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Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes Serious 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

Radiofrequency/Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Engineer Explains Hard Science Behind the Propagation of 5G into the Human Body & Offers Mitigation Advice SOTN Editor’s Note: Our readership has been waiting for this conclusive exposé since the nationwide 5G roll-out was first announced years ago.  Truly, it doesn’t get any more compelling and authoritative than the following revelations about 5G […]

Dr. Ana Mihalcea & Clifford Carnicom: What Is Happening to Humanity’s Blood? — On the Loss of Electrical Blood Conductivity in the Post C19 Era

Dr. Ana Mihalcea & Clifford Carnicom: What Is Happening to Humanity’s Blood? — On the Loss of Electrical Blood Conductivity in the Post C19 Era   “In our good faith effort to quantify the loss of electrical blood conductivity in the post C19 era and reference this with the extensive previous investigations looking at iron […]

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application of Low Level Electrical Current and Structures Rapidly Grow

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application of Low Level Electrical Current and Structures Rapidly Grow – Clifford Carnicom’s Findings Confirmed by Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Dr. Ana’s Newsletter March 19, 2023   Image Courtesy Carnicom Institute: Human Blood Sample Subjected to AC Voltammetry Electrochemistry CDB Presence & Filament Formation is Evident Magnification ~ 1500x. I […]

Hackers Minutes Away From Crippling Australian Electrical Grid

Up to three million Australian homes were minutes away from losing power after a major energy network was hit by a ransomware attack from hackers in November. Queensland’s CS Energy was subjected to a sustained ransomware attack on Nov. 27, in what the chief executive officer has described as a worryingly accelerating trend. The attack […]

Getting Off the Electrical Grid – #SolutionsWatch (video)

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee Bob Anderson joins us today to talk about how he went off grid and how he has built up his energy independence. CLICK HERE for show notes and mp3 audio Filed in: VideosTagged with: energy • solutions Source

Getting Off the Electrical Grid – #SolutionsWatch

weilunion says: There are billions of people in the world who lack basic services such as sewer, water, electricity, roads, transport and communication. And they are clamoring to get on the grid. It is only first world inhabitants that push the ‘off the grid’ idea and it is unsustainable and a farce. You need at […]

Electrical Device That “Gives DNA Vaccines the Boost They Need to Work in Humans” Receives $71M From U.S. Dept of Defense

By B.N. Frank A growing number of Americans – including military personnel – are opposed to vaccine mandates (see 1, 2, 3).  Vaccine side effects, injuries, deaths have been reported for decades (see 1, 2, 3).  They continue to be reported about the COVID jabs as well (see 1, 2, 3, 4).  Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies […]

Brother of Bears Star Tarik Cohen Found Dead at Electrical Substation

Tyrell Cohen, twin brother of NFL star Tarik Cohen, was found dead at an electrical substation in Raleigh, North Carolina, after he reportedly entered the facility while fleeing the police. The body of Tyrell Cohen, 25, was identified by members of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday. Cohen was reported missing on Saturday night […]

Is The Final Frontier Of Human Consciousness An Electrical Field?

Human consciousness is created by the brain’s “energy field,” which comes from the electric signals of the organ’s neurons, claims an English scientist of neuroscience. The earliest use of the word “consciousness” dates back to the 1500s. And Western philosophers since the time of Descartes and Locke have tried to understand the nature of human […]

Core generator designed to drastically reduce electrical bill, CO2 emissions and carbon tax.

The United States and Canadian governments have murdered the people they were elected to represent by willfully, deliberately and maliciously inflicting them with cancer, disease, viruses and/or bacteria or by inducing a heart attack? If cancer and infectious diseases in animals can be induced, at will, at thousands of medical research labs around the […]

Turn to the Left. Turn to the Right. 2010 NBC Article Says 1 in 3 Are Sensitive To WiFi and Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) and 3% Are HyperSensitive.

April 26, 2018 By B.N. Frank Research and warnings about health issues caused or increased from exposure to cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation and other sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) are nothing new.  In 2010, posted its article, “Is Electrosmog Harming Our Health?”  According to it: Electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) […]

Environmentalists Who Ignore Sources of Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) Are Part of the Problem, Not The Solution

By B.N. Frank Most would agree that pollution – at least to some degree – is unhealthy for the environment and everything in it.  If nothing else, it’s not helping matters. Electrical Pollution, also known as “Electrosmog” or “E-Smog” is pollution from sources of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). Electromagnetic Radiation […]

Scientists Use Electrical Stimulation to Improve Human Memory

Eight of nine patients’ ability to recognize the faces of specific people improved after receiving electrical pulses to the right side of the brain’s entorhinal area, which is critical to learning and memory. However, electrical stimulation delivered to the left side of the region, tested on four other people, resulted in no improvement in the […]

Is gravity an electrical phenomenon?

     Introduction The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the imagery we look at on our PC screens. The latest issue of the New […]

How Liberalism Taken Seriously Leads to White Nationalism

I’ve always thought that the difference between modern Liberals and us is just a matter of degree and not of nature. In this age of mediocrity even Liberalism has become half-hearted and I am convinced that if we follow Liberal arguments and ideals to their most profound conclusions they would more easily support White Nationalism […]

Experts Predicted What The World Will Look Like In 2116

These in-home body pods will fully scan your body to determine if you’re truly sick with a digital diagnosis, where the problem is concentrated and it will even be able to dispense medication or dispatch personnel when needed. We’ve heard it before, but the standard number of weekly working hours could be reduced considerably in […]

Saudi Arabia is assassinating defecting mercenaries in Yemen

     The Saudi regime has resorted to the targeted killing of its mercenaries who have changed their stances and defected to the opposition camp in Southern Yemen. Those assassinated in Lahij province have been killed for changing sides from the US and Saudi Arabia; most of the slain militants have formerly been allies of former […]

Iran UK envoy stresses strong student ties with domestic research

London, Feb 28, IRNA – Iran’s Charge d’affairs in the UK Mohammad Hassan Habibzadeh stressed the importance for the Iranian students studying in Britain to maintain their links with research and academic centers inside the country. Talking to a gathering of Iranian students in Britain, he voiced the readiness of the Iranian embassy in the […]

GM Mosquitoes May Be Responsible For Zika Virus Outbreak

A batch of GM mosquitoes released in Brazil earlier in 2015 completely decimated the local mosquito population, and may be responsible for the current outbreak of the deadly Zika virus spreading the globe.  According to a reddit user, mankind’s arrogance may have well and truly backfired on us: Here is Oxitec back in 2015 proudly […]

US government fights to keep ‘disturbing’ force-feeding Gitmo footage secret

The Department of Justice’s deputy assistant attorney general submitted a notice of appeal in US District Court in Washington, DC on Thursday. According to The Intercept, the DoJ has until January 22, 2016 to release 11 hours of video material, showing Guantanamo guards using what DC District Court Judge Gladys Kessler said was […]

Black holes could grow as large as 50 billion suns before their food crumbles into stars, research shows

     Black holes at the heart of galaxies could swell to 50 billion times the mass of the sun before losing the discs of gas they rely on to sustain themselves, according to research at the University of Leicester. In a study titled ‘How Big Can a Black Hole Grow?’, Professor Andrew King from the […]

Shiveluch volcano in Russia spews ashes over nearby village

     A volcano in Russia’s Kamchatka region has spewed ashes, covering a local village with a thin layer of soot, the Emergency Situations Ministry said on Wednesday, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. The ash cloud from the Shiveluch Volcano reached 6,500 meters above sea level, the ministry said in a statement, RIA Novosti reported. […]

An online game reveals something fishy about mathematical models

Egypt on Saturday said there is a 90 percent chance that hidden chambers will be found within King Tutankhamun’s tomb, based on the preliminary results of a new exploration of the 3,300-year-old mausoleum. Source Article from

Electrical problems trigger radioactive steam release at Palisades

Eartha Jane Melzer Michigan Messenger Sept 28, 2011 Entergy’s Palisades nuclear plant near South Haven on Lake Michigan is venting radioactive steam into the environment as part of an unplanned shutdown triggered by an electrical accident. This shutdown, which began Sunday evening, came just five days after the plant restarted from a shutdown that was […]

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