Everyone Is Now So Obese They Can’t Fit Out Their Doors U.S.—The lockdowns in the U.S. have been deemed a success at stopping the spread of COVID by public health experts, as Americans are now so obese they can’t even fit out their doors to spread COVID. Medical experts are claiming […]

1972 MIT Model That Predicted Armageddon in 2040 Deemed “Very Accurate” by New KPMG Study

A 1972 MIT model that predicted Armageddon in 2040 has been reviewed by a team of scientists and deemed “very accurate” and highly likely to occur. Gaya Herrington, Sustainability and Dynamic System Analysis Lead at KPMG, undertook the task of proving or disproving MIT’s claims and used a world simulation model that analyzed how our […]

Poll: Nearly 95% Approve of Anti-Migration Salvadoran President Bukele Deemed Authoritarian by Biden Team

El Salvador’s anti-migration President Nayib Bukele enjoys a 94 percent public approval rating, granting him the ability to establish a foundation to repel the ongoing political offensive against his administration by President Joe Biden’s deputies who have labeled the leader of the small Central American country an authoritarian. Bukele earned his approval rating because of […]

US report: Allies of El Salvador’s president deemed corrupt

Allies of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele including his Cabinet chief, have been included in a list of senior officials in Central America deemed corrupt by the U.S. State Department, according to a copy of a report obtained by The Associated Press. The emergence of the list of purportedly five corrupt officials is likely to heighten […]

Infamous Biblical Shapira Scroll Deemed A Forgery May Be Real!

The Shapira scroll, a purported ancient biblical manuscript that had been previously dismissed as a hoax,  is actually authentic , says an Israeli-American scholar who has been carefully studying drawings and transcriptions of this lost artifact. The Shapira Scroll was named in honor of Wilhelm Moses Shapira, an antiquities dealer who tried to sell the […]

Ex-bin Laden Spokesman Freed, Deemed Too Fat to Survive Coronavirus in Prison

A convicted terrorist is now free and living in the United Kingdom after a judge agreed he was too obese to survive the Chinese coronavirus in jail. “Adel Abdel Bary, 60, had spent 21 years in a New Jersey prison for his role in the 1998 al Qaeda bombings of two US embassies in Africa […]

Infidels will be deemed to have COVID; Fever is the Body’s Healing Mechanism&nbs…

Infidels will be deemed to have COVID; Fever is the Body’s Healing Mechanism&nbs… Henry Makow Infidels will be deemed to have COVID; Fever is the Body’s Healing Mechanism by BR ( This article presents the mental-derangement underpinning the language and conduct of Covet-ID 19/84 likewise of any other “contagious” narrative. A “virus” (a dead substance […]

Episcopal Bishop Deemed Guilty For Prohibiting Same-Sex ‘Weddings’ in Diocese Resigns

ALBANY, N.Y. — A New York bishop who had been deemed guilty of violating canon law by the apostate Episcopalian church for declining to allow same-sex “weddings” to take place at churches in his diocese has decided to resign rather than comply with whatever disciplinary action would be taken against him. William Love, who presides […]

Healthy Belgian Woman With Depression, Autism Deemed Eligible for Euthanasia: ‘I Cannot Find Peace of Mind’

ANTWERP, Belgium — Three doctors in Belgium have determined that a woman who is otherwise healthy but suffers from depression and autism is eligible under the country’s euthanasia laws to end her life. The woman had submitted a request to die years ago but says that she is “doing everything [she] can to live” while keeping the […]

The American idiocracy grows when merit-based hiring is deemed racist

     As individuals, we want the best doctors treating and operating on us, the best pilots flying the airplanes we board, the best engineers designing the bridges we cross, the best scientists inventing and bringing to market the medicines and potions we ingest. Yet the American Idiocracy is moving to equate merit-based institutions with institutionalized […]

Chemical Hormone Blockers Used To Turn Children Into Transgenders Deemed “Child Abuse” By Pediatricians

The President of the American College of Pediatricians has expressed concern about the dangerous practice of prescribing hormone blockers to children who think they are transgender in order to prevent their bodies from developing the way nature intended them to. Dr. Michelle Cretella told a forum about transgenderism sponsored by the Heritage Foundation that facilitating […]

Exposure of Jewish Lobby’s attempt to influence UK politics deemed not “anti-Semitic”

The plot to infiltrate UK: exposé not antisemitic ) Al Jazeera; 2) Press Gazette; 3) Notes incl. link to Ofcom report and to the complainants who occasioned the report. Ambassador Mark Regev L, and political officer Shai Masot R,  go hunting at Labour party conference 2016. Ofcom dismisses complaints about Al Jazeera’s The Lobby By […]

China cracks down on social media content deemed offensive to the Communist Party

nsnbc : Consistent with a disturbing global trend, China’s cyber-regulator announced a crackdown social media content, sneaking a crackdown on content “deemed offensive to […]

UK: Knife Crime Soars to Five-Year High After Stop and Search Deemed ‘Racist’

Knife crime has soared since Theresa May kerbed police use of stop and search, a tactic that activists condemn as “racist” but which senior officers insist saves black lives. The year ending December 2016 saw 32,448 criminal offences involving a blade or other sharp weapon take place in Britain, a rise of 14 per cent from […]

The Problem with Mike Pence: He’s A Free Trade Globalist

Although unconfirmed by the Trump campaign, it is being reported that the candidate has chosen Indian Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate. If true, this will be problematic for Donald Trump and his criticism of globalist trade and the neocon wars. Voted Consistently for Globalist Trade Deals Pence, who previously represented Indiana’s 6th congressional […]

New Study Finds Powerful, Global Outcome Of Shifting Toward A Plant-Based Diet

Eating a well-balanced diet has become the focus of health enthusiasts and even dieters the world over in recent years, starkly opposing the antiquated idea of starving ourselves or severely limiting ourselves in the name of maintaining weight and optimum health. We are learning now, more than ever, what foods are great for us, like fruits, vegetables, […]

FLASHBACK: Agent in charge of FBI anthrax investigation blows whistle, claims whole thing was a scam

     The FBI head agent in charge of the anthrax investigation – Richard Lambert – has just filed a federal whistleblower lawsuit calling the entire FBI investigation bullsh!t: In the fall of 2001, following the 9/11 attacks, a series of anthrax mailings occurred which killed five Americans and sickened 17 others. Four anthrax-laden envelopes were […]

Britain Uses Legal Loophole To Fight Covert War In Yemen

An investigation has uncovered Britain’s secret mission in Yemen using special forces to help American covert operations. Britain has used a loophole to get around its human rights obligations and has deployed soldiers under the guise of special intelligence operatives rather than special reconnaissance soldiers. Russia Today reports: Embedded with British foreign intelligence agency MI6, […]

US Government Stockpile Medical Supplies In Case Of Nuclear War

The US government have announced that they are stockpiling food, medicine and emergency supplies in the event of a nuclear war breaking out in the near future.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have said that are adding four additional preparedness tools to the “Strategic National Stockpile” to deal with severe burns on […]

Over $1 Trillion Spent Since Nixon Began The War On Drugs

An armored vehicle used by state and local authorities for drug enforcement is brought into the city for school kids to tour in New Orleans/ (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) WASHINGTON — The “war on drugs” costs Americans a staggering amount of money every year that it persists. Despite the billions they receive, federal, state […]

46,471: Drug Overdoses Killed More Americans Than Car Crashes or Guns

In 2013, the most recent year for which data is available, 46,471 people in the United States died from drug overdoses, and more than half of those deaths were caused by prescription painkillers and heroin. That compares with the 35,369 who died in motor vehicle crashes and 33,636 who died from firearms, as […]

#MACtour Crew Faces Charges for Chalking but “Who Are They Protecting?”

The regular visitors to this site are probably aware that over the weekend I was arrested on a – at first, felony but later a – misdemeanor warrant out of Indiana and spent nearly two days in a cage before being bailed out. You can see the video of my arrest below (or here) and read […]

Seeking love on Wall Street: owner files for IPO

We are in the midst of a “Mars moment.” This fall, the Matt Damon film, “The Martian,” a story about a stranded astronaut who must learn to survive on Mars, grossed a whopping $55 million at the box office in its opening … Source Article from

WTC Buildings 1, 2 & 7 Plans Exempt From Disclosure, Deemed “Sensitive Buildings”

  911 Blogger October 5, 2011 Within a September 13, 2011 FOI response from the New City Department of Buildings (DoB), it is noted that World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 have been deemed sensitive buildings and thus, plans for these buildings have been exempted from disclosure by statute because “if disclosed, the […]

Antidepressants deemed ‘contributor’ in baby deaths

  Kathy TomlinsonCBC News September 20, 2011 Two B.C. families whose infants died inexplicably are sounding the alarm about mothers taking antidepressants while pregnant. Both mothers took Effexor, which Health Canada has warned can have adverse effects on babies. “I took the pills. I didn’t question. I trusted my doctor,” said Christiane Shultz, whose son […]

UK: Bible Recordings Deemed “Offensive”

Daily Mail Saturday, September 10, 2011 Postal workers refused to deliver CDs of Bible readings after deciding they were ‘offensive material’. Several churches had paid for discs with recordings of St Mark’s Gospel to be produced to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. They were due to be delivered to all households […]

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