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Awful ‘NYTimes’ article glorifies an Israeli Mossad agent who helped murder an innocent man. Why?

On paper, Ronen Bergman is supposed to be a staff writer at the New York Times. His latest appalling article suggests that he is actually an undercover publicist for Mossad, the murderous Israeli spy agency. His awful report may represent a Times attempt to compensate, possibly unconsciously, for the tidal wave of negative news about […]

This Photo App Wants to Beat Instagram by Ditching the Awful Algorithm

Instagram started off as a photography app—well, if you can consider 2012’s Valencia-filtered photos of lattes “photography”—but, over the last decade, it’s morphed into something else indeed. These days, open the app, and you’ll mostly encounter hyper-posed selfies, birthday messages to people you don’t know, and, of course, algorithm-optimized ads for sunglasses and direct-to-consumer personal […]

Afghan Holocaust – The Awful Truth Versus US Alliance Lies

The 20 year Afghan War has ended  and the war criminal US, UK, NATO and Australian invaders have all but left a devastated land. The Indigenous Afghan Taliban rapidly and peacefully took over all of formerly Occupied Afghanistan as the collaborator government collapsed and the US-trained Afghan forces offered no resistance. A peaceful, liberated Afghanistan […]

‘Looks very awful and ill’: Journalist tells RT he ‘couldn’t recognize’ Assange during High Court hearing on his extradition to US

Journalist Richard Medhurst claims that he initially didn’t recognize Julian Assange, who looked “awful and ill,” as the WikiLeaks founder appeared in London’s High Court while the United States pushes to have him extradited. Medhurst told RT said that he “literally did a double take” upon seeing Assange during the High Court preliminary hearing on Wednesday, which […]

Why ARE they applying awful pressure to get EVERYONE vaccinated?

May 21, 2021 Sure, the elderly & clinically vulnerable.But then why ANYONE else?Why pregnant women? We’ve not got the reproductive toxicology results yet.Why young & healthy people? They’re more likely to die in a fall off a step ladder or down their own stairs at home than “with Covid19”.Why children, for goodness sake. They’re at […]

‘God-awful blast’ that rocked towns for miles around was caused by explosion at gender reveal party

An explosion that rocked towns in New Hampshire was the result of a gender reveal party, according to police. The explosion was reported by residents in the towns around Kingston, roughly 40 miles (64 km) north of Boston, at about 7pm on Tuesday. “It was a loud boom that shook our four-family townhouse,” a resident […]

Awful Kamala Harris Debate Performance Boosts Trump Reelection Chances

Kamala Harris put in a terrible performance at last night’s Vice Presidential debate, often appearing robotic and repeating memorised “facts” that blatantly contradicted things Joe Biden had said in last week’s debate. Harris also appeared lost and confounded whenever Mike Pence interrupted her to point out such inconsistencies, as if she had been thrown off […]

Video: Young Leftists Admit Kamala Harris Is Awful, But Say They Will Vote For Her Anyway

CNN cut out of President Trump’s speech at the RNC Monday and claimed that most of what Trump was saying was “misleading” or “outright lies”. The network made good on an earlier promise by host Brian Stelter that it would ‘live fact check’ the GOP convention, despite not doing so during the Democratic convention last […]

[WATCH] Toll So Far For Town’s 1 Awful Night: 2 Ousted Cops, $280K And a Lawsuit

MAPLEWOOD, New Jersey — About two-and-a-half minutes of video footage and a smattering of police radio recordings have led to two forced retirements, a $280,000 payout, the impending overhaul of a small New Jersey police department, and a federal lawsuit — all while the investigation of what actually happened when police responded to a group […]

Why can’t Killary and her awful kin just go away

     Since losing the most winnable presidential election in modern American history, Hillary Clinton has, among other things: given a series of high-profile speeches, joined Gov. Cuomo at his public unveiling of tuition-free college, refused to rule out a run for mayor of New York and issued an online video message exhorting fellow Democrats to […]

Laura Ingraham brings down the house with her gold cross and “America First” salute at the Republican National Convention…

Laura Ingraham brings down the house with her gold cross and “America First” salute at the Republican National Convention… JEWS hate the gold cross Laura Ingraham is wearing around her neck, not to mention the “America First” salute she deliberately gave at the end of her very convincing “Hilda-bitch” takedown… The hexagonal star (aka the […]

TransCanada’s $15 Billion Lawsuit Against U.S. on Keystone XL Presents Strong Case

TransCanada, the Canadian company that had been planning to build and own its proposed Keystone XL Pipeline carrying Canada’s tar-sands oil to Texas Gulf Coast refineries for export to Europe and elsewhere, released to the public, on Wednesday January 6th, two legal presentations against the United States, because U.S. President Barack Obama, through his Secretary […]

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