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Chinese Woman Stuns Scientists As She Grows Seeds Via Psychic Powers

A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine has shown that a Chinese woman with ‘special abilities’ has successfully grown seeds using the psychic powers of her mind.  The study shows that Chulin Sun was able to use the art of  Waiqi (a type of qigong) to induce plant seeds to grow. reports: As the study states: Chulin Sun is […]

Battle of the bulge: Binge drinking & eating leaves N. Korean leader overweight – report

N Korea backs ‘wise politician’ Trump, slams ‘dull Hillary’ Kim has never been noted for his slender figure, but he has been piling on the pounds over the last four years. A South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) report to a parliamentary committee revealed that the leader is suffering from insomnia and paranoia, which are […]

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