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Israeli mercenary fighting for Ukraine taken captive by LPR

1 Jul, 2022 Source: Israeli ,media By Al Mayadeen English  “Israel’s” Foreign Ministry confirms that an Israeli mercenary fighting alongside Ukrainian forces was captured by LPR forces. An Israeli mercenary fighting for the Ukrainian armed forces was captured during fighting by LPR forces. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed on Thursday that it was aware of the […]

Remains of Roman Mercenary and His Sword Unearthed in Wales

Significant historical finds have been unearthed at Five Mile Lane in Wales that astonished the workers undertaking a road improvement project there – a Roman mercenary buried with his sword, Celtic farming tools from the Iron Age, ancient burial sites, and the remnants of a group of round houses, reports Barry and District News UK […]

CNN’s Leading People To Their Doom By Promoting Mercenary Propaganda For Ukraine

4 MARCH 2022 By Andrew Korybko Source CNN’s information warfare piece that was analyzed in this analysis is a perfect example of warmongering propaganda and should be universally condemned by all peace-loving people across the world. The US-led West is unprecedentedly censoring all contrarian narratives that contradict Washington’s “politically correct” interpretation of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine on the basis […]

El Cid: Christian Champion or Mercenary for the Moors?

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, more commonly known as El Cid, was an 11 th century Spanish knight, military leader and mercenary. This larger-than-life-figure is celebrated as a champion of Christianity during the  Spanish Reconquista . While its often hard to separate fact from fiction, the reality of his life was rather more complex. After being exiled […]

Sanction the Axis of Mercenary and Terrorist Evil: Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia

Credit Azerbaijan deployed thousands of mercenaries in last year’s 44-day war that it and Turkey waged against Artsakh/Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia. Azerbaijan thereby flagrantly violated the UN’s International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries (UNMERC) which it signed in 1997. Forty-six countries have signed UNMERC including Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, New […]

Captured Syrian mercenary: ‘We were ORDERED by Azerbaijan to Slaughter every Armenian in the Village’

Home » Crimes, Middle East, Wars / Conflicts » Captured Syrian mercenary: ‘We were ORDERED by Azerbaijan to Slaughter every Armenian in the Village’     A captured Syrian mercenary who was fighting for the Azerbaijani military against Artsakh has testified how he, along with hundreds others, were recruited and sent through Turkey. Yusuf Alaabet […]

US Mercenary Exposes Trump Administration Links To Abortive Venezuela Invasion

Above photo: US mercenaries Airan Berry (circled at top) and Luke Denman (bottom) after being captured in Venezuela. Senior Trump administration officials were in on the planning of and offered assistance to the abortive May 3, 2020, invasion of Venezuela carried out by a mercenary band that included at least two former US special forces […]

Evidence Of Viking Mercenary District Found Near Istanbul

Archaeologists in Turkey have found what they believe to be a Viking mercenary district near Istanbul. The area dates back to the Middle Ages when Istanbul was known as Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire . The discoveries are providing more evidence on the role of Viking mercenaries in the Byzantine […]

The US White House’s mercenary connection

By Lawrence Davidson The United Nations Mercenary Convention When the United Nations General Assembly met in December 1989, one of its most important achievements was passage of the Mercenary Convention – the “International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries”. The convention was subsequently ratified by 35 countries and went into effect […]

Blackwater Founder Wants to Provide a “Turn Key” Mercenary Air Force for Afghanistan

Blackwater Founder Wants to Provide a “Turn Key” Mercenary Air Force for Afghanistan August 6th, 2017 Via: The Drive: Though a debate remains over the exact reasons why, it’s increasingly widely accepted that the United States and its allies are not winning the fight […]

Judges Toss Murder Conviction of Blackwater Mercenary Who Killed 14 Unarmed Civilians

Three former mercenaries who killed and injured 31 unarmed Iraqis in Nisour Square will be resentenced, and a fourth may be retried. (COMMONDREAMS) — A federal appeals court on Friday threw out lengthy prison sentences of three former operatives for private mercenary firm Blackwater Worldwide—and ordered a retrial for a fourth operative […]

James Le Mesurier: The British Mercenary Who Founded The White Helmets

Whitney WebbMint Press Over the past two years, enlightening information has been revealed that thoroughly and unequivocally debunks the “humanitarianism” of the White Helmets in Syria, sometimes referred to as the Syrian Civil Defense. Since they were founded in 2013, much of Western media has sought to elevate the White Helmets as the “bravest” and […]

James Le Mesurier: The Former British Mercenary Who Founded The White Helmets

British ex-mercenary, and founder of the White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, pictured in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo: Twitter/James Le Mesurier) Over the past two years, enlightening information has been revealed that thoroughly and unequivocally debunks the “humanitarianism” of the White Helmets in Syria, sometimes referred to as the Syrian Civil Defense. Since they were founded in […]

Mercenary Army to Fix Afghanistan?

Mercenary Army to Fix Afghanistan? July 19th, 2017 Oh sure! Via: Defense One: Here’s a crazy idea floating around Washington these days, outlandish even by today’s outlandish standards: The United States should hire a mercenary army to “fixâ€� Afghanistan, a country where we’ve been […]

SAA REPORTS: Syrian Arab Army kills many Daesh mercenary-terrorists, destroys their fortifications and weaponry in Deir Ezzor

Source (15/5/2017) ~ Syrian Arab Army units operating in Deir Ezzour city killed several Daesh (ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State of apes) mercenary-terrorists, destroyed their bulldozers, heavy vehicles and weaponry in the southwest of the city. Local Syrian News Agency reporters said that Syrian Army’s air raids and tanks’ fire on Monday targeted fortifications of Daesh in the […]

SWAT team kills suspect who took hostages at Amarillo, Texas Walmart, investigators say

A SWAT team shot and killed a suspect who took hostages at a Walmart in Amarillo, Texas Tuesday afternoon, investigators confirmed. The Randall County Sheriff’s Office announced the gunman was dead. City officials first reported an “active shooter incident” at 12:30 p.m. local time.   We do consider this a work-place […]

Tunisia Reinforced Border to Libya to Counter Islamist Threat and Trafficking

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Tunisia has reinforced its border to Libya with a 200 km long trench and barrier. Electronic monitoring systems will soon be deployed. The barrier is meant to prevent the militants from the Islamic State and others to gain a foothold in Tunisia, said the Defense Ministry. The barrier may also help […]

Israeli Media: S. Nasrallah Mocked Zionist Army, Announced Opening Golan Front

Local Editor Zionist media outlets devoted a long time to interpret Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s speech, expressing the Israeli’s augmenting fear from the party’s response to assassination of martyr Samir Kuntar. The Israeli analysts considered that, despite the Israeli threats, Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech confirmed Hezbollah’s willing to revenge Kuntar’s martyrdom, and that the […]

Egypt’s Environment Police crack down on Poaching in Nasser Lake

TCP : The Environment and Water Bodies Police, in coordination with the armed forces, have seized some 813 poachers in a wide crackdown on Nasser Lake in southern Egypt, Youm7 reported Sunday. Nasser Lake As part of the security campaign, a number of people who escaped judicial verdicts were arrested; besides, some 2.5 tons of […]

War Over the History of South Korea

Konstantin Asmolov (NEO) : The political forces in the Republic of Korea continue a bitter dispute over the Ministry of Education decision to transition to a unified national history textbook for intermediate and higher school levels. Formally, from 2017 the national history will be taught in the Republic of Korea by a single textbook, the content […]

More Stabbing Attacks Spread More Fear in Occupied Teritorries

Local Editor Three new stabbings in al-Quds (Jerusalem) and a car attack spread more fear among Israelis on Monday as Palestinian Foreign Minister warns the Zionist entity of a third Intifada. In Monday’s first stabbing, an 18-year-old Palestinian identified as Mustafa al-Khatib attacked a policeman with a knife at an entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City […]

Qatari Hollywood And The Mercenary Invasion of Tripoli

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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