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France claims Iran’s space rocket launch violates UN rules

France has condemned Iran’s space rocket launch, describing it as “regrettable” amid Iran’s ongoing nuclear talks with world powers, news agencies reported. The satellite launch was in breach of United Nations Security Council resolutions, the French Foreign Ministry claimed. “These activities are all the more regrettable as they come at a time when we are […]

 AUKUS & Quad In Context: Australia Violates All Indo-Pacific countries

Australia has formed the anti-China AUKUS (Australia, UK and US) and Quad (Australia, India, US and Japan) Alliances to contain a supposedly aggressive China. In reality a US lackey, nuclear terrorist, climate criminal, serial invader and subversive Australia violates ALL Indo-Pacific countries. A detailed and documented analysis of Australian violation of all 81 Indo-Pacific countries […]

New Brunswick Violates Human Rights With COVID-19 Order to Ban Unvaccinated From Groceries: JCCF

New Brunswick’s new COVID-19 measures allowing grocery stores to decide whether to give access to the unvaccinated population violates fundamental human rights, says a legal organization focused on constitutional freedoms. On Tuesday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom sent a warning letter (pdf) to New Brunswick’s Minister of Justice and Public Safety Hugh Flemming in […]

United Nations: Forced Expulsion Of Palestinians Violates Law

Above Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP. UNRWA representatives say Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood are refugees who have the right to their support. United Nations representatives have denounced the potential forced expulsion of Palestinian families from their homes in occupied East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood as a “violation of international law”. Speaking from Sheikh Jarrah on […]

Federal court says Georgia BDS law violates First Amendment

A federal judge has ruled that Georgia’s anti-BDS law is unconstitutional. The ruling comes in response to a lawsuit that was filed against the state by journalist Abby Martin. Martin, a longtime advocate for Palestinian rights and director of the film Gaza Fights for Freedom, was invited to give a talk at Georgia Southern University […]

Exclusive Photo: Gretchen Whitmer Violates Own Coronavirus Orders at Dive Bar

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) hit the bar this weekend and violated her own coronavirus orders, according to a photo Breitbart News has exclusively obtained. Whitmer and a large group of friends, including her appointed chief operations officer, Tricia Foster, visited the Landshark in East Lansing, violating her restaurant orders in the process, according to […]

Biden Administration’s September 11 Withdrawal Plan Violates Peace Agreement

Biden Administration’s September 11 Withdrawal Plan Violates Peace Agreement By Black Alliance for Peace, Popular Resistance. April 15, 2021 | Educate! Above photo: Afghans have held rallies in support of the fragile peace talks. EPA. Members of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) criticized U.S. President Joe Biden’s announcement Wednesday that he would pull troops […]

RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law

RFK, Jr. to Rutgers President: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law Children’s Health Defense » Feed / Aerowenn Hunter Rutgers University last week announced it will require all students enrolled for the 2021 fall semester to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The announcement prompted Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to remind university […]

EU parliament shelves vote on Brexit deal after Boris Johnson ‘violates’ agreement

The European Parliament has shelved plans to approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal after Brussels accused the UK of violating the agreement. The trade deal between the UK and EU has been in provisional force for two months but needs to pass a vote in the European Parliament to become permanent. Leaders of the legislature’s political […]

Biden “Revenge” Bombing of Syria “Violates International Law”: Legal Sc holar

Biden “Revenge” Bombing of Syria “Violates International Law”: Legal Scholar We Are Change » Feed / John Titor A Notre Dame Law School professor is among the legal experts who condemned U.S. President Joe Biden’s bombing of Syria Thursday as a clear violation of international law. “The United Nations charter makes absolutely clear that the […]

Israel violates international law anew, again bombing Syria to further indifference of Western media

    Israeli missiles reportedly targeted Syria again on Monday. Usually carried out under the pretense of “targeting Iranian/Iranian-backed militias,” Israel’s strikes violate Syria’s sovereignty and breach international law. Israel’s military chief of staff boasted earlier about hitting over 500 targets in just 2020 alone. Bearing in mind that Syria’s air defenses do intercept Israeli […]

Arkansas’ anti-BDS law violates the First Amendment, says court

The Arkansas Times has successfully challenged a law that prohibits the state from doing business with companies that boycott Israel. The Little Rock-based weekly filed the lawsuit in 2018 and was represented by the ACLU. The paper takes no official position on BDS, but it launched the legal challenge after the University of Arkansas Pulaski […]

Biden Violates His Own Mask EO by Failing to Wear Mask For Photo-Op

CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida says that Americans should wear not one but TWO face masks if they want to ensure full protection against COVID-19. “Specifically what we’re saying is that two masks may actually equal the protection you would get from N-95 masks, which is considered the best mask there is short of […]

Pelosi Violates Own Rules in Impeachment Debate, Refers to Self as ‘Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) violated her own rules for the 117th Congress on Wednesday when she referred to herself as “a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter” on the House floor during the debate regarding the second impeachment of President Donald Trump. “I stand before you today as an officer of the Constitution, […]

Germany’s Anti-BDS Resolution Violates The Right To Free Expression

Above photo: A protest in Munich against Israeli plans to annex swathes of the occupied West Bank last year calls for sanctions on Israel. In 2019, the German parliament denounced the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement as anti-Semitic. Sachelle Babbar/ZUMA Press. German cultural institutions have criticized the German parliament’s anti-boycott, divestment and sanctions resolution for […]

Government inability to advance state budget violates basic laws, High Court says

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Authoritarian Jasper Violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom by Attempting to Silence Monika Schaefer’s Violin in Canada’s Jasper National Park by Prof. Tony Hall

To Dave Baker, I am dumbfounded by the decision you delivered on behalf of some unnamed authority. To Ms. Monika Schaefer you write, ‘We have considered your application for a busking permit in Jasper. In light of your recently publicly proclaimed non-inclusive beliefs we have decided to decline a permit to you at […]

Facebook confirmed to be a massive spy machine that records your conversations and violates your privacy

(Natural News) Facebook is once again at the helm of controversy and has been accused of spying on app users. A court case in California alleges that the social media giant used its apps to gather information about patrons and their friends — including reading their messages, tracking their location and even […]

Gainesville’s “Climate Mayor” Violates Oath of Office

In 2011, Lauren Poe serves on the City Commission and voted for the $3 Billion GREC Biomass generator Power Purchase Agreement . In 2017,  the tree-burning generator was purchased by the City in order to save money by shutting it down.  In fact, GRU was not in need of more electric generation at the time […]

Court Rules Facebook Violates Users’ Rights With Illegal Default Privacy Settings and Data Sharing

By Aaron Kesel A German court has ruled that Facebook is breaching data protection rules with privacy settings that “over-share” by default and by requiring its users to give their real names, a consumer rights organization said, AFP reported. According to German law, one’s own personal information can only be stored and used […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: Hariri’s Resignation Saudi Decision, Violates Lebanon Sovereignty

Marwa Haidar Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah raised on Sunday a number of questions regarding Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s surprise resignation announced from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, earlier on Saturday. In a televised Speech aired on Al-Manar TV, Sayyed Nasrsallah stressed that all circumstances surrounding Hariri’s resignation prove that the move was a […]

US military presence in Syria violates international law — Lavrov

TASS– Russia’s top diplomat recalled that under Barack Obama’s presidency Russia and the US worked out a scheme of steps backed by the Syrian leadership Washington’s military presence in Syria violates the international law, but this possibility for fighting terrorism should be used, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday after talks with his […]

At town hall, Sen. Warren says Israel Anti-Boycott Act ‘violates our basic constitution’

From EI’s great story: “… Challenge to Democrats Despite her reputation as a firebrand progressive, Warren has never been courageous on the question of Palestinian rights. Nothing symbolized her fear better than when she was caught on video hurrying away from a question about Israel’s assault on Gaza three years ago that killed more than […]

Indian state imposes ‘fat tax’ on burgers, pizza, other fast food

The Minister of Finance in Kerala’s newly-elected leftist government, T.M. Thomas Issac, proposed that the tax of 14.5 percent be levied on burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, tacos, donuts and other junk food. The need for the so-called ‘fat tax’ is explained by the fact the state currently has the second-highest obesity rate for children in India. […]

‘Joint decision’: US to deploy missile defense to S. Korea in face of growing N. Korea threat

“South Korea and the US have made the joint decision to deploy the THAAD system with US Forces Korea as part of a defensive action to guarantee the security of the Republic of Korea and our people from North Korea’s nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile threats,” the Ministry of National Defense […]

MUST READ: How the FBI and DOJ criminalize honest citizens while allowing the criminals in Washington to get away with treason

(NaturalNews) Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a must-read article because it describes in raw, naked detail how the FBI / DOJ justice scam really operates in America. Remember, thanks to the absolute corruption of Washington D.C., “justice” really means “just us.” In other words, the politically connected elite write laws and […]

[Repetita Iuvant] “In the Name of the Profit” ~ Erdogan’s regime is a rogue state, accomplice of the worst terrorist criminals [Extended Version 49min.]

Syrian Free Press #A stunning insight into the ISIS-Turkey oil trade. #Documents shedding light on the ISIS oil trade, jihadist passports with Turkish entry stamps, an instruction booklet – printed in Turkey – on how to wage war against the Syrian government, and more. #The areas surrounding Shaddadi has large natural oil reserves, and until recently, […]

Russian-Ukraine War – REAL TRUTH about CRIMEAN TATARS! (from Crimea, not Kiev or Brussels!)

May 19, 2016 Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, neo-nazis, Russia, Ukraine, USA Source Article from

President Rouhani officially welcomes Kazakh counterpart

Tehran, April 11, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani officially welcomed his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev at the cultural and historical Complex of Saadabad in north of Tehran on Monday. The presidents of Iran and Kazakhstan are set to hold talks on issues of mutual interest and ink several cooperation documents. Nazarbayev, heading a high-ranking delegation, […]

Leader thanks nation over elections turnout

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has thanked the Iranian nation for its massive participation in the country’s recent twin elections. On Sunday, the Leader expressed gratitude for the “aware and determined” nation, whose turnout at the polls displayed “the brilliant face of religious democracy to the world.” On Friday, Iran simultaneously […]

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