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Aryans and the Global Mind

CONTINUING THE LEGACY OF THE AHNENERBE – AN “ANCIENT ARYANS” SPECIAL EDITION: (more to come from this author or others) Note- This special edition series idea was spawned from Patrick and Kyle’s past discussions on “Ancient Aryans” on Renegade Broadcasting, and Patrick’s blogs on Renegade Tribune. Note: Research for this blog post comes from […]

Soviet Jew claimed Jews hold secret to ancient alien origins of humanity

By Timothy FitzpatrickFebruary 3, 2022 Anno Domini Late Soviet Jewish mathematician Matest Mendelevich Agrest suggested in 1994 that world Jewry held a closely guarded key to unlocking alleged secrets of the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Agrest, himself a proponent of the ancient astronaut belief that human origins are extraterrestrial, wrote in an article of the November/December […]

Ancient Aliens 2010

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