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Obamacare is even more popular than the last time Trump tried to kill it

Donald Trump couldn’t repeal Obamacare in 2017, largely because it had become too popular. It’s even more popular now. Roughly three-in-five Americans like the 2010 health care law, even more than when Trump and Republicans in Congress came to the brink of wiping it out. And some of the Affordable Care Act’s better-known provisions — […]

Democrats Beg Joe Biden to Open Taxpayer-Subsidized Obamacare to DACA Illegal Aliens

House and Senate Democrats are pleading with President Joe Biden to open American taxpayer-subsidized Obamacare rolls to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Source

Biden made ‘Obamacare’ cheaper, now sign-up deadline is here

With the Obama health care law undergoing a revival under President Joe Biden this Sunday is the deadline for consumers to take advantage of a special sign-up period for private coverage made more affordable by his COVID-19 relief law. A strong close would bolster Biden’s case that Congress needs to make permanent the temporary boost […]


ANOTHER HIDDEN SECRET IN OBAMACARE ‘RFID CHIP IMPLANTS’ Tap News / Weaver NOTE: This may be old news to some, but few people are aware of this critical move by the Darkside for total control. —PHB ************** And now we come to it. On Sunday March 21, 2010 the Senate Healthcare bill HR3200 was passed […]

House Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Give Obamacare to DACA Recipients

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and 93 other House Democrats are urging President Joe Biden to give Obamacare benefits to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) recipients. Castro and the 93 other House Democrats signed a letter Tuesday pressing for the change as part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, claiming it would benefit […]

Trump-Nominated Justice Kavanaugh Signals Obamacare May Be Safe: Sever Mandate, Leave Rest in Place

(Yahoo News) — During the Supreme Court’s highly anticipated arguments over the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, the signal from the high court was that President Obama’s healthcare law may largely be safe. Both Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh — one of whom would almost surely be needed to strike down the entirety of […]

Nolte: Fearing They’ve Lost Amy Coney Barrett Fight, Democrats Plug Obamacare

Democrats sounded more than a little defeated during their opening statements on Monday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation. Rather than use this time to try to stop Barrett’s confirmation with the ludicrous stalling tactics we saw during the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh two years ago or to […]

Obamacare premiums set to explode again next year; Democrats who passed it now blame Republicans

(Natural News) Americans who have to purchase their own insurance have no doubt noticed that, since about 2012 or 2013, premiums and out-of-pocket deductibles have soared. Now, health insurers are set to dramatically increase premiums once again in 2019, meaning consumers will have seen their rates triple in a span of six […]

Obamacare repeal may not be dead after all: New repeal plan could bring wave of GOP voters to the polls

(Natural News) Perhaps you’ve heard the saying before: “Go big or go home.” Congressional Republicans may be prepared to do just that in making a new attempt to repeal Obamacare. And if they’re successful, not only will American health care get far less complex and far more affordable, it could drive GOP […]

Obamacare collapse accelerates as half the health care companies that once offered it have since dropped the unsustainable scheme

(Natural News) The main reason why Obamacare failed so badly is because it rejects virtually everything that has made America so great and prosperous. It rejects the concept of individual liberty, because the people are no longer free to select their doctors or their desired medical care. It rejects self-governance, because the […]

FINALLY: Senate GOP tax reform bill gets RID of Obamacare individual mandate, returning health freedom to Americans

(Natural News) Earlier this year the Republican-controlled Senate was responsible for killing off a full repeal-and-replacement of Obamacare, leading many to question whether the GOP was capable of leading and keeping key campaign promises. Now, however, Republican senators appear set to at least eliminate the very unpopular individual mandate, which forces all Americans to buy […]

Trump Announces End of Obamacare

Trump said, “Republicans are meeting with Democrats because of what I did with the CSRs, because I cut off the gravy train. If I didn’t cut the CSRs, they wouldn’t be meeting. They’d be having lunch and enjoying themselves, alright? They’re right now having emergency meetings to get a short-term fix of health care, where […]

Obamacare FAIL: Half of Americans can’t afford more than $100 per month for health insurance

(Natural News) A new survey has found that millions of American families who have been under severe financial strain thanks to skyrocketing health insurance premiums caused by Obamacare cannot afford more than $100 per month for a plan, though they are paying much more. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the survey — conducted […]

Beware the ObamaCare Industrial Complex

Beware the ObamaCare Industrial Complex By ns_admin The welcome death of GrahamCare does not mean that Congress will not address ObamaCare before the end of the year. Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee is working with Washington Senator and HELP Ranking member Patty Murray on an […]

After the latest Obamacare repeal failed, Trump says let’s try Rand Paul’s free market idea instead

After the latest Obamacare repeal failed, Trump says let’s try Rand Paul’s free market idea instead Rare September 29 2017 On Tuesday, I made the case that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was right to oppose the latest Republican Obamacare repeal effort, known as Graham-Cassidy, in the hope that a more free-market approach could emerge. Just […]

Obamacare Repeal Officially Dead After Cruz Says No

In a sudden change of heart that kills senate Republicans’ effort to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare before a rule allowing Republicans to circumvent a Democratic filibuster expires at the end of the month, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now saying he won’t support the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill. […]

John McCain Kills GOP’s Last Ditch Efffort To Repeal Obamacare

Third time turned out to be unlucky after all. Earlier today, Sen. Susan Collins said that she has serious concerns about the latest GOP bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare as Republicans prepare to vote on the legislation next week, adding that she was “leaning against the bill… I’m just trying to […]

GOP Two Votes Away from Replacing Obamacare with State Block Grants

Senate Republicans pushing to replace Obamacare with state block grants are making real noise before their window to act closes, insisting they are just one or two votes shy and that President Trump can nudge their last-gasp bill to victory. “We are thinking that we can get this done by Sept. 30,” Sen. Bill Cassidy, […]

Obamacare’s implosion rolls on: Americans face ANOTHER double-digit increase in healthcare premiums in 2018

(Natural News) The Obamacare fail will continue unabated into next year, following the failure by Republicans to fulfill their seven-year-old promise to repeal and replace a law that is single-handedly destroying American health care coverage and delivery systems. As reported by The Associated Press, tens of millions of Americans face a new round of double-digit […]

Free Market Alternatives to Obamacare

August 10, 2017 By Jeff Paul Why do car insurance companies charge more for teenage boy drivers? Because they pose a higher risk of filing an insurance claim from accidents, mud bogging, speeding tickets, etc. Insurance companies must manage a pool of risk against potential expenses. Riskier participants pay a higher premium. […]

Rand Paul and the Phony Holy War (+ a P.S. – Will Trump kill Obamacare funding, then recall the Senate?)

Have a look at this section from a Christian Post article titled 7 Interesting Facts About Rand Paul’s Christian Faith… Here is another such report from the Christian Broadcasting Network… Propaganda articles such as these serve to implant the Holy War idea into the minds of Christians as well as establish Rand Paul as “one […]

“Anglin is Right” – Majority of Americans are Sick of Hearing About Obamacare Repeal

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 31, 2017 A recent poll showed that the majority of Americans want to move on from talking about “healthcare reform.” Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what people want to do, because John McCain’s sabotage made it impossible for it to happen under any circumstances. I am still, to be […]

Cenk Uygur and Ben Shapiro Try to Debate Obamacare, Then End Up Deciding to Just Go Exterminate Armenians Together

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 31, 2017 Wow, what a nutty video. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and Jew weirdo Ben Shapiro went on stage at Politicon over the weekend to debate one another, and then about about 15 minutes into it, they started talking about Armenians. From then on out, […]

Obamacare "Repeal" Fail: Crushing Ignorance Wins All Round

July 29, 2017 0 Source Article from

ObamaCare Wall of Shame

ObamaCare Wall of Shame By jm_admin July 26 the Senate held a vote for a straight repeal of the ObamaCare legislation passed in 2010. The amendment, introduced by Senator Rand Paul, failed by a count of 55-45. Seven Republicans joined Democrats in voting down the repeal, with six of them changing their vote to no […]

Memo from WE THE PEOPLE to Congress: Get rid of Obamacare and pass tax reform or lose your seats in 2018

(Natural News) Memo to Republicans in Congress Subject: Broken campaign promises Ladies and gentlemen of the GOP, first and foremost, let me thank you for your service to our country. Being a political leader does not come easily nor is it without sacrifice, both in time and, for many of you, in terms of your […]

Trump Gives Update on New Healthcare Bill – May be Last Chance to Fix Obamacare

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Dollar Tumbles, Euro Soars After Obamacare Repeal Dies; China Intervenes To Halt Rout

Dollar Tumbles, Euro Soars After Obamacare Repeal Dies; China Intervenes To Halt Rout Zero Hedge July 18, 2017 Bulletin headline summary from RanSquawk The USD-index dropped to 10 month lows amid fading hopes of US reforms after Obamacare repeal effectively died last night. Soft CPI from the UK and NZ weigh on both currencies Looking […]

GOP Lawmakers Snap Up Surging Health Insurance Stocks As They Gut Obamacare

Mike Conaway–R–TX Editor’s note: I am sharing this article by The Intercept and did note that the title was one of the divisional left vs right fallacy. I am hoping that the reader takes into context that both parties are corrupt to the core and that A Sheep No More is not sharing this article […]

Replacing TrumpCare and ObamaCare with Co-opCare

Above photo: Ithaca Health Alliance. From Few are satisfied with America’s medical insurance system, but many resist abrupt change. Conservatives want smaller government and more individual responsibility. Liberals fear abandonment of the poor and elderly. Everyone dreads premium increases. Yet there is a path that’s both liberal and conservative, which relies on a genuinely […]

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