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Russia Says Transport Plane Has Crashed With 65 Ukrainian POWs On Board

All those aboard were killed, Russia said. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the crash. Source

Confidence in Institutions has crashed

First published January 6, 2024 Gallup has been running this poll since 1973, though today is the first time I saw it. It shows the precipitous decline in public trust since I was a kid 50 years ago. It is so shocking I had to be sure you saw it. I will gloss it for […]

Russia: Mercenary Leader Prighozin Was Aboard Plane That Crashed, Leaving No Survivors

The crash also comes after Russian media reported that a top general linked to Prigozhin was dismissed from his position as commander of the air force. Source

Wagner mercenary boss Yevgeny Prigozhin aboard crashed plane, says Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has so far remained silent about his death. Source

Ukraine hits major Russian air base a day after kamikaze drone crashed down just 68 miles from the Kremlin

Ukraine is suspected to have struck a major Russian air base in Yeysk after massive explosions at the site, in yet another attack deep behind Moscow’s frontlines. Russian war channel Rybar admitted a hit on Telegram, claiming it was by a Ukrainian long range Tu-141 Strizh drone. Ukrainian sources also claimed the strike at the […]

Russia claims drone crashed in Moscow region was targeting civilian infrastructure

Russia claims a drone crashed in its Moscow region amid fears of Ukrainian attacks in the country Source

NASA confirms half-ton meteor crashed in South Texas

NASA confirms half-ton meteor crashed in South Texas Home video surveillance captures sonic boom from meteor A nearly 1,000-pound meteor measuring two feet wide crashed into South Texas on Wednesday, according to reports.Fox station KDFW in Dallas reported that NASA confirmed the meteor broke apart as it fell through the atmosphere to its resting place […]

The US stops looking for crashed UFOs

    According to the New York Times, the US has given up trying to locate the two unidentified flying objects it shot down last week over Alaska and Lake Huron. The site stated on Friday, citing an anonymous US official, that the search was suspended because the terrain in the northern regions made it […]

German Businessman on Private Jet That Crashed in Baltic

RIGA—A prominent German businessman was aboard the private jet that crashed into the Baltic Sea off Latvia after flying half way across Europe from Spain without responding to controllers’ calls, his company, Quick Air, said on Monday. The jet, an Austria-registered Cessna 551, left Jerez in southern Spain on Sunday afternoon, turning at Paris and […]

Crashed train “Murtalbahn” recovered from River Mur

In Austria, at the border between Salzburg and Styria, the crashed train “Murtalbahn” was recovered from the River Mur on August, 6th. At the beginning of July, the train crashed into the rootstock of a fallen tree and derailed. 17 passengers were injured at the time, nine of whom were taken to hospitals. Three were […]

Solar Wind Forecast – A Dense Wave of Solar Wind Crashed Against Earth’s Magnetic Field

» SEC not happy about Meta 1 Coin scam still going on!Yesterday at 3:43 pm by Carl Spackler » SpaceX adds 29 raptor engines to Super Heavy booster ahead of orbital launchYesterday at 11:08 am by PurpleSkyz » Solar Wind Forecast – A Dense Wave of Solar Wind Crashed Against Earth’s Magnetic FieldYesterday at 11:06 am by PurpleSkyz » The Critical Post […]

Elvis Impersonator’s Solo Party House Crashed by Cops

    An Elvis impersonator in the UK was left all shook up after fools rushed in to his house despite the fact that the man appeared to be lonesome. The clip shows the man wearing headphones singing along to an Elvis track with his back turned to the door. As soon as he sees […]

Video: Elvis Impersonator’s Solo House Party Crashed by Cops

A UK travel agency has announced it will be boycotting Australian airline Qantas over its ‘no vaccine, no flight’ policy, saying travelers should have freedom of choice. Last week, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce announced the airline would implement a policy barring anyone who has not had the COVID-19 vaccine from using their service. “We are […]

No Commercial Planes Crashed on 9-11

  April 25, 2018 The FBI released the names, addresses, photos, religious beliefs, whereabouts, affiliations, professional connections, flight training schools, nationalities, personal histories, ages, visa status OF ALL the highjackers within DAYS Of 9-11 (Unibomber took 17 years!)… [Editor’s Note: April 18, 2013. This is a good roundup of empirical facts surrounding the greatest act […]

Three bodies of victims of Turkish crashed plane in Iran transported

IRNA – Three of the ten bodies retrieved from the debris of the Turkish crashed plane have been transported to the operation camp set up following the incident, said the governor of the Charmahal-Bakhtiari Province. ‘The bodies will be transported and delivered to the authorities,’ said Eqbal Abbasi on Monday. According to the Turkish Ministry […]

Black box of Iranian crashed plane probably found

Along with the plane wreckage, further remnants of the victims have been found, which will be soon transferred to the bottom of the mountains, he added in a Farsi interview with Mizan. Mohammad Saeed Sharafi, a Civil Aviation Organisation official, also told IRNA that examinations by CAO experts were needed to confirm if the black […]

Drone to look for Iran crashed plane: Local official

IRNA – Very extreme weathers in the mountainous area where the Iranian passenger plane crashed Sunday morning has made the rescue teams to put up a drone to look for the debris and exact site of the crash. ‘Bad weather prevents us to dispatch helicopters to the region and we will soon put up a […]

Iranian Aseman Airlines ATR-72 crashed in central Iran, all 66 on board feard dead

nsnbc : An ATR-72 turboprop, regional airliner operated by Iranian Aseman Airlines has crashed in central Iran on Sunday. The crash happened during a fight […]

Crashed Russian An-148 airliner exploded after hitting the ground

nsnbc : Investigators concluded that the Russian Antonov An-148 passenger jet that  had crashed outside Moscow on Sunday, killing all 71 on board, did […]

Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed in Syria, both pilots killed – MoD

‘We were on their tail, which means victory in dogfight’ – Russian pilot on coalition jets in Syria The incident took place on December 31, when the “Russian Mi-24 helicopter crashed while making a hard landing” 15 km from Hama airfield, the ministry said in a statement. Both pilots were killed in the crash, while […]

The Russia influence story just crashed into the Israel influence story

The news from Washington is that two years ago Republican megadonor Paul Singer paid for the hiring of an opposition research firm to dig up dirt on Donald Trump– and this firm ultimately produced the famous Russia file that said that Russia had compromising information on Donald Trump (from loans to prostitutes) and could therefore play […]

Airport Systems Crashed Worldwide, Could A Power Grid Failure Be Next?

The following article by Mac Slavo was originally published at Airport computer systems crashed around the globe today. The crash caused passenger delays, angst, and fright among travelers, but a more ominous question has arisen in light of this glitch. Could the next failure be a worldwide power grid outage? Thousands of travelers were grounded […]

A crashed advertisement reveals the code of the facial recognition system used by a pizza shop in Oslo…

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8 people killed on board Cuban military plane that crashed into mountain

     Eight personnel have been killed after a military plane crashed into a mountain in Cuba, the armed forces announced, refuting initial media reports that dozens of civilians were killed when an Antonov-26 passenger plane disappeared off radar screens. “The eight military personnel on board, including the crew, died,” the Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry said […]

107% growth in export of gas condensates

TEHRAN, June 28 (Shana) – Managing Director of Special Pars Energy and Economic Zone Mehdi Youssefi says export of gas condensates from Special Pars Zone Cutoms Office has shown 107 percent growth. Youssefi told Shana that in the first three months of the year (started on March 21), gas condensate exports showed growth of 107 […]

How to Overcome the 4 Most Common Thoughts that Create Mental Agitation

Christina Sarich, Staff WriterWaking Times Your mind is always busy. You really notice just how busy it is when you finally sit down to meditate. Those racing thoughts are perfectly normal. In fact, Eastern teachings liken the mind to a monkey that has been bitten by a scorpion jumping from tree to […]

Thailand Celebrates 70th Year of King’s Reign – Anxious About His Health

nsnbc : Thais celebrate the 70th year of the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as most citizens grow increasingly concerned about his health. King Bhumibol Adulyadej is, think about constitutional monarchies what you will, by most Thais venerated as a unifying person who has kept the peace in the country. People are carrying bespectacled photos […]

Standing Up To Multinational Big-Ag: Nepal, Monsanto, & USAID

Tony Cartalucci (NEO) : Throughout history, controlling India was the key to controlling Nepal. British control over the landlocked nation was an extension of its control over India itself. Today, imperialism is far from a distant memory. It did not go “extinct,” rather, it merely “evolved.” Today, imperialism looks like national and international “aid programs” […]

America – the Most Frightened Nation on Earth

Finian Cunningham (SCF) : America is exceptional alright. It is the most frightened nation on Earth, subjected to hysterical propaganda over decades warning about foreign enemies and ideologies. No wonder its supposed democratic freedom is in so appallingly bad shape, when the preponderant population is imprisoned by their rulers in a virtual cage of fear. Paradoxically, […]

Pharmaceutical Giant Just Declared War on the Death Penalty

Michaela Whitton (AM) : U.S. firm Pfizer officially withdrew from the lethal injection trade last Friday, announcing it will no longer supply medicines for use in death row executions. The global giant announced its commitment to block all sales for that purpose in a move reflecting growing opposition to the death penalty in the U.S. “Pfizer […]

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