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Exclusive– Maria Cantwell Uses Anti-China Plan to Possibly Steer $10 Billion Moon Landing Contract to Bezos-Owned Space Company in Her State

Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA), the powerful chairwoman of the Senate Commerce Committee, plans to attempt to use a bipartisan piece of legislation meant to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s technological advances to instead steer what could end up being a huge boon of a federal contract worth billions of dollars to a company operating in […]

Actress Tawny Kitaen Dies at 59 Possibly due to the Vaccine

    Tawny Kitaen was a star of 1980s music videos. She briefly dated OJ Simpson. She’s a minor celebrity, but one people remember – so her death at such a young age is somewhat shocking news. I scrolled down to check the cause of death of this 59-year-old woman: The Orange County, California coroner’s […]

Scientists Are Working on Vaccines that Spread Like a Disease. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

May 2nd, 2021 You’ll love this: Self-spreading vaccines have some of their roots in efforts to reduce pest populations. Australian researchers described a virally spread immunocontraception, which hijacked the immune systems of infected animals—in this case a non-native mouse species in Australia—and prevented them from fertilizing offspring. Hmm. Perhaps it will be used on two-legged […]

Your ‘smart home’ is watching – and possibly sharing your data with the police

You may have a roommate you have never met. And even worse, they are nosy. They track what you watch on TV, they track when you leave the lights on in the living room, and they even track whenever you use a key fob to enter the house. This is the reality of living in […]

Netanyahu Politics Possibly Behind Increased Left Support for Arab Joint List

(The Media Line) A new poll shows that 62% of Israel’s left support including the Arab Joint List in the government. At the same time, 37% of the Israeli right expressed support for controversial far-right activist Itamar Ben-Gvir as a future government minister. Experts explain that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s politics are behind both results, […]

Two rare white tiger cubs die in Pakistani zoo after possibly contracting Covid-19 from their handler, officials say

The two white tiger cubs that died last month in a Pakistani zoo had damaged lungs. The zoo now suspects that the animals may have contracted Covid-19 from a staffer that fed them. The cubs were originally thought to have suffered from the feline panleukopenia virus, which targets the cats’ immune systems. However, an autopsy […]

Al-Shabaab Attacks Bus Traveling in Kenya, Possibly Looking for Christians

TARBAJ, Kenya (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Tuesday, gunmen believed to be part of the Somali-based al-Shabaab terrorist group flagged down a passenger bus at Tarbaj, Wajir State. During the attack the gunmen separated men from women, interrogating them to identify non-local travelers. Reporting on the incident, the […]

‘Antisemitism doesn’t come from the Arabs. It’s only possibly because it remained in Germany’

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved 00

More than 600 rats, birds, a goat & several varieties of marine life, possibly 1080-poisoned, washed up recently on Westport’s North Beach NZ

Remember this? one year on… Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch If you read the mainstream news you will no doubt be aware of the recent news from the South that’s gaining more momentum by the day … the 600 (possibly 1080-poisoned) rats washed up on South Island Westport beach. I’ve not reported on any of it […]

Possibly 20,000-year-old Domesticated Dog Emerges From Italian Cave

The remains of an ancient domesticated dog that spent its life with humans has been unearthed in an Italian cave . Believe it or not, this ancient domesticated dog is now considered to be Europe’s earliest pet dog , and it might 20,000 years old! How Wolves Became Wolf-like And, Then, Our Early Friends The […]

Democrats won’t let Biden debate, then how can he possibly govern?!

posted by Tapestry Democrats have essentially conceded the election as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Demon-Calif.) has just declared, “I don’t think there should be any debates,” absurdly claiming that Joe Biden debating with the President of the United States would “dignify” Donald Trump and therefore cannot be allowed to take place. With this, […]

Democrats won’t let Biden debate, then how can he possibly govern?!

posted by Tapestry Democrats have essentially conceded the election as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Demon-Calif.) has just declared, “I don’t think there should be any debates,” absurdly claiming that Joe Biden debating with the President of the United States would “dignify” Donald Trump and therefore cannot be allowed to take place. With this, […]

Pompeo dives into GOP confab from Jerusalem, defying precedent and possibly law

WASHINGTON (AP) — Casting aside his own advice to American diplomats and bulldozing a long tradition of secretary of state non-partisanship, Mike Pompeo plunged into the heart of the US 2020 presidential race Tuesday with a speech from Jerusalem supporting Donald Trump’s reelection. The address was roundly condemned by Democrats and others as an inappropriate […]

Chloroform, Engine Exhaust, Lead, And Wireless (WiFi) Radiation Are All “Possibly Carcinogenic” — Schools Should Provide Wired Internet

By B.N. Frank WiFi Also Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier. For many years now, tech inventors have been sending their kids to private low-tech schools and limiting their exposure to new technology.  Due to an increase in “Digital Addiction”, tech inventors and investors been speaking publicly against promoting technology use by children. “Digital Addiction” […]

Advanced (Possibly Extraterrestrial) German Technology From Before WW2

Next Story “A German newspaper recently published an interview with George Klein, famous German engineer and aircraft expert, describing the experimental construction of ‘flying saucers’ carried out by him from 1941 to 1945.” (source) Exotic technology has been around for a long time, and so have the agencies within the Department of Defense that use it. […]

Quantum Physics Suggests That Death Doesn’t Exist, And Is Possibly Just An Illusion

Is there really an afterlife? This is a question that plagues tons of people but has yet to be answered. Professor/scientist Robert Lanza knows all too well how insane this world can be, as we all seem to be able to do and find the impossible. Lanza believes that the theory of biocentrism teaches that death in […]

DNA Has Gone Digital – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

December 7, 2017 By Jenna E. Gallegos, Colorado State University and Jean Peccoud, Colorado State University Biology is becoming increasingly digitized. Researchers like us use computers to analyze DNA, operate lab equipment and store genetic information. But new capabilities also mean new risks – and biologists remain largely unaware of the potential vulnerabilities […]

Trump’s hypocritical policy in Syria possibly work of rogue CIA agents

     Does anybody believe the U.S. is acting honorably in Syria? Well? The Russians don’t and they’ve been accusing the U.S. of duplicity in the fight against ISIS and pure indifference in the fight against Alqaeda which is now called Jabhat Fath Al-Shaam. American two-facedness has reasons which need some analysis. It is hard for […]

What could possibly go wrong? Kissinger advising Trump

Is Trump’s “Friend” Kissinger Steering Him From Calm To Storm? Henry Kissinger, seemingly returned from oblivion, has been in the ear of “old friend” Trump since mid-primary season, just after Trump declared himself open to negotiation with North Korea. Since that moment, Trump’s stance and rhetoric have veered inexorably toward war. President Donald Trump met […]

To double their fees, some surgeons are now operating on TWO patients at once… what could possibly go wrong?

(Natural News) We’ve all heard horror stories of botched operations, whether it’s a doctor leaving a surgical tool inside the patient or the wrong limb being operated on – or even amputated. If you’ve ever wondered how this type of thing could happen, the concept of overlapping surgery could provide some clues. Yes, that’s right; […]

Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever

t’s a sad reality in 2017 that a data breach affecting 143 million people is dwarfed by other recent hacks—for instance, the ones hitting Yahoo in 2013 and 2014, which exposed personal details for 1 billion and 500 million users respectively; another that revealed account details for 412 million accounts on sex and […]

Oxford don resigns in anti-Trump protest possibly by mistake

     A senior academic at Britain’s top university has quit his job over allegations that a major Oxford sponsor donated funds to Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign. Swedish Professor Bo Rothstein, who taught at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, resigned from his position over claims that the School’s founder, Soviet-born […]

US embassy employees in Cuba possibly subject to ‘acoustic attack’

US embassy employees in Cuba possibly subject to ‘acoustic attack’ CNN August 10, 2017 The US believes several State Department employees at the US embassy in Havana were subjected to an “acoustic attack” using sonic devices that left at least two with such serious health problems they needed to be brought back to the US […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Google Releases Millions of “Lab-Made” Mosquitoes in Fresno?

Renegade Editor’s Note: On December 7, 2015, Google Life Sciences was renamed Verily, which is now a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Google’s motto of “don’t be evil” has been replaced with Alphabet’s motto of “do the right thing”. By Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper Sometimes you have to think that scientists don’t […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Google Releases Millions of “Lab-Made” Mosquitos in Fresno?

Sometimes you have to think that scientists don’t ever read science fiction, and thus have not even contemplated all the things that could go wrong when they do something like creating 20 million mosquitos in a laboratory, infecting them with a bacteria, and then releasing those mosquitos in Fresno, California. First of all, […]

Burial chamber of Egyptian princess possibly unearthed in Dashur

     Inside a 3,800-year-old pyramid at the site of Dahshur in Egypt, archaeologists have discovered a burial chamber that may have held the mummy of a princess named Hatshepset. A wooden box inscribed with hieroglyphs was also found within the chamber. The discoveries provide clues that may help archaeologists determine why a pharaoh named Ameny […]

FLASHBACK: Gary Null documentary: The War on Health

     Here is a succinct review from Global Peace: ‘War on Health’ is the first documentary detailing and challenging the FDA agenda and its allegiance with the international Codex Alimentarius, which hopes to establish a monolithic food and health regime. Betraying its founding mandate to assure drug, food and chemical safety in the interests of […]

Immigration to save Europe from ‘degenerating into inbreeding’ – German finance minister

Immigration from neighboring Middle Eastern and North African countries would make Europe more solid, otherwise its population would have been left with no choice other than to fornicate with each another, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble claimed in an interview with Die Zeit. Germany to spend €93.6bn on refugees until 2020 – report “It is […]

Army Cmdr. predicts Syrian domination ‘ultimately all over country’

Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan who was speaking to the press after participating in a ceremony to honor Army Navy rangers in historic Liberation of Khorramshahr in 1981 on Wednesday in Tehran, said that as soldiers of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, “we would serve in any geographical setting under the command of the Leader […]

Jews overthrowing foreign governments

Jews overthrowing foreign governments   The United States has been involved in and assisted in the overthrow of foreign governments (more recently termed “regime change“) without the overt use of U.S. military force. Often, such operations are tasked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Regime change has been attempted through direct involvement of U.S. operatives, […]

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