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Windows BitLocker Hacked in 43 seconds!

A security expert has managed to break Windows’ BitLocker encryption using a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. It took him just 43 seconds to steal BitLocker’s master key and access a locked laptop. He claimed to have exploited a flaw in the TPM security standard. (For privacy and security, Microsoft products are not recommended.) See video: […]

Idiotic EU wants to Ban Internet ENCRYPTION! That means your Bank will be Hacked Easily

No encryption, no safety…. imagine doing everything online without any encryption. This is going to become a hacker’s paradise. Everything you owe will be stolen, your money, identity, everything. Hackers are all rubbing their hands at the sight of such dumb news. EU people who are pushing such low-IQ ideas should be sent to work […]

HACKED: Donald Trump Jr. tweets his father is dead and that North Korea is about to get smoked

(NaturalNews) Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account became the target of a cyberattack on Wednesday morning, Sept. 20, resulting in a flurry of peculiar and… Source

HACKED? F-35 mystery deepens after Pentagon refuses to answer questions | Redacted

Editors Note :- GPS tracker AD posted in order to assist rather than mock The Parasitical Pentagon LOL Hint – Once you have these new fangled GPS tracker gadgets you should never lose a $100,000,000  F35 again. Vassal state Taxpayers around the world would love to know why this basic feature is seemingly an optional […]

Police Contractor That Promised to Track Homeless People Hacked

Hackers have stolen more than 15GB of data from ODIN Intelligence, a law enforcement contractor which, among other things, recently had plans to track people experiencing homelessness with facial recognition. The cache includes a bevy of sensitive information, such as photos, reports, and other ODIN customer and internal data. In one directory called “gallery” are […]

FBI Bombshell: Bureau Admits It Has Seth Rich’s Laptop Containing Hacked DNC Emails

The FBI has finally admitted that it has in its possession a laptop owned by murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich, who is believed to have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks exposing the corruption and pedophilia […] The post FBI Bombshell: Bureau Admits It Has Seth Rich’s Laptop Containing Hacked DNC Emails appeared first on News […]

Woolworths says 2.2m MyDeal customers’ data hacked

In the third major corporate security breach in as many weeks, Woolworths is scrambling to contact 2.2 million customers of its MyDeal online marketplace arm whose data has been accessed by an unauthorised user using “compromised” credentials, the supermarkets giant says. The hack follows telecoms group Optus in owning up to data breaches affecting millions […]

Iran: State-run live TV hacked by protesters

Iranian state television was hacked Saturday by a hacktivist group while its main news program was being broadcast, Anadolu reports. A speech by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on the evening news was briefly interrupted with Khamenei's picture, surrounded by flames, next to images of Mahsa Amini and three women who were allegedly killed during […]

CYBER: Uber’s Been Hacked and Sim Swappers Are Getting Violent

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CYBER: Uber’s Been Hacked and Sim Swappers Are Getting Violent

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X Files Clip Predicts Hacked DNA With mRNA and Death of Millions

ACHACH (1814) I’m Talking To YOU #20 – The X Files Rense.Com Clip With Special Guest GiuseppeachitchcockJun 11In today’s show originally broadcast on June 11 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “The X Files Rense.Com Clip With Special Guest Giuseppe.””I’m Talking To YOU,” is an unscripted show covering a variety of topics, which is only available […]

Polish opposition duo hacked with NSO spyware, digital researchers say

The aggressive cellphone break-ins of a high-profile lawyer representing top Polish opposition figures came in the final weeks of pivotal 2019 parliamentary elections. Two years later, a prosecutor challenging attempts by the populist right-wing government to purge the judiciary had her smartphone hacked. In both instances, the invader was military-grade spyware from NSO Group, the […]

Dubai ruler hacked ex-wife using NSO Pegasus spyware, high court judge finds

The ruler of Dubai hacked the phone of his ex-wife Princess Haya using NSO Group’s controversial Pegasus spyware in an unlawful abuse of power and trust, a senior high court judge has ruled. The president of the family division found that agents acting on behalf of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who is also prime […]

Turkish Jewish Website Hacked by Antisemitic Cyber Warfare Group

A detail of the hacked home page of Turkish Jewish newspaper Salom. Photo: Screenshot. The main news website serving Turkey’s Jewish community was hacked by an antisemitic group on Thursday as an ostensible protest against Israeli military operations against Hamas in Gaza. The home page of the Şalom website was taken down by a group […]

President Xiden Hacked the Pipeline lol

President Xiden Hacked the Pipeline Intelligence contractor, Tore Maras announced on her podcast Wednesday that the “hack” of the Colonial Pipeline, which is the biggest gasoline pipeline in the Eastern US was ordered by the Chinese and covertly carried out by the Joe Biden administration. Recall that Joe recently lifted Trump’s ban on China inside […]

Hacked American Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers $5 Million In Ransom To Restore Operations

The hacked American Colonial Pipeline Co. paid nearly $5 million to Eastern European hackers to help restore the country’s largest fuel pipeline, according to two people familiar with the transaction. The largest gasoline pipeline in the U.S. is returning to service following a cyberattack that took the fuel artery offline for five days. The company paid […]

“Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline

“Gas Run Has Begun” – Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked PipelinePublished: May 10, 2021 Gas shortages are being reported in the Southeast of the US amid the recent cybersecurity attack that temporarily shut down one of the largest pipelines in the US. Colonial Pipeline Co. Chief Executive Officer Joseph Blount said the company was […]

Twitter Promotes Conservative Doxxing Article Based On ‘Hacked’ Materials — Violating Own Policy Used To Protect Hunter Biden

Twitter hypocrisy is on full display, and they aren’t even trying to hide it. After banning the New York Post and others for a factual report on Hunter Biden’s not hacked laptop last October – citing their ‘doxxing and hacked materials’ policy, the social media giant actively promoted a story from The Guardian on Friday which not only doxxes conservative donors to Kyle […]

Hunter Biden’s full of it — he knows it’s his laptop, and he wasn’t hacked

‘Certainly . . . could be,” Hunter Biden tells “CBS Sunday Morning” when  a reporter finally asks him what the media avoided asking him — and his dad — during the 2020 campaign: Is the laptop yours? But, being a Biden, he can’t help but prevaricate. “Certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was […]

Gab Hacked; Group Promises ‘Gold Mine’ Of Info On ‘Militias, Neo-Nazis, QAnon’

An Australian Senator has slammed the government there for agreeing to weaken a new law that would see Facebook have to pay for news content, after the social media site blocked all news, as well as government and emergency service updates in a blatant effort to cause chaos ahead of the vote on the new […]

Free will hacked: AI can be trained to manipulate human behavior and decisions, according to research in Australia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers in Australia have demonstrated how it is possible to train a system to manipulate human behavior and decision-making, highlighting the double-edged sword that is modern high tech. AI now pervades the vast majority of contemporary human society and governs many of the ways we communicate, trade, work and live. It also […]

Hacked emails allegedly detail how EU drug regulator was Pressured to approve Pfizer jab despite ‘problems’

    An alleged cache of email exchanges between EU officials and the European Medicines Agency show that the drug regulator was uncomfortable about fast-tracking approval for the Pfizer and Moderna Covid jabs, Le Monde has reported. The EMA has claimed that the contents of the messages, which were obtained by hackers and published on […]

Thai Dissident Claims to Possess Hacked Explicit Photos of King’s Mistress

A Thai activist critical of the country’s monarchy claims he recently received explicit photos of the King of Thailand’s mistress and shared some of the photos with the UK’s Daily Mail on Wednesday. Pavin Chachavalpongpun, a Thai academic and royal critic, told the newspaper that he received 1,443 images on an SD card from an […]

NY Hebrew School Website Hacked With Nazi Imagery, Leaked Personal Information

A Hebrew school in Long Island, New York, was hacked with neo-Nazi imagery that also resulted in leaked personal information about students enrolled at the academy. The school that was targeted was The North Shore Hebrew Academy in the Great Neck area. The Stop watchdog first tweeted about the incident, sharing a video of […]

NY Jewish school website maliciously hacked with antisemitic imagery

A Jewish high school in Great Neck, New York, has had its website hacked, with Nazi imagery and antisemitic slurs and songs uploaded to the site on Monday.The hackers maliciously manipulated North Shore Hebrew Academy High School’s (NSHA) webpages, and successfully gained access to students’ sensitive information.Stop Antisemitism shared the incident on Twitter. — […]

Long Island Jewish Day School’s Website Hacked With Antisemitic Messages, Nazi Imagery

A screenshot of the attack by Neo-Nazi hackers on the website of a Jewish school in Long Island, New York. Photo: Parents and students at a Jewish school in Long Island, New York, were left deeply shaken on Monday after hackers using the name “K-ke Slayer” defaced the institution’s website with Nazi imagery and […]

Feds: Men hacked U.S. sites after killing of Iranian general

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Discussion Of Wikileaks Or ‘Hacked Information’ Banned Under New YouTube Rules

Discussion Of Wikileaks Or ‘Hacked Information’ Banned Under New YouTube Rules Above photo: Posters of Edward Snowden, left, and Julian Assange, right. MintPress via Shutterstock. AP. YouTube’s decision to ban discussion of hacked information on its platform is unlikely to improve election integrity in the US, it will, however, continue to tilt the balance in […]

Hacked: Reddit Flooded With Pro-Trump Content – Investigation Underway

Hackers took control of over a dozen popular subreddits on and flooded the pages with pro-Trump content on Friday. According to Business Insider, “a Reddit spokesperson sad in an email that ‘an investigation is underway related to a series of vandalized communities. It appears the source of the attacks were compromised moderator accounts. We […]

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