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Melbourne’s Adass Yisroel is not supplying chaplaincy services for Malka Leifer.

Browse > Home / News / Melbourne’s Adass Yisroel is not supplying chaplaincy services for Malka Leifer. January 29, 2021 by J-Wire Read on for article J-Wire understands that whereas Adass Yisroel is a member of  Jewish Prison Chaplaincy Victoria each prison has its chaplain and there is a chaplain assigned to women’s prisons. Correction Services […]

Israel’s Top Aerospace Company Signs Two Deals Supplying Drone Systems to Undisclosed Asian Country

A US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drone sits in a hangar, at Amari Air Base, in Estonia, July 1, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Janis Laizans / File. CTech – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed two deals regarding its Heron MK II UAV systems, valued at tens of millions of dollars. The deals, which will […]

COMMENTARY: Red Russia Is Supplying North Korea With Hydrogen Bombs And ICBM Supplies And Technology

Events are proving to us every day that there are no real efforts made by governments in order to achieve peace. People are still confused when it comes to knowing who the enemy is. It is Communists around the world who are working on destroying us all. The two sides are EVIL […]

America Continues Supplying Anti-Syria Terrorists with Weapons

America Continues Supplying Anti-Syria Terrorists with Weapons by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Washington didn’t wage war on Syria to quit. US cooperation with Russia on resolving years of conflict is more illusion than real. On Thursday, Rex Tillerson and Sergey Lavrov discussed Syria by phone, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement saying: […]

Red Russia Is Supplying North Korea With Hydrogen Bombs and ICBM Supplies and Technology

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Shortly after Washington ordered Moscow to close its consulate in San Francisco and annexes in DC and NY, Kim Jong Un declared that he has hydrogen bombs and North Korea detonated a powerful nuclear device. Red Russia had threatened a mighty response. It came from Red Russia’s proxy State North Korea. Red […]

Mattis mulls supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons after visit

     The US is considering supplying lethal arms to Ukraine, US Defense Secretary James Mattis has stated during a visit to Kiev. Washington has also agreed to supply Ukraine with an additional $175 million worth of equipment. “I would also point out that on defensive lethal weapons – we are actively reviewing it,” Mattis said […]

Syria Accuses US, UK Of Supplying Toxic Agents to Terrorist Groups

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has accused the United Stated and Britain of supplying toxic chemical agents to terrorist groups operating in the war torn country. On Wednesday the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that toxic agents found in Aleppo and Damascus were produced by one British and two American companies. According to Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minsiter Faisal […]

US, Britain, Their Regional Allies Violate CWC by Supplying Terrorists in Syria with Toxic Agents

Local Editor Syria accused the US, UK and their allies are supporting terrorists in the war-torn Arab country by supplying them with toxic agents and other kinds of weapons. During a press conference in the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s main office in the capital Damascus, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Mekdad said on Wednesday that toxic […]

EU funds firm supplying Israel with banned cluster weapons

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 10 August 2017 A boy disabled by a cluster bomb pictured in August 2007 outside his house in Rashidiya Palestinian refugee camp, near Tyre. A year earlier Israel fired more than a million cluster munitions in Lebanon. Guillermo Valle Sipa Press The European Union is giving millions of dollars of “research” funding […]

It’s the USA supplying the Taliban with weapons, not Russia

US Accusing Russia of Arming the Taliban, but They’re Awash in US Weapons Russia is not an arms supplier for the Taliban, but the US is Last week the CNN published a surreal story where it rolled out half a dozen battered AK-47s as “exclusive” evidence that Russia “may be arming the Taliban“. Except of course the AK-47 […]

Qatar’s Approach to Refugees and Security in the Middle East, Supplying Weapons to Jihadists in Syria


Never Forget the Accounts of Air Defense Failures on 9/11

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about 9/11 is that people often ask us to “Never Forget” while at the same time never learning, let alone remembering, anything about the crimes. This is a beautiful example of Orwell’s concept of Doublethink in which citizens covet their own unconsciousness in order to avoid acknowledging uncomfortable facts. […]

Texas Parents Are Refusing To Vaccinate Their Kids En Masse

Parents in Texas are protesting in huge numbers against the vaccination industry, and refusing to have to vaccinate their children en masse.  Denton County vaccine exemption rate has soared to 78%, according to data from The Immunization Partnership. reports: In neighboring Tarrant County, they’ve had more than 4,000 exemptions filed in the past year and […]

How Obama Order Opened Border

Barack Obama’s Executive Action on immigration, which provided a free break for nonwhite invaders who entered the US before January 1, 2014, created an “open border” situation with Mexico, the head of the National Border Patrol Council (NPBC) told the US Congress. NPBC president Brandon Judd told the House Judiciary Committee that Border Patrol […]

You Will Never Look at Oreos the Same Way Again After Reading This

You may love Oreos, whether dunked in milk, crumbled over ice cream, or crumbled into pie crust. Despite the vast ways you’ve learned to enjoy the cream-filled sandwich cookie, have you ever stopped to think about its rich history? An average of 3 billion consumers buy Oreo packages each year, making Oreo the top-selling cookie of […]

Obama Wants Access To Digital Devices To Prevent Terrorism & Tax Cheats

President Barack Obama told a Texas audience that mobile devices should be built such a way that the government can access them in order to prevent terrorist attacks and as a means to enforce tax laws. Speaking during a Q&A session, Obama declined to comment specifically on the efforts by the FBI requiring Apple’s help […]

Chemical weapons used in Syria by USA supported terrorist arrive via Turkey and originate from Saudi

US Supported Terrorists Using Chemical Weapons in Syria by Stephen Lendman Kurdish forces blamed a coalition of US/Turkish/Saudi-backed terrorist groups, including Ahrar ash-Sham, al-Jabha al-Shameea, Brigade of Sultan Myrad, Sultan Faith Battalions, Fa Istaqim Kama Omirt Batallions, Nour ad-Deen Zinki Battalions, 13th Brigade, al-Fau al-Oal, 166th Battalion, and Abu Omara Battalions.  Filed under: Al Qaeda, […]

The Truth Behind The Oft-Quoted Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The Truth Behind The Oft-Quoted Syrian Observatory For Human Rights The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is quoted as though it were the most authoritative source of information to be found in Syria. Such “luminaries” as the Huffington Post, VICE, Reuters, CNN ,Fox and nearly all of  the mainstream media have been caught citing this website verbatim, without so much as […]

Netanyahu’s Big Lie About Hitler and the Mufti intended to demonize Arabs

Netanyahu Young to Old: The Purpose of His Big Lie About Hitler and the Mufti Netanyahu’s big lie serves to demonize the Arabs to justify Israel’s repression of the Palestinians. A generation ago, young Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, appeared on numerous American news telecasts, and I recall thinking what a […]

Opposition Candidate’s Alleged Killer Identified as Mafia Member

Lucas Koerner (VA) : Venezuelan authorities have identified a member of the criminal gang “El Maloni” as a prime suspect in last week’s murder of opposition parliamentary candidate and trade union leader Luis Manuel Diaz.  Oscar de Jesús Noguera Hernández, alias “El Pipi”, prime suspect in the murder of opposition politician and union leader Luis […]

Explosive device found in van outside airport in Bulgarian capital – official

“An explosive device had been found in the van,” Sofia airport spokeswoman Daniela Veleva told Reuters, adding that police are still trying to dispose of the device. No blast has taken place, and there are no injuries. Bulgarian police previously evacuated a section of the airport’s Terminal 1 while bags seen in the van were checked. […]

SouthFront: 24.11.2015 Crisis News – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

Americans Irrationally Fear Terrorist Attacks

State-sponsored/scoundrel media hyped fear convinces most people of nonexistent dangers. Early November Gallup datashowed only 3% of Americans called terrorism the nation’s top problem – polling done before the Paris attacks, compared to 46% in October 2001. Expect a much higher fear level when new polling results are available. Four earlier 2015 Gallup […]

NYPD Conducts ‘Active Shooter Drills’ In Subway Station

Federal and local law enforcement agencies just so happen to be conducting various military drills along New York City’s subway system – on the day that the FBI are on high alert for potential ISIS attacks. The NYPD are conducting ‘active-shooter’ drills across Lower Manhattan.  This is the first time the NYPD have held such […]

The Dawn Knocking

Renegade Broadcasting The latest radio shows from our sister site. Source Article from 00

ISIL terrorists in Iraq well supplied with American armoured vehicles & weapons

Islamic State trains with American armored vehicles in Iraq The Islamic State has released photographs detailing the training of its so-called “Third Armored Brigade” in Iraq’s northern province of Ninewa. The images show the use of American-made Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, as well as old Soviet armor. In addition to displaying the jihadists training with these vehicles, […]

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