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Texas Will Build a Cryogenic ‘Immortal Village’ That Will House 50,000 Frozen Human Bodies

A new project aims to do just that and we may soon see a huge cryonic preservation center in the small town of Comfort in Texas. The so-called Timeship Building, which has already been dubbed the “Mecca of cryogenics“, will have the capacity to house 50,000 frozen human bodies. The facility, which was […]

Erdogan was nearly Erdogone, still I expect it’s just a matter of time. ISIS would certainly miss him

Turkey’s Attempted Military Coup d’Etat against President Erdogan By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, July 16, 2016 Contradictory reports are coming in. A faction within Turkey’s military announced that it had seized power against president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The statement accused Erdogan of “eroding the country’s secular traditions”,  Martial law was announced and a curfew […]

UK official: BREXIT will work in favor of trade with Iran

London, Jul 14, IRNA – Lloyds Martin, Chief Executive of British Water, claimed that Brexit will work in favor of trade relations with Iran. Lloyds Martin made the remarks in an interview with IRNA on Thursday. Following is the full text interview delivered by IRNA: Q. How do you see the outlook for doing business […]

Pesticides are wiping out organic honey across America

(NaturalNews) If you’re anything like me, the sweet, sticky goodness of a dollop of fresh honey over a slice of buttered bread is something of an American pastime. But if organic honey, free of pesticides – the way it always was back in the old days – is what you prefer, you’ll have […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 13 – Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU (& What its Replacement Will Look Like) – Part 3 / complete

Have you noticed how hard the controlled alternative press are working to convince you that the globalists / NWO / banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result?… …From the Drudge Report, Breitbart, and Infowars Well nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the collapse of the European Union is a necessary step in […]

‘Our views are either similar or coincide’: Putin on comprehensive strategic China-Russia alliance

Praising the unprecedented current level of trust between Beijing and Moscow, Putin said the phase of “strategic cooperation” doesn’t fully describe the scale of partnership between the states. “To say we have strategic cooperation is not enough anymore” Putin told Xinhua. “This is why we have started talking about a comprehensive partnership and strategic collaboration. […]

Zarif assures western banks business with Iranian banks is risk free

Paris, June 22, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday that business with Iranian banks is risk free and the western banks must get rid of the psychological atmosphere and the concern has no place. Zarif made the remarks in a meeting with members French Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and […]

The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation Dmitry Orlov

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Violent storm with tennis ball sized hail hits Moldova

     Hundreds of villages were hit last night by a violent storm. In some, the hail balls as big as tennis ball and the rain smashed plantations and roofs, in others, the rain flooded gardens and cellars. Many portions of roads were blocked by fallen trees. Scores of households were flooded in the village of […]

Russia’s defense chief meets Iranian, Syrian counterparts during Tehran visit

In trilateral consultations with Syrian Defense Minister Fahd Jassem Freij and Iran’s Hossein Dehghan, Sergey Shoigu discussed priority measures to strengthen cooperation in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups, the Russian Defense Ministry said. According to Iranian state television, which quoted Dehghan, the three ministers agreed to conduct “decisive” […]

Scottish Police to Add Hijab Uniform Under ‘Diversity Plan’

Police Scotland is to introduce a hijab to its uniform in an effort to attract more Muslim women to a force which is failing to reflect the diversity in the country’s population. Currently, only 1 percent of Scotland’s police officers come from a black or minority background, compared with 4 percent of the general population. […]

Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories

Welcome to Larry Page’s Secret Flying-Car Factories June 9th, 2016 Via: Bloomberg: With Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk, the Google co-founder looks to the skies. <!– –> […]

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Now Using Card Readers to Rob People

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Now Using Card Readers to Rob People June 8th, 2016 Via: News9: You may have heard of civil asset forfeiture. That’s where police can seize your property and cash without first proving you committed a crime; without a warrant and without […]

FAA: Mysterious Drills On West Coast Will Blackout GPS

The U.S. military have begun a mysterious set of drills on the West coast of America that they say will jam GPS signals for six hours a day.  The FAA issued an advisory warning pilots that the global positioning systems (GPS) could be unresponsive this month, but have refused to say why. reports: On June […]

UK To Send More Troops To Afghanistan To Bolster Crumbling Regime

It was less than three ago that Prime Minister David Cameron announced ‘mission accomplished’ in Afghanistan, yet up to 100 more British soldiers are likely to be sent back to protect Kabul from a resurgent Taliban. Defense sources said the US had called on its allies to contribute more troops and that the UK was […]

Nasser Kandil: No USA _RASSIA Secret Deal on Syria, Lebanon’s Elections and the End of Sauai Harirism

Russia: No Secret Deal with US on Syria, Turkey Hasn’t Made Steps to Mend Ties Russia denied there is a secret deal with the United States on anti-terrorism operation in Syria, as it regretted that Ankara has not made necessary steps to med ties with Moscow. Russian presidential press officer Dmitry Peskov said Russia and […]

NATO About To Declare Cyberspace An Operational Domain Of War

Next months NATO summit in Poland is likely to enter the history books as the event where cyberspace was officially declared an operational warzone, according to a German official. Major General Ludwig Leinhos, who heads the German military’s effort to build up a separate cyber command, announced that all 28 NATO member states are likely […]

The Fall of Venezuela. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

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Saudi Arabia warns of ‘Plan B’ for Syria while US calls on all sides to work together

“It was made clear that Bashar al-Assad has two choices – either he will be removed through political process or he will be removed by force,” Adel al-Jubeir told reporters after the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) meeting co-chaired by Russia and the US. “We believe we should have moved to a ‘Plan B’ a […]

Israel obliges Palestinians to raise its flag on Nakba Day

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli Culture, Sport Minister Miri Regev to oblige all culture and sport centres in Israel, including Arabic institutes to raise Israeli flag on Nakba Day. Israeli news website YnetNews reported informed sources saying that “personal judgment should not factor in here [raising the Israeli flag].” Regev has instructed the ministry’s Director […]

Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’ Goes Full M.A.D. – Vote No To Brexit Or Face World War 3

As The Daily Mirror reports, David Cameron has pleaded for Britain to stay in the EU to help prevent the Continent being ripped apart by another conflict. Introduced by Labour ex-Foreign Secretary David Miliband at the British Museum in London, he said: “Can we be so sure peace and stability on […]

Message for the coming Dark Age

“The most striking fact about the story of Rip Van Winkle is not that he slept 20 years, but that he slept through a revolution. While he was peacefully snoring up on the mountain, a great revolution was taking place in the world – indeed, a revolution which would, at points, change the course of […]

Schools Told To Spy On Students And Report ‘Troublemakers’ To Police

Schools throughout the U.S. have been instructed to monitor their students on social media and report any unruly or “troublemaker” students to the police.  Authorities say that social monitoring software known as Snaptrends is being used to prevent cyberbullying, suicide and violence amongst students – but critics say the “safety argument” is being used as […]

Russian Kid Claims He Is From Mars, Says That All Humans Live Forever

A Russian boy named Boriska attracted worldwide attention a few years ago when he claimed that he was actually from the planet Mars.  Boris Kipriyanovich, or Boriska, was born on January 11, 1996 in the city of Volzhsky. According to his mother, since he was four years old he used to visit a nearby mountain […]

Detroit’s corrupt healthcare system exposed: Crittenton oncology nurse goes berserk when probed about cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata

(NaturalNews) Michigan’s Detroit-area healthcare system is entangled in a web of corruption, industry collusion, medical malpractice and under-the-table ownership exchanges that allow it to be absolved from accountability. Home to cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata, who was sentenced to 45 years in prison for an extensive list of unspeakable crimes, Michigan currently has […]

Earth-Insulated, Shipping Container, Underground Home

Earth-Insulated, Shipping Container, Underground Home April 18th, 2016 Book: Off Grid and Underground: A Simpler Way to Live Paperback by Steve Rees Via: Kirsten Dirksen: <!– –> […]

UC Davis paid $175,000 or more to scrub police pepper spray incident from web searches

The payments were made as the university was trying to boost its image online and were among several contracts issued following the pepper spray incident. Some payments were made in hopes of improving the results computer users obtained when searching for information about the university or Katehi, results that one consultant labeled “venomous rhetoric […]

Israel Acquires Nuclear Submarines For Attack On Iran

Professor Noam Chomsky has claimed that Israel have acquired nuclear submarines and are preparing to use them in order to attack Iran. In an interview with AcTVism Munich’s Zain Raza, Chomsky explained what happens to submarines Germany sends to Israel: “These dolphin class submarines that Germany is providing to Israel are instantly refitted in Israel to […]

Mystery Brussels Bomber In White. Is He Illuminati?

New pictures of one of the Brussels bombers have been released, revealing a “mysterious” man wearing white shirt.  According to reports, the fugitive’s shirt appears to be bright blue with dark patches on the elbows. He was also wearing dark trousers with large white soles. The elbows on his jackets have patches, and according to the following […]

NY Governor and NYC mayor ban nonessential travel to North Carolina as protest over anti-LGBT law

     Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio have found something they both can agree on. There’s been some bad blood between New York’s governor and New York City’s mayor in recent months, but on Monday, they both issued bans on nonessential government travel to North Carolina to protest the anti-LGBT measure rushed into law last […]

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