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Hunter Argues with Hooker about 1/10th Gram of Crack

This video was originally posted on this site on July 11, 2022 but it’s making the rounds again because of Hunter’s trial tomorrow. ### The contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account have allegedly been hacked by users of the 4chan community, who posted screenshots purported to be from his phone and computer on the website’s […]

Haley argues return of hostages shows Hamas trying to ‘earn favor’ with US

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she thinks Hamas releasing two hostages Friday means the group is trying to “earn favor” with the United States and warned the Biden administration to “be smart” and not weaken its response. “First I’ll say, two prayers have been answered and we’ve got 200 more to go,” Haley said… […]

Kari Lake argues world leaders taking advantage of ‘feeble’ Biden

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake said that world leaders are taking advantage of the U.S.’s “feeble” president amid fighting between militant group Hamas and Israel in a recent interview.  “[S]ome of these world leaders are like sharks,” Lake said in an interview on One America News Network (OAN). “They smell blood in the water.… […]

GOP memo argues direct payments to President Biden not needed to show corruption 

House Republicans probing the foreign business dealings of President Biden’s family members are arguing that they do not have to show direct payments to the president in order to demonstrate corruption.  The new argument comes as Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other Republicans have floated opening an impeachment inquiry into the president over issues revolving […]

DOJ Argues Florida Law Restricting Chinese Land Ownership Violates Constitution

The Department of Justice on Tuesday challenged a Florida law that bars Chinese citizens from owning land, asserting it violates federal housing law and the 14th Amendment. The department filed a statement of interest (pdf) in a case challenging the provision, arguing the Florida law restricting Chinese land ownership by U.S. military installations and major […]

Zelenskyy Seeks More Sanctions, Argues Russia Can Be Defeated In 2023

The Ukrainian president said he wants to see more pressure on Russia’s nuclear and banking industries. Source

Satanic Temple Argues Abortion Is a Religious Ritutal In Legal Challenge to SCOTUS Ruling

The Satanic Temple has joined Democrats in their battle against the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, releasing a statement that reveals they will fight in court for the right to “religious abortion.” According to the Satanic Temple, the killing of an unborn baby as “the ultimate offering to Satan” and Satanists should be […]

Vanderbilt University Professor Argues That We All Need To Eat BUGS

The Minnesota Department of Health has published a document which instructs hospitals to discriminate against white people by ensuring non-white patients have priority access when it comes to potentially life-saving COVID-19 treatments. Yes, really. The instruction is contained in a document titled ‘Ethical Framework for Allocation of Monoclonal Antibodies during the COVID-19 Pandemic’. It states […]

AOC Argues That An Iron Dome Over An Entire Country Would Be Completely Impractical, Would Block Out The Sun

AOC Argues That An Iron Dome Over An Entire Country Would Be Completely Impractical, Would Block Out The Sun WASHINGTON, D.C.—In an impassioned speech on the House floor, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued that we should not fund an Iron Dome because of its impracticality. “An iron dome would be completely impractical,” she said, banging on […]

Who Is Owed Reparations? Larry Elder Argues Slave Owners Whose ‘Legal Property Was Taken Away’

Larry Elder becomes exasperated when a conversation arises about reparations—that is, whether African Americans are owed some compensation for centuries of slavery. But the Republican gubernatorial candidate in California’s recall election does think a case can be made that slave owners deserve reparations.  Elder made such comments, which were first flagged by Resist Programming, on […]

Book Argues That HBCUs Are Owed Reparations

Above Photo: Getty Images. The idea of reparations for Black people as restitution for the slavery of our ancestors is a conversation we’ve been collectively having for decades now — many different points have been made as to when and how money is actually distributed. With Adam Harris’ new book, “The State Must Provide,” that conversation is […]

‘We Cannot Take for Granted’ Support for US-Israel Ties, Argues Progressive Congressman Torres in Interview

Congressman Ritchie Torres endorses Andrew Yang for his candidacy for Mayor of New York City on Morningside Drive in New York on January 14, 2021. Photo: Lev Radin/Sipa USA Despite a history of left-wing Zionism in the United States, a growing strand of anti-Israel sentiment among progressives is cause for concern, according to US Congressman […]

British Medical Journal Editor Argues “Medical-Political Complex” is Corrupt & Suppressing Science

The Facts: Kamran Abbas, a doctor, executive editor of the British Medical Journal, and the editor of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. He has published an article about COVID-19, the suppression of science and the politicization of medicine. Reflect On: Can we rely on government and government health agencies to provide the citizenry with […]

Yale Psychiatrist Argues That Trump is Worse Than Hitler

Just hours before the election, the Democrat candidate for Vice President has been blasted for releasing a video boiling down literal Communism into a cartoon and apparently giving her endorsement to it. Harris speaks over the animated video noting the difference between “equality” and “equity”: There’s a big difference between equality and equity. — […]

Chinese State Media Argues World Has Been Deceived By ‘American Values’ Of Freedom And Democracy

In an openly tyrannical propaganda attempt, Chinese state media attempted to argue Monday that the world has rejected ‘American values’ of freedom and democracy because they don’t work any more. Citing nothing more than a few polls out of context, and some leftist opinion columns, communist China’s state-run Global Times argued that the US and […]

As IDF Uses Gaza Protesters for Shoot-to-Maim Target Practice, Israel Argues Human Rights Don’t Apply to this “War”

GAZA CITY, PALESTINE — Israeli officials have deemed peaceful protests by Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip to be tantamount to a “state of war,” arguing that soldiers were well within their rights firing live ammunition at unarmed protesters participating in ongoing mass mobilizations at the eastern fence enclosing the besieged territory. In response to […]

Union Group Argues For Public Ownership Of Energy Systems

Union Group Argues For Public Ownership Of Energy Systems Above Photo: From As Bill McKibben and other climate leaders keep reminding us, the cost of solar and wind energy keeps dropping. They assure us that if government continues to incentivize private investment with guarantees of profitable it would make these renewable sources competitive with […]

Noam Chomsky Argues Trump Is being Used By The Deep State To Distract Us

Smashing the two party paradigm Noam Chomsky called out deep state democrats and republicans alike for using Trump as a distraction to destroy America. World-renowned intellectual giant and respected academic, MIT professor Noam Chomsky recently sat down for an interview called ‘A Continuing Conversation with Geographers’. In the interview, he clearly makes his thoughts […]

UK – Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

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Prince William argues for urgent depopulation efforts in Africa

(Natural News) Prince William recently warned that the population growth in Africa is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many species of animals to extinction. “Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 – a staggering increase of three and a half million people […]

Dublin: Landlord Argues with African Who Just Burned Down His Property

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DNC argues in court it had the right to rig 2016 democratic primary

     A lawsuit brought against the Democratic National Committee, and its former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, by Bernie Sanders donors has revealed the DNC believes its own rules of impartiality don’t apply, and they can pick whatever candidate they wish. “We could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they […]

Bush-Blair and The Great Iraq War Fraud

Photos: Zarif, NZ counterpart meet in Tehran

Iran, Russia, in ‘Strong Position Over the West’ in Syrian peace talks Moscow and Tehran have an advantage over the West in the Syrian negotiation process, John Sawers, former chief of MI6, said. “In… Source Article from

The Real Story Behind the Hammond Ranch Affair

America, thanks to the crisis at the Hammond Ranch and the stand-off at the seized Federal building in Burns, Oregon, we have a real opportunity to expose a major fraud being perpetrated against the American people and our collective futures. The globalists have left the door open to being exposed […]

France Moves to Make “Conspiracy Theories” Illegal by Government Decree

GR Editor’s Note The following text was first published in March 2015 in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks. In the context of the tragic events of November 13 in Paris, this analysis brings to the forefront the issue of freedom of expression and critique of the established political order and media narrative in France […]

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