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Ireland, Spain, Norway to Recognize Palestinian State

May 22, 2024 Europe – Live News – News – Top – World Ireland, Spain and Norway will officially recognize Palestine as a state in a move announced on Wednesday. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the decision was based on peace, justice and democracy and was essential for the peace process. He added that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “still playing […]

Norway, Spain & Ireland To Recognize Palestinian State

Ireland has joined Norway and Spain in deciding to officially recognize Palestine as a state. Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Simon Harris confirmed that his country will join Norway and Spain in taking the step. He said […] The post Norway, Spain & Ireland To Recognize Palestinian State appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same

Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same The world has had enough of Israel’s genocidal war crimes in Gaza, prompting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to state that Spain will recognize Palestinian statehood by July. “We have to seriously consider doing it in the first half of this year,” […]

Campus Dysfunction Easy To Recognize, Difficult To Cure

Machiavelli observes in “The Prince” that politics presents challenges akin to those physicians sometimes face: “… in the beginning of the illness it is easy to cure and difficult to recognize, but in the progress of time, when it has not been recognized and treated in the beginning, it becomes easy to recognize and difficult […]

55 Global Nations Do Not ‘Recognize’ Palestine, 29 Don’t Recognize Israel

The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has brought the Gaza Strip, and the partially recognized State of Palestine, prominently into the focus of the global news cycle. In the graphic below, Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti uses Wikipedia data to map the countries that currently recognize Palestine as a state and those that don’t. 55 Countries Do […]

Watch: DHS Chief Mayorkas Refuses to Recognize Cost of Illegal Immigration to American Citizens

During a press conference Thursday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas detailed his globalist worldview where the United States acts as an economy in which foreign workers can flood the labor market, regardless of the costs to America’s working and middle class. Source

Action Alert: Demand the FCC Recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and Prioritize #FiberFirst

Action Alert: Demand the FCC Recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and Prioritize #FiberFirst Tell the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to recognize [url= %E2%80%93 Electromagnetic Sensitivity]Electromagnetic Sensitivity[/url] (EMS) as a legitimate health condition, accommodate those disabled by it and demand #FiberFirst.With this new rule, the FCC wants to ensure everyone has access to wireless high-speed internet. Despite […]

Don’t Believe Anything – But Recognize the Verge of a New Dark Age

A decade ago, discovering every significant media outlet in the western world as tabloid news would have been inconceivable. Well, the unbelievable is all around us pounding pure lies into our brains on behalf of people eviler than Emperor Caligula. Just Google Putin, Russia, or even China, and with some effort, you’ll see what I […]

Why has Turkey refused to recognize Russia’s new borders?

As is already well known, referendums were held in the LPR and DPR as well as in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions from September 23 to 27 on the issue of giving up belonging to Ukraine and becoming part of the Russian Federation. They were monitored by a large number of foreign observers who confirmed the […]

Obama: As We Grieve The Children of Uvalde Today, We Should Also Recognize ‘The Murder of George Floyd’

Former president Barack Obama said Wednesday in a statement grieving the massacre of children in Uvalde that we should all take time to remember “the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer.”

Greeks, Cypriots of Australia Call on PM Morrison to Recognize Genocide

Greeks, Armenians, and other Christians were the victims of genocide carried out by the Ottomans in the period 1913-1923. Public Domain The Greek and Cypriot communities in Australia urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday to recognize the genocide carried out against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and other Christian minorities by the Ottomans in the early […]

It is high time for the British to recognize Tamil’s self determination

It is high time for the United Kingdom to recognize its failure and realize that the sufferings of the Tamils started immediately after the British left Sri Lanka in 1948 and find justice and freedom to the oppressed Tamils who are now at a great loss of lives, land, resources, human rights etc. United Kingdom […]

Exclusive—Rep. Tom Tiffany: Time for U.S. to Recognize Reality by Recognizing Taiwan

America’s “One China Policy,” which acknowledges Communist China’s claim of authority over Taiwan, was conceived nearly a half-century ago by President Richard Nixon as a way to drive a wedge between Mao’s China and the now-defunct Soviet Union. It became a reality under President Jimmy Carter, who recognized Beijing in 1979 and cut off formal […]

Whistleblower Teacher Warns: CRT ‘Absolutely Everywhere’ in Schools, Soon ‘We Won’t Recognize Our Country’

A whistleblowing middle school teacher says she faces a “culture of intimidation” after being forbidden to teach — despite a shortage in teachers — due to her exposing her school district’s “radicalized” critical race theory (CRT) curriculum, which is manifest “absolutely everywhere” throughout the school’s culture as well as its reading materials. She warned it […]

The Most Hated Artist You Probably Recognize

Why do so many art critics hate an artist who produced nostalgic pieces that are beloved by so many regular people? Note: When the narrator says he was born in 1985, he meant 1958. [embedded content] Share now! Source

‘Looks very awful and ill’: Journalist tells RT he ‘couldn’t recognize’ Assange during High Court hearing on his extradition to US

Journalist Richard Medhurst claims that he initially didn’t recognize Julian Assange, who looked “awful and ill,” as the WikiLeaks founder appeared in London’s High Court while the United States pushes to have him extradited. Medhurst told RT said that he “literally did a double take” upon seeing Assange during the High Court preliminary hearing on Wednesday, which […]

Congress Passes Law To Recognize Juneteenth, The Day Republicans Freed All The Democrats’ Slaves

Congress Passes Law To Recognize Juneteenth, The Day Republicans Freed All The Democrats’ Slaves WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Senate has unanimously passed a resolution to recognize Juneteenth as a federal holiday, commemorating the glorious day Republicans freed the last of the Democrats’ slaves.  “We are so proud to show the world how not racist we are by officially […]

Over 100 Democratic Party leaders demand White House recognize dignity rights in Palestine instead of another hollow Eid greeting

May 13, 2021 Dear President Biden: In lieu of flowers or condolences for martyred Palestinian children or even a White House Eid celebration, we request the United States recognize dignity rights worldwide. A first step in recognizing our humanity would be to not allow a policy of mass slaughter in the sacred Islamic month of […]

This Mother’s Day, Recognize Care Work Powers Our Economy

Above photo: @crystalmariesing via Twenty20. Mother’s Day is, at its core, about care. When we select Hallmark cards and order flower deliveries, we’re honoring the care provided by moms and other maternal figures. This Mother’s Day, though, marks more than a year into a pandemic that threw the disparities in our care system into stark […]

Biden told Erdogan he is set to recognize Armenian genocide, sources say

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