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Senate passes $95 billion aid for Ukraine and Israel, the evening of April 23, 2024 This bill has passed the evening of April 23, 2024 in the US, but in the early hours of April 24, 2024 for both Ukraine and Israel, countries in the same timezone. April 24 is the 201st day of the war in Israel, which began October 7, 2023. Thus, this is the latest pairing […]

Columbia president faces censure drafted by university professors, April 23, 2024 news

First of all, the word ‘censure’ in light of the protests at Columbia stemming from the latest war in Israel. Censure=85Columbia University=85Iesus Hominum Salvator=85Templar=85Christ=85Crucify=85 The war in Israel with Gaza began October 7, 2023, the day leaving 85 days in the year. The United Nations finally intervened on the 85th day of 2024, March 25. […]

Biden and Netanyahu meet on April 4 after World Central Kitchen murders, the 56th anniversary of MLK’s assassination

Biden looks extra comfortable talking about the dead chefs. RIP. Today is 4/4, April 4, 2024, the 56th anniversary of MLK’s assassination, April 4, 1968, who spoke one year to the day against U.S. military policy, April 4, 1967.Joe Biden=44 Netanyahu=44 Israel=44 Zion=44 Military=44 Shooting=44Execution=44Kill=44 WCK is the abbreviation for World Central Kitchen, and it […]

Israel’s airstrike on Damascus one day after Easter 2024 (April Fools Day)

This attack in Damascus comes one day after Easter, and Paul saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, who told Paul to go to Damascus. Damascus is also connected to Saul in Acts. (Paul, Saul?) (Better call Saul? Persecution?) Also, this news comes on 49 date numerology, and Damascus is spoken of in Jeremiah 49.4/1/2024=4+1+20+24=49 (Damascus is […]

Joe Biden arrives in Israel on anniversary of Event 201, October 18, 2023

Joe Biden is in Israel on October 18, the four year anniversary of Event 201. It is also the anniversary of Gerald Ford’s female president prediction, and Colin Powell’s death.The Jesuit Order = 201 As he arrives, they report that 3,500 people have died in Gaza. It goes with him being inaugurated on the 35th […]

Does Israel wait until October 17, 2023, to invade Gaza, the day leaving 75 days in the year? This news comes on the day leaving 76 days in the year, October 16 (USA since 1776). Tomorrow, leaves 75 days in the year, and Israel is 75.World War III = 75Order Out of Chaos = 75New World Order = 75–Order = 75Catholic Church = 75Roman Catholic = 75Great Tribulation = 75 Never forget […]

December 29, 2022 news | Ukraine, Israel, Netanyahu, George Floyd

Massive Missile Attack = 68 (The World War historical number)George Santos is a fake Jew and Catholic (like the Jesuits) The top story on 12/29 is gloating about ‘weather control.’Weather Control = 20112/29, 201st prime Other top headlines include Netanyahu’s furthest ever right-wing government taking hold.State of Israel = 201Netanyahu left his PM position for […]

American Museum returns gospel manuscript looted from Greek Orthodox monastery

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, has reportedly returned a handwritten gospel manuscript to the Greek Orthodox Church on Tuesday afternoon writes The New York Times. According to the news report,  the manuscript in question was looted from a Greek monastery during World War I. ‘The museum said that it transferred the artifact, which… […]

Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

28 June 2022 The untold story of “Eisenhower’s ‘Rhine Meadows’ Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination” of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies, in post-war Germany (Rheinwiesenlager). This German made documentary was originally produced by ‘Volksfront-Medien’ but we have translated it and added to it with clips from other sources, and narrated […]

Anne Frank’s betrayal, 60 Minutes story, Sunday, January 16, 2022

Anne Frank, discovered on August 4, or 8/4…Anne Frank = 84Zionism = 84Masonry = 84Jesuit = 84 She died in the Bergen Belsen Camp, reportedly.Bergen Belsen Camp = 84The Jesuit Order = 84The Catholic Church = 84 Notice 60 Minutes broke this story on January 16, 2022, a ‘Sunday.’Sunday = 21 / 78 / 84Jesuit […]

Man in ‘Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt at D.C. January 6, 2021 “riot” identified as Robert Keith Packer Packer? At Capitol Hill? In the Capitol Building? In the Jesuit Order ritual that was, in the Jesuit city, D.C.? 54. 251, 54th prime He was there for ‘Donald Trump’, who was in Jerusalem for Jerusalem Day, and who has a shekel in his honor being sold in Israel. 185. Robert = 78 / […]

White Heroes Confront Anti-White Cowardly Parasites At Arizona State University

A Important Reminder

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Unschooling – Traveling German Family – Something For Us All To Strive For

Have your children at-home birth (unless you have complications during pregnancy) Homeschool (unschool) your children Don’t vaccinate them Raw diet as much as possible (you’ll notice a much better behaved child/children when fed properly) Remove TV COMPLETELY! Don’t let JEWS program your child!   Source Article from


Do I even need to say or better yet explain anything here? I think not…     Source Article from

The ‘Morally Superior’ Are No Better – Jewish Vs Aryan Mindset

Cigar Matches Pipe Stephanie Kay Steve Reynolds Them suffering should be mandatory. Instead we get, oh you killed another human and now their families have to suffer for the rest of their lives? No problem, just take a relaxing little nap… Nick Gabrel   Write a comment…   Source Article from

Mike Delaney And Andre Anglin On Prothink Radio

This Friday at 10pm EST, don’t miss it! Delaney will co-host (and interview) Anglin of The show will be hosted live here: Source Article from

Prothink Radio Podcast – Giacomo Vallone of

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Down until Friday, this is the backup site

You have been redirected to my old backup site. Even though I barely receive enough donations each month to cover Trutube, all the other sites I have receive NO donations except from one nice couple who live in Montana. I have been without a paycheck for a few weeks but will receive a nice size […]

1and1 Hijacks Our Domain Names…

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Temporary Site For Prothink Network

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In the case of having my other websites down hosted by godaddy this will be the backup site. Please keep this website saved and if chance this site goes down as well, please contact me. Source Article from

Prothink’s New Jewtube Channel

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Prothink Radio Podcast – EuropeanKnightsProject

– Sept 22, 2014 11AM Live here: Source Article from

Prothink Radio: Why White Men Are The Biggest Pieces Of Garbage

While everyone and everything else does exactly what nature and their genetics call them to do, white men are shooting themselves in the head.   Download here: Source Article from

Trutube.TV Updates And Upgrades

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Scary Stuff!

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Well well… Just like when they predicted 9/11 many times before the event happened, they leave little arrogant clues like this one. This video was made in 1990…     Sneaky sneaky jews, you can’t fool us anymore. Source Article from

Lying Genetic Demon Jew Wants You To Believe There Isn’t Any Jew DNA

I found this comment particularly hilarious: Related Articles: Source Article from

Flashback Friday – The First Years Of Prothink Podcasts

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