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Sanaa delegation visit to Riyadh came through Oman mediation: Official

September 16, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English The Minister of Information in the Sanaa government tells Al Mayadeen that the visit to Riyadh is a gesture of goodwill by Sanaa. The Minister of Information in the Sanaa government, Daifallah al-Shami, confirmed on Friday to Al Mayadeen that the Sanaa delegation’s visit to Riyadh was not due […]

Yemen’s Ansarullah Delegation to Travel to Riyadh for Ceasefire Talks with Saudi Officials

September 14, 2023 Source: Agencies Yemeni Ansarullah’s and Oman’s envoys will head to Saudi Arabia on Thursday night to try to negotiate a permanent ceasefire with Saudi officials to end the war on Yemen, two people involved in the talks said. Ansarullah officials will travel to Riyadh with the Omani mediators, who landed in Sanaa on […]

Riyadh is steadily drifting away from Washington

In the areas of fuel and energy, Saudi Arabia follows a path independent from the United States. Recent anti-Russian sanctions and their secondary and tertiary consequences on the “daredevils” who continue to trade with Russia have caused the world economy to experience extreme instability. In the current environment, few players have been able to adapt […]

OPEC+: Riyadh to reduce oil output, others to extend previous cuts

In order to keep crude oil prices stable on the world market, the OPEC+ countries, including heavyweight Russia, have agreed to maintain previous production cuts through 2024, while Saudi Arabia cuts output by 1 million barrels per day. The Saudi cut, set to start in July,July, comes as the other OPEC+ producers agreed in a […]

Sources to Al Mayadeen: Riyadh to announce end to war on Yemen

7 Apr 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen Net + Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  Yemeni sources told Al Mayadeen that the Saudi vision for a solution welcomes an extension to the existing truce in Yemen for another year, in agreement with Sanaa, and reveals that it is almost final.war Informed Yemeni sources reported on Friday that Saudi […]

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has left the Kingdom to visit Greece and France

During his visit, he will meet with the leaders of Greece and France and discuss bilateral relations and ways to enhance them in various fields. He will also discuss issues of common interest. The visits come in response to invitations extended to Prince Mohammed and on the directives of King Salman who is keen to… […]

Washington’s Attempts to Approach Riyadh have So Far Failed to Produce Results

The current White House administration, in its blatantly Russophobic policy of imposing restrictive sanctions on the world’s energy purchases from Russia, is not only struggling to cope with rising global oil prices, but also with the record cost of motor fuel at US gas stations, despite its best efforts. Amid a lack of progress in […]

Iran to sue Riyadh for deliberate delay that led to ambassador’s death

Iran to sue Riyadh for deliberate delay that led to ambassador’s death – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Tuesday afternoon blamed some executive bodies in Riyadh for a delay in allowing Iran’s late ambassador to Yemen, who was suffering from the COVID-19 infection, to exit the Saudi-besieged country, saying Iran will […]

Tablighi Jamaat describes Saudi ban as ‘conspiracy’ to split Riyadh from Islamic world

Leaders of the Tablighi Jamaat movement in India have responded with anger to Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban the movement and describe it as “aberrant and perverse” and a “gateway to terrorism”. According to the Times of India, the group’s Shura (Consultative) Council said that the Saudi decision has to be viewed in the context […]

Lebanon says it wants dialogue with Riyadh, not demands about Hezbollah

Lebanon’s foreign minister said Saudi Arabia was dictating impossible terms by asking the government to reduce the role of Iran-backed Hezbollah, adding Beirut’s row with Riyadh could be resolved if the Kingdom agreed to a dialogue with the new Lebanese cabinet. “If they just want Hezbollah’s head on a plate, we can’t give them that,” […]

Riyadh Seeks US Help to Boost Missile Systems amid Yemeni Resistance Retaliatory Operations

28.10.21 By Staff, Agencies A report revealed that Saudi Arabia has turned to the United States to seek help in strengthening its missile interception systems, as the kingdom — which has been leading a protracted war on Yemen — remains unable to protect its soil against its southern neighbor’s retaliatory operations. Riyadh is seeking the […]

What is behind Riyadh’s Call to Rid the Middle East of Nuclear Weapons?

In recent years, Saudi Arabia and Iran have intensified bilateral talks to resolve existing differences to stabilize the regional situation. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the two country’s foreign ministries discuss some serious issues, not least of which is the situation in Yemen, where the countries support […]

Tehran – Riyadh: the Ice Seems to Break

Representatives of Saudi Arabia and Iran held a new round of talks in Baghdad. Iraq is now acting as a mediator to help the two countries ease tensions.  The meeting reportedly discussed “unresolved issues between the two countries in accordance with the previously agreed roadmap, including diplomatic representation between the two countries.” The Iraqi press […]

Washington’s Rift with Riyadh Grows Deeper

With Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House, several irritants have once again come to the forefront in US-Saudi Arabia relations. The Saudis are unhappy with President Biden’s intention to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in relations with Iran, as well as the US refusal to see the Houthi movement in Yemen […]

What Made Riyadh to Step Up its Military Cooperation with Moscow?

In 2020, Saudi Arabia ranked sixth worldwide in military spending, totaling $57.5 billion spent. Presently, the largest suppliers of weapons to the kingdom are NATO member states, and above all the United States. The US Congress has repeatedly called for an end to arms sales to Riyadh in the face of the ongoing war in Yemen, […]

The key to mending Tehran-Riyadh ties is in Saudi hands: former ambassador

The key to mending Tehran-Riyadh ties is in Saudi hands: former ambassador – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran’s former ambassador to Baghdad has said the key to resolve the disputes between Iran and Saudi Arabia is in the hands of Riyadh. If the Saudis, like Iran, have the will to mend ties, Tehran is ready “but […]

Saudia’s Economic Transformation Eyes Riyadh’s Regional Dominance

With Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’ already in full motion, it has become increasingly clear that the purpose of this massive and multi-billion dollar economic transformation plan is not just to transform and diversify Saudia’s oil-dependent economy; rather a cardinal objective of this plan is to restore Saudia Arabia’s central position within the Gulf/Arab world. Until […]

Iran: Tehran-Riyadh dialogue conducted by special envoys

TEHRAN— Speaking at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that special envoys for the governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia are conducting negotiations, adding the talks will continue until they reach a conclusion. “In order to clear up misunderstandings and disputes, two rounds of negotiations have been held between […]

Hezbollah is the main target of Riyadh’s ban on Lebanon

April 30, 2021 – 22:36 By Mohammad Ali Saki Tehran – Riyadh has kicked off a series of widespread economic pressures on Beirut to push the Lebanese government to exclude Hezbollah from the country’s political and military scene. Saudi officials announced on Friday an indefinite ban on Lebanese agricultural products under the pretext of a […]

Biden navigates through Yemen hell, but solution lies in Riyadh and Tehran

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The Khashoggi Bomb: What Does Biden Want from Riyadh & What Are MBS’s Options?

By Ali Abadi The release of the US intelligence community’s declassified report on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is more than two years overdue. Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. The sanctions announced by the administration of US President Joe Biden did not include specific measures against […]

Professor says Washington will be less biased in favor of Riyadh

TEHRAN – An American professor says that U.S. foreign policy during Joe Biden’s presidency will focus on human rights and democracy which can affect its ties with Saudi Arabia. “U.S. policy going forward will likely be more conditioned by concerns about human rights and democracy, and less biased in favor of Saudi Arabia and Israel,” […]

Biden seeking to review U.S. relations with Riyadh: analyst

TEHRAN – Reza Mirabian, an expert on Saudi Arabia, says the Biden administration is seeking to review relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Commenting on the challenges between the U.S. team and Saudi Arabia during the Biden administration, Mirabian dismisses a possible coup against the Saudi crown prince with the support of the […]

Saudi-led forces thwart air attack on Riyadh

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Riyadh hosts GCC summit, hoping to promote tourism, Qatar reconciliation

Saudi Arabia’s northwestern AlUla Governorate is hosting the 41st summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council on Tuesday, including top leaders from the GCC’s six member-nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. For more stories from The Media Line go to The governorate is home to several outstanding archaeological sites, […]

Ansarullah Official Mocks Riyadh: We May Help Protect Saudi Ports If Asked

By Staff, Agencies In the wake of an explosion at a Saudi fuel transport terminal, a senior Yemeni official has heaped heavy sarcasm on the kingdom over its failure to protect its ports, saying Yemen, if asked, may consider helping safeguard them. Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee, made the remarks in […]

‘Night of the Beating’: Details Emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton Purge

Source November 20, 2020 In early November 2017, nearly 400 of Saudi Arabia’s most powerful people, among them princes, tycoons and ministers, were rounded up and detained in the Ritz-Carlton hotel, in what became the biggest and most contentious purge in the modern kingdom’s history. The arrests shook the foundations of Saudi society, in an […]

Saudi Welcomes Abu Dhabi’s Betrayal: When Is Riyadh’s Turn? ترحيب سعودي بخيانة أبو ظبي: متى يحين دور الرياض؟

By Al-Akhbar Newspaper – Translated by Staff There is no need for much effort to deduce the Saudi position regarding the move of its Emirati ally to publicize its relations with ‘Israel’. What the officials do not say publicly is proclaimed by the court media and writers in day and night, to the extent that […]

Riyadh to fund, Taliban to protect TAPI gas pipeline

IFP- While Iranian officials maintain that it is unlikely the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) pipeline project becomes operational, Saudi Arabia has pledged to provide its investment and Taliban militants vowed to secure it. Taliban Spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the militants are ready to guarantee the security of TAPI Pipeline. Attending a ceremony to launch the project, he […]

Riyadh explores anti-Iranian embrace of Israel – but risks 1979-like blowback

The existence of some form of security and intelligence cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel is hardly news for Middle East observers. United by their mutual opposition to Iran and strong ties with the US, the two countries have plenty of things in common. Whatever differences people in the two countries may have over issues […]

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