Aryans and the Global Mind


Note- This special edition series idea was spawned from Patrick and Kyle’s past discussions on “Ancient Aryans” on Renegade Broadcasting, and Patrick’s blogs on Renegade Tribune.

Note: Research for this blog post comes from the book, “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization”, by Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D.

The idea that history is based on evolution of the mind may seem very radical.  It implies recognizing the internal shifts, with divine or metaphysical origins, as prime factors behind the course of human history.” –Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D.



Heinrich Himmler (NSDAP), chief of the SS, was an extremely educated man, and avid reader & investigator of ancient Aryan lore, Germanic traditions, and the primeval Teutonic past.  Himmler had a genuine love for his people which rivaled that of his idol Adolf Hitler.  In 1935, Himmler created an elite research institute within the SS that undertook the mission of finding lost Ancient Aryan artifacts.  He called it the “Ahnenerbe”, meaning “something inherited from the forefathers”.  Its purpose was to investigate & document the vast history of White Aryan accomplishment stretching back to the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age.

So much of this history, the story of White Aryan people going way back to a remote, primordial age, has been wiped from the memory of man.  For the first time in human history, there was an attempt to re-discover true Aryan origins, and to clarify Germanic pre-history.  No one nation has put such an effort before or since into re-discovering & documenting our prehistoric past.  Unfortunately, International Jewry put an end to the Ahnenerbe’s research.

It is up to us now to continue the legacy and do our own research, which Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting has been doing since their inception.

One of Himmler’s ambitions with the Ahnenerbe was to travel to Iceland to review the ancient Scandinavian myths & legends, and to examine and record rune stones and other Viking & pre-Viking artifacts.  Himmler believed there was evidence that the Aryan race did not evolve from lower African apes, but descended from the gods, as was described in the Eddas and other Icelandic sagas.  In the Eddas, it is clearly pointed out that mankind has descended from the gods, and that the gods descended from a lost race of giants.

This blog post “Aryans and the Global Mind” will document the theory, with supporting evidence, that indeed Aryans did evolve from divine inspiration on the quantum level, the eight-partitioning (compartmentalization) of the mind, that was gifted by the gods.  This download came around 3115 BC from the source (force) behind all Creation and effected the Global Mind of all races.  Aryans, meaning (in this article) the White Indo-European tribes that mixed with the Northwestern Hunter Gathers, have played a unique role to play in world history due to this global awakening.  Aryans created Western Civilization!  German Aryans also created National Socialism, which is the pathway leading towards a Golden Age that is also in alignment with the direction that the Creation is heading towards in its infinite wisdom.


Civilization in the world, along with literacy, writing, diversification of languages, money, measurements, etc., spontaneously appeared quite suddenly, in different areas, around 3115 BC.  This was also the time that the beginning of the Mayan Long Count calendar began, a time that the Mayans marked as the 6th Wave of Creation.

Pyramid building around the world spontaneously began at this time as well, most notably in Egypt starting in the First Dynasty, with perpendicular straight-line geometries that never appeared before in human engineering.  This is quite a synchronicity! 

It’s interesting to note that Egypt’s most spectacular building creations emerged soon after the institutions of its First Dynasty, rather than at its height or end.  There were no pyramid-building practice runs or earlier rudimentary prototypes.  The same goes for civilizations… they all appeared suddenly, with very little evidence of any preceding trial and error.


Thanks to our present understanding of Quantum Physics and its Holographic Universe, we are now beginning to realize that the human brain is a receiver and transmitter of information that comes from “outside” of the brain, in the Quantum Field.  What we see with our eyes is actually an illusion, a mind trick of the brain.  Our 3D (third-dimensional) world is actually just a waveform that our socially-accepted consensus reality, the collective experience, on Earth has tuned into, akin to a radio channel.  There are many channels on the radio dial and similarly there exists other dimensions of life which other beings in our multi-universe have tuned into as their consensus reality.

Real vision comes from the Pineal Gland, our 3rd Eye, which is the gateway to higher consciousness.  This sacred gland is our connecting station to the Holographic Universe.  Everyone has one; few know how to intuitively tune into its magical transcending powers.  The crucial role of the pineal gland is that it acts as an interface between mind and brain.  It is located at the center of the spherical geometry of the mind.

Quantum Mechanics has proved that an entire atom can simultaneously exist in two widely separated places at the same time.  We also share one universal mind, through which, one can astral project and travel outside one’s physical body.  This means that we have the ability to simultaneously witness, in the spirit world, remote locations & events that occur outside of our immediate surroundings, the room or place in which we are presently occupying with our physical body.  Time is another illusion created by our consensus reality.  The Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, in Germany, has demonstrated that time may not exist at the most fundamental level of physical reality.

From this understanding (Holographic Universe), it appears that geometric changes in the Global Mind that we all share are responsible for the introduction of perpendicular straight-lined architecture.  The Mayan Long Count calendar has been designed to mark the waves (Waves of Creation) and shifting (ups, downs and quantum leaps) of human evolution, which brought the world civilizations & pyramids around 3115 BC.

Human history is really the history of sacred geometry, because the geometric structure of the divine mind determines what we may create at any given point in time.  It is with the unfolding of geometric structures in accordance with the Mayan calendar that certain possibilities and limits for human creativity to express itself arise.  It is no wonder, then, that from the dawn of human civilization, the ancients have been using sacred geometry for connecting with the divine mind and they have grown spiritually through this connection.

Note: In Carl’s book, “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization”, there is a chapter entitled “Connection of the Global Mind to Earth”.  This chapter establishes that the human brain is in resonance with the Earth’s Atmospheric-Geophysical system and that the frequency of human mind states are associated with spheres within the Van Allen Belt and Earth’s inner and outer core, with the pineal gland being connected (anchored) with the center core of the Earth, a frequency of 40 Hz.

Note: Two good books on this subject is “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot and “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe” by Lynne McTaggart.


The First Father erected the World Tree so that the Light could enter.” -Table of the Cross (Mayan glyph inscription at Palenque)

The German word for “consciousness” is Bewusstsein, which means “the state of knowing with wood” or “the state of knowing with the Tree of Life”.  The Tree of Life may be regarded as the most widely spread “myth” of the ancient world, worshiped almost everywhere.  From this World Tree comes the origin of the sanctity of the “four directions” and the concept “as above, so below” or “as inside, as outside”.  The ancients believed that civilization was a creation, a gift from the gods, and emanated from the Tree of Life.

The World Tree energetically partitioned the world into eight segments as viewed from the top (polar axis) (North Pole) down.  The vertical and horizontal lines are cross sections of planes that creates four major sections aka the “four directions”.

Changes in the Global Mind around 3115 BC manifested the World Tree and its eight-partitioning of the world aka planet “Earth”.  Human beings in resonance, for the first time, with the World Tree became aware of the four geographical directions and the existence of straight lines, for the first time as well.  Based on this shift, the minds of people on Earth became a part of a global structure with metaphysical boundaries originating in the Tree of Life.  Pyramids suddenly arrived symbolically connecting the Earth to heavens.

Thus, the eight-partitioning of Earth created a hologram that human beings downloaded through resonance, which also established resonance with the eight-partitioned grid of Earth.  This hologram, or spiritual imprint, is what we call the mind.   This created a new mental order on a global scale.  Earth for the first time became covered with a grid that allowed people to orientate themselves geographically.  In addition, through resonance with this grid, people became aware of the three dimensions of space.  In other words, people began to organize their world mentally in relation to straight lines.  Over a period of a few hundred years, life became radically more structured and measurable than before and reality was perceived in a new way.

Note: No hard evidence exists of human interaction with extraterrestrials during ancient times, although universally most indigenous tribes have origin stories that deal with extraterrestrials aka Star Nations.  There are also talks of lost high-technological continents that sank below the ocean.  This may be true, but given the theory of the (holographic) Global Mind presented in this article, they would have existed after 3115 BC if they were human civilizations.  With this in mind, the migration travels of Ancient Aryans would also have begun around 3115 BC or later. 

Note: The eight-partitioning of the Global Mind has also served, in addition to other evolutionary factors, to create mental diversity between the human races on the planet. 

Note: No calendars were ever found that predate 3115 BC, outside of some megalithic structures found in the Neolithic age that might have prepared the way for them.

The Earth and myself are of one mind.” -Chief Joseph (Nez Perce)

Note: Indigenous ceremonies, myth and ritual practices share many commonalities, even though many of these tribes have had no contact with each other.  The eight-partitioning of the Global Mind, now explains this phenomenon.


Straight and perpendicular lines are hallmarks of civilization!  Yet, no straight lines are found in neither the cells of the human central nervous system or within our brains on the molecular level.  Straight lines find their origin in the global grid and not in the brain. Straight and perpendicular lines are abstract concepts not originally found in physical reality.  They manifested via human exposure to a new mental hologram that was activated at the beginning of the Mayan Long Count calendar.  At that same time, perfectly circular structures, such as Newgrange, Stonehenge and Avebury, made their appearance.

Note: The Mayan pre-Long Count Calendar began in 8240 BC, around the same time that the world’s oldest temple site, Gobekli Tepe, was constructed… and possibly the Great Sphinx.  During these Neolithic hunter gatherer times, and the times when giants may have roamed the Earth, rectangular structures, and near-circular formations, began to spontaneously appear along with stone Megalithic architecture.  Prior to that time, human engineering was limited to primitive circular structures, without comprehension that circles as a distinct geometric form in nature existed.  The Global Mind of the 6th Wave partially leaked into the 5th Wave towards the end of the 5th Wave’s timespan.  Human consciousness was very different from today.  With the 5th Wave, human consciousness had no boundaries and were in unity with nature.  Perhaps, in the Neolithic Age, coming from the 5th Wave, having few mental limitations provided the megalithic builders with superhuman insight towards erecting huge stone buildings.  For sure, a sacred act!

Note: The wheel is one of the most important human inventions.  The oldest wheel uncovered is from Slovenia which dates back to the beginning of the 6th Wave of Creation.  Some indigenous tribes today have never made this discovery of the wheel themselves.  They also appear to possess supernatural spiritual abilities that relate to 5th Wave Consciousness.  Is it possible that these tribes did not find resonance with the new Global Mind, although that new mind has existed since 3102 BC.



In India, the date for the beginning of the age of the Kali Yuga is 3102 BC, which is practically identical with the beginning of the Mayan Long Count calendar.  “Kali” means discord or contention.  The eight-partitioning of the Global Mind generated separation, which activated the dualist (good & bad) (yin & yang) global mind from which emerged a conflictual era when people experienced themselves separate from the divine.  In other words, unity with nature was broken.

The eight-partitioning also created compartmentalization of the mind, resulting in a left (analytical) and right (holistic) brain.  With this development, civilizations were able to establish diversification of labor.



The Great Pyramid of Giza, like other pyramids of its time, incorporated large numbers of frequencies, math, constants of nature (fundamental laws of physics) and distances (geographic or astronomical) known to us from modern measurements embedded into it design, such as the circumference of the Earth’s equator, the Schumann resonance related to Earth’s circumference, the sizes of planets, the distance to the moon, the gravitational constant and astrological alignments.

How was this possible without very sophisticated modern instrumentation?   Perhaps, the eight-partitioning download at that particular time around 3115 BC also included mind-blowing downloads of geodesic measurements and constants of nature that the pyramid builders incorporated into their design.  Perhaps they possessed at that time an advanced state of resonance with the Earth’s metaphysical grid and the new Global Mind that inspired them to build pyramids to honor the gods that gifted them civilization.

This understanding and desire to build pyramids, like the Great Pyramid of Giza, diminished as time proceeded forward in relationship to the energic wave of Creation that the Mayan Long Count calendar documents, which includes the concepts of days & nights and upward & downward swings in progress.  These movements create activity and change, instead of stagnation.  These movements also become patterns that are recognizable when looking at the past, present or pondering about the future.

It should be noted that the shift in consciousness at the beginning of the Long Count Mayan calendar did not manifest in an identical way everywhere.  Pyramid-building civilizations with systems of writing initially only emerged in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the region toward the Indus Valley, even though the eight-partitioned grid covered the whole Earth, and people everywhere potentially could be in resonance with the new mind.  Factors, such as population size, type and intensity of agriculture and especially natural environment (fertile river cultures), were determining factors.  Northwestern Europe at the time, for example, was not ripe for pyramid-building.


The structures and maps the ancients had made to symbolize the eight-partitioning very notably had a center.  In fact, only at the time of eight-partitioning did a central authority in the form of a monarch emerge.  This is most likely a reflection of the central point in the hologram of the Global Mind where the different lines in the eight-partitioning converged.  The appearance of centrally-organized nations based on monarchies was natural to people during these times.  Monarchs were perceived to be representatives of divine order, or even as gods.  They were important aspects of a new mental order.  Around the monarch’s authority, the system of rule was developed.


Civilized human beings came into existence with the 6th Wave of Creation.  The 5th Wave of Creation began 102,700 years ago.  Our prehistoric forefathers and foremothers had non-compartmentalized minds prior to the downloading of the eight-partitioning of the Global Mind.  Thus, “caveman” humans lacked a fully developed mind, one which had a consciousness very different from ours at present.  Change for them was very slow.

Primitive “caveman” art, which burst onto the scene 40,000 years ago, was a big step for human evolution that separated human beings from animals and hominids.  A belief in the afterlife emerged.  This belief means that human beings had begun to experience themselves as souls whose existence could transcend their physical existence.

Cavemen now had a soul, they were spiritual and emotional beings who were sensitive to subtle energies, which could now be expressed creatively.

Prior to the polarized eight-partitioning of the mind that occurred in the 6th Wave, the cavemen experienced unity with nature and spirit.  They walked without boundaries, and did not even recognize the shape of circles, even though they were living in a natural backdrop that was circular in nature.  Caveman art gave them a pathway to express their creative soul.

Note: Homo Sapiens in the 5th Wave, due to their state of unity with nature and sprit, may have not killed the Neanderthals.

350 caves with caveman art are now known in Europe, along with other art in other parts of the world.  Motifs, techniques and styles of these paintings and art have remained quite constant over the millennia, due to the low frequency of the 5th wave, which is 20 time lower than the 6th Wave.  The same style prevailed for tens of thousands of years.

Realist paintings of humans are completely absent, outside of some cartoonlike figures here and there.  The most common motifs are of animals, and they are drawn with a high degree of realism.  Primitive man at this time had not developed a very strong self-consciousness and ego.

The lack of landscapes in art at this time also indicates the lack of boundaries that would be necessary to provide the context for a landscape or a scene.  Art pieces in a scene appear to exist without context in a meaningful way to each other, they appear to float in space.  This was again to the lack of having a compartmentalized mind during the 5th Wave.  No signs of eight-partitioning existed during primitive caveman art times.

Not until the Neolithic era, 10,250 years ago, did context and landscapes appear in primitive art.  The Global Mind of the 6th Wave partially leaked into the 5th Wave towards the end of the 5th Wave’s timespan.  No cave paintings are known from Europe, once the Neolithic era came.  When boundaries and its components, context and landscapes, partially entered the minds of Neolithic man, humans began to change the way they created art (outside of caves) and the way they hunted.


Neolithic hunters created traps, fenced in the living quarters and utilized groups of hunters to encircle their animal prey.  The emergence of a mind with boundaries appears to have shifted the game entirely.  The extinction of the great mammals coincides very well with this late pre-6th Wave era.  The trait of aggressiveness was also inherited during this time as well, which aided the humans in the hunting practices.

In terms of sustaining the long-term survival of the hunters, these new hunting techniques may have turned out to be too effective.  Large numbers of mammals rapidly went extinct.  This is an example of how humans fell out of balance with nature.  The beginning of their partially compartmentalized minds seemed to work in their detriment.  As a result, many hunter-gatherer cultures were forced to turn towards agriculture for their survival.


Agriculture arrived spontaneously in different parts of the world during the Neolithic age.  The idea to create fields with boundaries for growing crops was again the byproduct of the Global Mind of the 6th Wave partially leaked into the 5th Wave towards the end of the 5th Wave’s timespan.  Similarly, the idea of fencing in animals for domestication happened at the same time.

Finally, when the Global Mind of the 6th Wave fully entered into human consciousness, intensified food production techniques prospered.  This facilitated the emergence of civilizations.  A surplus of food provided by agriculture was a prerequisite for the courts, priesthoods, armies and craftsmanship that would then emerge.



Note: Sun worship has its origin in the eight-partitioning and four directions of the Global Mind and its corresponding mythology.

The idea that history is based on evolution of the mind may seem very radical.  It implies recognizing the internal shifts, with divine or metaphysical origins, as prime factors behind the course of human history.  It is a preset plan with divine intentions!

Beginning with the 6th Wave of Creation in 3115 BC, humans became self-conscious and society shifted to an all-consuming focus on Good & Evil, leading to the rise of patriarchal religious structures, slavery and warfare.  The 7th Wave brought on Industrial Revolution, and the 8th Wave created the Digital Revolution of the 8th Wave.

The 9th Wave was activated on October 28th, 2011.  We are living now at this unbelievable historic time!  This 9th Wave is leading us towards an egalitarian world, a rising awareness of unity consciousness and access to the full power of all Nine Waves of Creation.  By its very conscious Higher design, the Waves of Creation at this time is creating the conditions that will soon turn Jewish Supremacy to a relic of the past.

Note: Perhaps, this may be the metaphysical reason why Germany’s National Socialist government was unable to defeat Jewry during World War 2.  The time was not yet right.  For more details on this concept, check out:

Our individual resonance with each Wave plays a role in the quality of our lives and how we must consciously work to resonate with the higher Waves.  In addition to becoming National Socialists we can become quantum activists in a holographic world by aligning with the 9th Wave.

The mind has come to dominate all aspects of human life, and through its measurements and comparisons, due to the eight-partitioning of the Global Mind, the human mind evolved mind had deprived us of direct natural experience, of the type we enjoyed during the 5th Wave.  The human mind prevents us with being present with what is and instead leads us to judge and evaluate it.

The 9th Wave now is seeking balance so that we can find unity with nature as well as build compartmentalized individual livelihood that finds synergy with the natural world. 

National Socialism as political and social movement seeks to find this balance as documented in many RT blog posts.

Check out these RT blogs for example: 


The Mayan calendar does not really tell us what will happen in the future, but instead indicates what frames of consciousness can be downloaded at any given time based on the Waves of Creation and the Global Mind.  We have the freedom to choose what to download.  By achieving unity with the divine, we may co-create the future according to the principle of “as above, so below” or “as inside, so outside”.

At the same time, Aryans have a responsibility to understand our role in past, present and future.  We have must never lose our connection to the gods & goddesses of ancient Europe, as well as our ancestors who built the foundations of Western Civilization.  The eight-partitioning of the Global Mind has placed us in a very special position on this planet.  We are the champions of individualism, meritocracy and technology via the Western World.  Our challenge is to defend our interest against International Jewry. 

We must understand the Western evolutionary culture of individualism!

Only by understanding what makes us different from the other tribes and races on this planet can we truly understand the Aryan mindset within the Global Mind.

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