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Biden’s response to the rightwing whirlwind in Israel — weakness

We are beginning to see how Israel’s next far-rightwing government will make things difficult for the White House through the de facto annexation of the West Bank. And the early indications from Joe Biden’s administration indicate a continuation of the weak responses that have characterized his policy toward Israel for decades. Source

Nolte: Obnoxious Movie Stars Reap the Whirlwind with HBO Max Bombshell

One of the few true stars left in the film business is director Christopher Nolan, whose imprimatur can open a movie and sail it around the island of a billion-dollar worldwide gross. He’s not happy at all that his studio, Warner Bros., has decided to premiere its entire 2021 theatrical slate on HBO Max on […]

The Anarchy: A Whirlwind of Chaos and Warfare in Medieval England

Anarchy. The word itself is enough to paint a stark picture of lawlessness and disorder, a picture of a world in which no rules exist – for anyone. Such a world is bound to collapse under its own weight, like a building without supports, it caves in on itself. But what happens when anarchy actually […]

‘Incredible dream’: €1.3mn cello returned to artist after whirlwind social media plea (PHOTOS)

The cellist, once voted instrumentalist of the year by her peers, had a Francesco Goffriller 1837 cello robbed last Thursday outside her home in the French capital. She was reportedly held up by a person wielding a knife. READ MORE: 400yo viola left looking like ‘car ran over it’ following Alitalia flight (PHOTOS) Following the plea, […]

The United States Should Listen To South Korea—Or It Will Reap The Whirlwind

Above Photo: From Gwangju, South Korea—On May 2, Moon Jae-in, the Korean politician who is expected to win next Tuesday’s presidential election here, issued a stern warning to the United States. Pointing to the escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States, he told The Washington Post that South Korea must “take the lead on matters on […]

Close Guantanamo and Return It to Cuba

President Obama has the constitutional power to shut down the prison there and return Guantanamo to Cuba. Obama has yet to fulfill the promise he made in his January 22, 2009 executive order to shutter Guantanamo “no later than one year from the date of this order.” Any individuals remaining there at the time of […]

Goldberg says the root of the conflict is the Palestinians’ anti-Jewish ‘narrative’

Thanks for your astute comments, Krauss and bintbiba. The “Palestinian narrative” was never about the creepy manufactured imaginings of this Israeli prison guard. Goldberg’s only purpose has been to bury the truth and to deny the Palestinians any narrative and their belonging in their own land. For the gazillionth time, there’s no such thing as […]

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