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Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: "It's In The Cards For Sure… It Could Happen This Year"

 Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: “It’s In The Cards For Sure… – Freedoms Phoenix  Monday, Jun 22, 2015 Freedom’s Phoenix Newspaper Contribute Bitcoin […]

Micro-tentacles created so tiny robots can handle delicate objects

“Most robots use two fingers and to pick things up they have to squeeze,” said Jaeyoun (Jay) Kim, an Iowa State University associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and an associate of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory. “But these tentacles wrap around very gently.” And that makes them perfect hands […]

Canadian Senate Says No to Regulating Digital Currencies

The Canadian Senate’s Banking, Trade and Commerce (BTC) committee released its final report Friday asking the federal government to use a “light touch” in dealing with digital currencies. “We’ve heard, and we agree, that blockchain technology is at a delicate stage in its development and use,” the report reads. “This is why we […]

Russian Central Bank Governor: The Market Will Welcome Bitcoin

According to information provided last week to the Russian newspaper Izvestia, the Russian Central Bank will meet with representatives of the financial community to establish a position on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. A source close to the Bank of Russia told Izvestia that the governor might be open to cryptocurrency and that […]

More and More Warn That a Crash is Coming

Mark Nestmann Source Article from

Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow

Mark Nestmann Source Article from

Sixth mass extinction is here: Humanity’s existence threatened

There is no longer any doubt: We are entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity’s existence. That is the bad news at the center of a new study by a group of scientists including Paul Ehrlich, the Bing Professor of Population Studies in biology and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute […]

Europe ‘gives Greece ANOTHER £2billion’ to prevent banks closing as Tsipras snubs…

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Speaking of the pipeline deal at a meeting with top executives of global news agencies, including The Associated Press, which began nearly three hours behind schedule at around midnight, Putin said he saw no support for the Greeks from the EU. “If EU wants Greece to pay its debts it should be interested […]

The Forecaster – Martin Armstrong

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Global Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente On $20,000 Gold: "Here's What We're Forecasting…

“From Shanghai to New York”, says highly acclaimed global trend forecaster Gerald Celente,  “to stocks, bonds and oil prices, it’s swing time.” And while most retail investors around the world continue to pump their money into propaganda-built markets that include over bloated stocks and real estate investments, those in the know are preparing […]

‘Roomy’ Blue Origin Capsule Provides Incredible Space Tourist Experience…

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US Supreme Court strikes down laughable Gilbert sign code

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Signs Of Financial Turmoil In Europe, China And The United States

In Greece, a full blown bank run is happening right now.  Approximately 2 billion euros were pulled out of Greek banks in just the past three days, Barclays says that capital controls are “imminent” unless a debt deal is struck, and there are reports that preparations are being made for a “bank holiday” in Greece.  […]

The Economic Depression In Greece Deepens As Tsipras Prepares To Deliver ‘The Great No’

 Despite years of intervention from the rest of Europe, Greece is a bigger economic mess today than ever.  Greek GDP has shrunk by 26 percent since 2008, the national debt to GDP ratio in Greece is up to a staggering 175 percent, and the unemployment rate is up above 25 percent.  Greek stocks are crashing […]

"The Collateral Has Run Out" – JPM Warns ECB Will Use Greek "Nuclear Option" If

Stephen Lendman Source Article from

The Next Great European Financial Crisis Has Begun

Neither the Greeks nor the Germans are willing to give in, and that means that there is very little chance that a debt deal is going to happen by the end of June.  So that means that we will likely see a major Greek debt default and potentially even a Greek exit from the eurozone.  […]

IMF Humiliates Greece, Repeats It Will Keep Funding Ukraine Even If It Defaults

One week ago, we were stunned to learn just how low the political organization that is the mostly US-taxpayer funded IMF has stooped when, a day after its negotiators demonstratively stormed out of the Greek negotiations with “creditors”,  Hermes’ ambassador-at-large Christone Lagarde said that the IMF “could lend to Ukraine even if Ukraine determines it […]

Russia Continues To Dump Dollars And Buy Gold

The latest reports out of Russia show that is has cut its dollar exposure in half since January 2014 and appears to be accelerating its accumulation of gold: OUT OF DOLLARS (source:, U.S. Treasury): Source Article from

CO Senator Sonnenber says collecting rain water is "stealing"

The biggest newspapers in the state got behind the idea, as did several city governments and water officials. Conservation groups said it would cost nothing to carry out and would not take any water out of the streams and rivers that supply users downstream. Most rain soaks into the ground or simply evaporates, long before […]

Afghan Girls Can Now 'Participate in the Global Economy' with Bitcoin & Learning Code

Code to Inspire just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the first coding center in Afghanistan of women, for women, by women, with the goal of prepping Afghan girls for careers in programming. A chunk of the curriculum focuses on digital currencies like bitcoin. The girls learn by doing. Code to Inspire provides the […]

Have Gun — Will Travel: How to Fly With Your Firearm

The Vanguard was basically 36 hours of man skills — we learned how to humanely slaughter rabbits and chickens, land navigation, and even some self-defense techniques from Tim Kennedy. It was awesome. I’ll be doing a full write-up on it soon, so stay tuned for that. One segment of the event was a […]

11 Best Father/Son Activities

You can help mold your boy into a man you’ll be proud of by taking him on special father/son activities. These kinds of activities allow you to spend some needed one-on-one time with your boy. And they’re particularly conducive to bonding. Men don’t like to sit face to face and talk about their feelings. It’s […]

Church P*ssed Me off this Sunday

My wife and I attend a fairly large church where we live. Since we’ve been going (for about five years now) we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been a tremendous resource to my wife and me since we’re fairly newlyweds and several couples in church that we know are as well. The pastor is great, […]

Putin: Unilateral US withdrawal from ABM treaty pushing Russia toward new arms race

Putin made his comments at a key plenary session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The 1972 ABM treaty between the US and Soviet Union ensured that neither side tried to neutralize its foe’s nuclear deterrence by building an anti-missile shield. The US unilaterally withdrew from it in 2002, as the Bush […]

5 Off-Grid Reasons Everyone Should Be Growing Aloe

5 Off-Grid Reasons Everyone Should Be Growing Aloe   Aloe vera is a popular succulent plant with a rich history. Aside from its beauty and ease of care, aloe vera is often used as an herbal remedy. It’s no surprise that the plant is referred to as “the burn plant,” “the wonder plant,” […]

This Squishy Honeycomb Could Build Strong, Lightweight Armor

Armor can be light, durable, and effective, but rarely all three at the same time. New research from the University of Texas Austin has a new solution: a honeycomb shape, but one durable enough to reform after impact. Man-made honeycomb structures used in armor are light: the majority of the space inside them […]

African Elephants May Go Extinct Within The Next Decade

Credit: Majestic and wise, the African elephant is an iconic land animal revered for its gargantuan size and regal presence.  But did you know that in just the past three years, over 100,000 African elephants were poached for their ivory tusks? The rate at which elephants are being illegally hunted, according […]

PopMech: first color HD Earth video from space

From my report for Popular Mechanics, published today: They are billed as the first color HD videos of the Earth from space, and they’re startling. These shots of Boston, Barcelona, and London are rock-steady, with cars clearly visible moving on highways. Only the subtle swaying of buildings gives away the fact […]

Here's How You Can Buy a Russian Tank

A million bucks when new, $50,000 buys you, a civilian, a T-72. It ain’t Grandpappy’s antique war wagon. The T-72 is Russia’s main battle tank, the heavyweight, 45 tons of bad news with a five-inch gun. “Is” as in current, front-line equipment. “Is” as in 5,000 serving Russia right now. “Is” as in […]

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