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Meet the MO v. Biden Plaintiffs- Celebrated Psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty Challenged the University of California Irvine’s Vaccine Mandate, Then They Fired Him – Listen to Dr. Kheriaty Descibe the Current Totalitarian Threat Facing This Nation

Meet the MO v. Biden Plaintiffs- Celebrated Psychiatrist Aaron Kheriaty Challenged the University of California Irvine’s Vaccine Mandate, Then They Fired Him – Listen to Dr. Kheriaty Descibe the Current Totalitarian Threat Facing This Nation Source

‘Horrifying’: NC Child Psychiatrist Gets 40 Years for Using AI to Make Child Porn

A child psychiatrist in Charlotte, North Carolina, used artificial intelligence (AI) to make child porn, and he is now facing the consequences. In a press release Wednesday, the United States Attorney’s Office Western District of North Carolina announced 41-year-old David Tatum will spend the next 40 years behind bars, then 30 years of supervised release […]

Greek Australian woman sues psychiatrist over her transition into a man

A Greek Australian woman is suing her psychiatrist for professional negligence after he approved her transition into a man reported the Daily Mail. According to the news report, Jay Langadinos,  is suing psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey who approved her hormone therapy despite only seeing her for a single appointment. In an interview with The Age… […]

Jewish Psychiatrist Advocates Hypnotizing Children Into Taking Deadly, Experimental COVID Vaccines

(Jerusalem Post) As many countries get ready to approve experimental COVID vaccines for the 5-11 age group, “trusted experts” have been offering advice on how to get children to overcome their natural and healthy aversion to these vaccines — and one of those “experts” — a Jewish psychiatrist in Israel — advocates the use of […]

VIDEO: NYC Psychiatrist Who Fantasized About Shooting Whites Characterizes Them as ‘Psychopathic’

The psychiatrist who told a Yale School of Medicine audience about her fantasies of shooting white people characterized whites as “psychopathic” during a recent interview with former CNN pundit Marc Lamont Hill. Dr. Aruna Khilanani joined Hill for an interview on Black News Channel’s program Black News Tonight to address her statements, according to the […]

Rogue Psychiatrist (Dr. Cameron) Worked For Rogue CIA-Truth Is He Murdered Patients! Medieval Type Mental Asylum With Torture Techniques Now Used Globally.

[embedded content] Comment: See Comments on Dr. Cameron’s Development of Torture Techniques Which CIA Uses With Impunity Ever Since: Donald Ewen Cameron (24 December 1901 – 8 September 1967)[1] – known as D. Ewen Cameron or Ewen Cameron – was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association (1952–1953), Canadian Psychiatric Association (1958–1959),[2]American Psychopathological Association (1963),[3] Society of Biological Psychiatry (1965)[4] and World Psychiatric Association (1961–1966).[5] In spite of […]

Top UK Psychiatrist Who Warned Against Transgender ‘Treatments’ for Children to Be Disciplined

(The Christian Institute) — A leading psychiatrist who warned about the use of experimental treatments at NHS England’s gender identity clinic for children is now facing disciplinary action. Dr. David Bell, a former staff governor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust which oversees the clinic, reported clinicians’ concerns over patient welfare to the […]

Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering

Psychiatrist Blows the Whistle on Pandemic Fearmongering Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss From Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website: Story at-a-glance There’s an entire school of research within public health on how to frighten people, known as “fear appeal” Fear appeal is based on the premise that to successfully implement a public health measure, you must […]

Yale Psychiatrist Argues That Trump is Worse Than Hitler

Just hours before the election, the Democrat candidate for Vice President has been blasted for releasing a video boiling down literal Communism into a cartoon and apparently giving her endorsement to it. Harris speaks over the animated video noting the difference between “equality” and “equity”: There’s a big difference between equality and equity. — […]

Psychiatrist: Julian Assange Is ‘Preparing To Kill Himself In Prison’

A disturbing testimony from a psychiatrist outlines that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in such a bad state in prison that he should be considered at ‘high risk’ of suicide. The Daily Mail reports that Professor Michael Kopelman testified during an extradition hearing in London that Assange has “begun making preparations to end his own […]

Experienced Psychiatrist: Demons Are For Real And They Are Very Nasty

Three decades ago, had I seen a page labeled “Demons Are For Real”, I would have scoffed, “Oh Really!” by After working seven years in one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the world, eighteen years in the psych department of a large state prison, two years in the largest mental health center in […]

World famous psychiatrist warns that increased use of psychiatric drugs will translate to more mass shootings

(Natural News) The psychiatric/pharmaceutical drug industry is worth a staggering $80 billion a year in sales alone, and Washington is literally crawling with lobbyists who have seemingly bottomless pots of cash to smooth the regulatory path for drug manufacturers. This has led to a situation in which the politicians tasked with protecting […]

Confessions of a Renegade Psychiatrist

March 9th, 2018 By Kelly Brogan, M.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World I felt this sensation in the pit of my stomach – it was a combination of sympathy and anger – listening to Annie tell me, through tears, about her postpartum journey into the world of psychiatry. “Three separate psychiatrists dismissed me when I expressed […]

World Famous Psychiatrist Says More Psychiatric Drug Treatment Means More Mass Shootings Will Happen

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times Listen to this man. You’d better listen. His name is Peter Breggin. He is a world famous psychiatrist. He has been called the conscience of his profession. Here is an excerpt from his bio: “Peter R. Breggin MD is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former Consultant at NIMH [National Institute […]

Forensic Psychiatrist Suggests Gunman May Have Deliberately Targeted Conservatives

Forensic Psychiatrist Suggests Gunman May Have Deliberately Targeted Conservatives Says “CNN actually contributes to mass shootings” Paul Joseph WatsonPrison October 3, 2017 As the motive behind Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas remains unclear, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner suggested that gunman Stephen Paddock may have deliberately targeted conservatives and that CNN was partly […]

Once You Hear What This Psychiatrist Has To Say About Alcohol, You’ll Never Drink Again

Lots of people drink alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking alcohol has actually become almost as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Sure, if you can stick to just one drink a day or less than that you are not getting too many of the damaging effects from it but if […]

This Psychiatrist’s Take On Alcohol May Make You Never Want To Drink Again

Next Story There is so much to say about this widely used and accepted (and often encouraged) drug. I mean, the simple fact that it is indeed a drug is worth talking about. Few people consider alcohol a drug, and I can’t help but wonder why. Is it because it is legal in our society? Perhaps it […]

John Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness

A John Hopkins psychiatrist claims that transgenderism is a mental illness that should be diagnosed and treated accordingly.  According to Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former chief psychiatrist at the John Hopkins Hospital, transgenderism merits psychiatric treatment and not sexual reassignment surgery, which he says does not biologically change a persons sex anyway. reports: Dr. McHugh, the author […]

Macron Was Diagnosed As ‘Psychopath’ By Leading European Psychiatrist

French President Emmanuel Macron has been diagnosed as a “dangerous psychopath” by a leading European psychologist.  Dr. Adriano Segatori is a well-known Italian psychiatrist and psychotherapist who has undertaken an analysis of Emmanuel Macron that is both fascinating and credible, frightening in its implications for France, and frightening too for Macron himself, should he lose his self-control. […]

Hillary Clinton Demanded Election Officials ‘Shred Bernie Votes’

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is so desperate for the Democratic nomination that she ordered for the shredding huge numbers of Bernie Sanders ballots during the California primaries.  American Everyman reports: Back when I was covering the theft of the California primary by Hillary Clinton and her regiment of neoliberal DNC (New Dems) globalist sycophants, I said […]

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