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Why Won’t America Fight Back? NWO Brainwashing Techniques Designed to Promote Acceptance of the Coming Genocide

  Last night, I had Deborah Tavares on my show as talked about how Californians are being manipulated into a false set of belief designed to get people in the state to migrate to other areas based on multiple lies being told to them through mainstream media (MSM).  Deborah and […]

On The CSS 6/21-Globalists Creating Food & Water Shortages/Deborah Tavares- 8pm EST

Hours 1 and 2   Deborah Tavares, Dave’s featured guest for tonight’s show is Deborah Tavares and she will be appearing for the first two hours of the show. Deborah will be covering the globalists attempt to steal water and food to create artificial shortages and use that as […]

Google’s New Project Is So Insanely Advanced It Will Blow You Away

If Google has its way, our future will be nothing less than a sci-fi movie. After creeping us out with a robotic cheetah and the Google ‘Glass’, Google is all set to bring forth something really amazing. Google’s Project Soli has invented a new interaction sensor using radar technology that can capture motions of your […]

World War III, Walmart, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm: A Clergy Response Team Insider Reveals What Lies Ahead

    Yesterday, one of my listeners sent me the following short video made by Alex Jones. In the video, Alex is wondering out loud why he has not left the country because his insider sources say that all hell is going to break loose by October. I have said, […]

Great Interview with Katy Whelan On the Elimination of All Food Choice for American Citizens

    Great interview with the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan. In the following 2o minute interview Katy describes how your food choices and America’s ability to privately grow food are being severely limited and that this could have a devastating impact on your health. The […]

The UN Is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water

Do you remember when Detroit when bankrupt and President Obama refused to intervene in order to help Americans in a beleaguered American city? This was both baffling and maddening to the American people. After all, this “hope and change” President promised to fundamentally transform America. Little did we realize that […]

This Video Could Save Your Life. I Got The Chills Just From Watching!

Volkswagen has come up with a pretty genius way to get people’s attention… and this time, they’re not trying to sell cars. What the German auto conglomerate is trying to do is save your life. Moviegoers in Hong Kong were treated to this bold, innovative and terrifying new PSA that is sure to leave a lasting impression… […]

The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California, Followed by the Entire Southwest

California then……California now…. The United States Drought Monitor map is showing that 78% of the state is currently experiencing an “exceptional drought” stage. This represents a 22% increase from just a year ago. Droughts can prove devastating to a community as widespread crop and pasture losses and shortages of water […]

Big Pharma Responsible For Another Mass Shooting? SC Church Shooter Took Psych Drugs Before Attack

Mass shootings, sadly, have become a part of the American lexicon, and without question the majority of the American people are not comfortable with this fact. The latest outrage: A young white man who allegedly possessed some racist animosity went into a predominantly black church in Charleston, S.C., and opened fire, telling one victim that […]

Mysterious Large Reddish Sphere Appears Over California, Arkansas and South Africa

Below images and videos of the sphere captured over Fremont, South Africa and Arkansas. Fremont, Ca – June, 2015: I was driving home from work at 8:16pm, I had crossed the Dumbarton bridge and was heading north on Paseo Padre in Fremont CA at about 50mph when I got the urge to take a picture […]

What You Missed Because Of The Church Shooting

Founder of WorldTruth.Tv and Eddie (4811 Posts) Eddie L. is the founder and owner of WorldTruth.TV. This website is dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. I have spent the last 30+ years researching Bible, History, Secret Societies, Symbolism Source Article from

If You Fit Into Either of These Two Groups, It Is Time to Leave America

Would you renounce your U.S. citizenship if it meant you’d be sending less of your hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam? Do you want affordable health care? Do you want your children to have an affordable college education? Do you want to retire in relative comfort?  Do you desire to live […]

How The International Monetary Fund Really Works

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., in the United States, of 188 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. Formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference, it came […]

15 Incredible Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn From Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the Pooh made his great debut into our lives in 1924, and since then, the bear has innocently made his way through life in the Hundred Acre Wood, leading his readers on interesting and memorable adventures. Pooh is seen as a bit dopey, but his dopiness yields some pretty profound wisdom. Here are some […]

This Hover Bike Needs To Replace Every Car Immediately

Hover technology seems to be the way things are headed with transportation, from levitating trains to hover bikes. The first manned hoverbike has taken flight in a Hungarian airfield and could be a real game changer. The bike can’t yet be used for long trips, but it can sustain flight for about 20 minutes. Its […]

He Caught A Stingray & Was About To Throw It Back, But When He Pressed on Its Belly THIS Came Out

This fisherman accidentally caught a stingray and pulled it aboard. He was going to throw it back into the ocean when he noticed something odd. He pressed down on the abdomen of the stingray and and baby popped out! The stingray may have went into shock due to being caught, which may have induced labor. […]

I Thought This Tiny Home Looked Beautiful, But One Step Inside Blew Me Away

Tiny houses are growing in popularity. It makes sense when you consider it: a few decades ago, pay equality wasn’t as terrible as it was and the middle class was considerably larger. Now even the middle class feels the financial pinch every month. People are leaving behind McMansions with their huge mortgages and choosing something […]

Stop Eating Nutella and Save Forests

Sweet foods can be bad for you, but some are bad for the environment, too. France’s ecology minister is calling for a boycott of Nutella, the hazelnut chocolate spread, saying its use of palm oil is contributing to deforestation in Asia and Latin America. France’s environment minister, Segolene Royal, said people should stop eating Nutella […]

The UN Is Preparing to Manage Mass Casualty Events Under Jade Helm

  My worst fears are being realized. The following information is strongly suggestive that the United Nations is poised to seize control of Jade Helm. Further, the nature of UN involvement with Jade Helm is strongly suggestive of the fact that massive numbers of people will be relocated to camps […]

King Cobra Holding Up Traffic.. Seconds Later This Happens

King cobras have earned their fearsome reputation as a deadly snake whose bite contains enough venom to kill a man. In some cases, people have died less than thirty minutes after being bitten, and those who survive have reported that it’s extremely painful to endure. Even more astounding is the fact that their bite is […]

This Guy Took A Pregnancy Test As A Joke. He Had No Clue This Would End Up Saving His Life

This story is truly a miracle.  A reddit user named Cappnpoopdeck thought it would be a hilarious joke to pee on his x-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests she had left in the bathroom.  He took the test urinated on it and to his surprise the test came back positive saying that indeed he was pregnant! What started […]

‘Safety Truck’: Back Screens on Trucks May Pave Way For Safer Overtaking

The Korean tech-giant Samsung has created a ‘Safety Truck’ which aims to reduce crashes when drivers attempt to overtake long vehicles on one-way roads. The solution is quite straight-forward using cameras, wireless video feeds, and huge display screens. The technology was inspired by the high incidence of traffic accidents in Argentina, where almost one person […]

This Child Plays With A Very Strange Friend. When I Realized What It Was? My Jaw Dropped

How The IMF Really Works

How The IMF Really Works Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids How The IMF Really WorksJune 16, 2015 © Watch ‘EU-Censor-Free!’ HERE!     Thank You Humble Servants Of Jesus Christ! ___________________________________ For More See: Greece Resists IMF Swindle Click Here And: Secrets Of Jewish Money Control Click Here And: Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down Click Here And: Money […]

How To Use Wooden Discs To Give Your Old Floor An Incredible Makeover

We’ve never seen a floor made out of this before. Across the nation, a very unique — and very beautiful — renovation technique is taking homes by storm. Although this special technique dates back thousands of years, more and more houses around the world have begun to bring it back into fashion. Let us know […]

Greece’s Syriza Weaves Scheme For Default, Return To National Currency

A wing of Greece’s anti-austerity Syriza party is eyeing a plan to default on government debt and replace the euro with its own national currency in case negotiations on a bailout with its creditors fail, media have reported. The plan envisions a default similar to the one implemented by Iceland during the 2008 financial crisis, […]

10 Reasons To Stop Drinking Diet Soda Today

If you are thinking to yourself Diet Soda can’t be that bad – it is Diet after all. I am sorry to tell you it is a trick! Any food or drink made with unnatural ingredients affects the body in a negative way. Diet soda is amongst the worst of these culprits if not the […]

The Greenhouse of The Future — Grow Your Own Food Year-Round With This Revolutionary System

It’s no secret that food security is becoming a critical issue around the world. With drought, economic instability, erratic weather and interruptions in transportation a very real threat, it really doesn’t take much to have the food supply disrupted. We’re certainly not immune to these effects in the West, especially since we rely heavily on corporate farming […]

To Avoid Prison, You Must Read This Before Taking Your Money Out of the Bank

Can you find yourself in the picture? Don’t be “that guy”. These people will end up living under a cardboard box or they will forced to go to a FEMA camp for food and water. Most people, who are familiar with Jade Helm, understand that it will take a precipitating […]

Dave Hodges Interviews Expert, Bob Griswold, On Resupplying After the Coming Economic Collapse

Blockbuster Interview with Steve Quayle- The End of Humanity Dave Hodges March 17, 2014 The Common Sense Show     On March 16, 2014, I was out ill and Source Article from

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