Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same

Spain to officially recognize Palestinian state, calls on Western powers to do same

The world has had enough of Israel’s genocidal war crimes in Gaza, prompting Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to state that Spain will recognize Palestinian statehood by July.

“We have to seriously consider doing it in the first half of this year,” Sanchez said, urging other Western nations to do the same.

Sanchez has repeatedly spoken up about Israel’s atrocious behavior in Gaza, which includes bombing and starving Palestinian women and children, as well as conducting targeted airstrikes on food and medicine aid workers.

At the start of a planned trip to Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Sanchez made these remarks in support of creating a Palestinian state that is off-limits to the agenda of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Many European counties already recognize Palestinian statehood

Many people may not know this, but many countries around the world, including across Europe, support Palestinian statehood.

European Union (EU) members Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria all already recognize Palestine. Ireland and Malta are also reportedly in the process of unilaterally supporting the recognition of Palestine.

Until an agreement for a two-state solution is solidified by Israel itself, Germany, France and the United Kingdom are refusing to recognize the existence of Palestine.

Netanyahu, meanwhile, has vowed to never, under any circumstances, recognize a Palestinian state. Netanyahu continues to declare plans to illegally occupy both the West Bank and now Gaza indefinitely, meaning forever.

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Those who oppose a two-state solution under the guise that it violates a biblical mandate should know that prior to 1948, Israel itself did not even exist, the land atop which it now sits having previously been considered Palestine.

Back in 1993, Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) also signed the Oslo Accords, which are regarded as an early stepping-stone towards the creation of a Palestinian state.

At the time and thereafter, Israel basically hit the pause button, though, delaying any final negotiations on the matter while accelerating its building of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

“As more Jewish settlers began living on occupied Palestinian land, it became more difficult politically, both domestically within Israel and internationally, to demand their removal,” reports The Cradle about what transpired.

This latest move by Spain will reportedly help accelerate a finalization of a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. As soon as this month, meaning April, Palestine could become a full-fledged member of the United Nations (UN).

Sanchez and other authorities in Madrid say they hope to see the Palestinian Authority (PA) ultimately govern the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the entirety of Gaza, with Hamas playing no role in Gaza’s government after the war comes to an end.

Those who oppose the two-state solution say it violates biblical mandates, not to mention that Palestine has no recognizable government or economy of its own, at least not yet. Those who support a two-state solution argue it will quell tensions and create “peace and safety.”

“How can you have a two-state solution when the Palestinians think that Israel has no right to exist?” complained one commenter in opposition to the two-state solution. “Hamas and Iran are dedicated to its total destruction.”

“Wait for the United States to abstain from a UN resolution to recognize Palestine as a state and it’ll be game over for Israel,” wrote another about how Israel seems to be digging itself into a hole with its actions over the past six months.

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