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Top 7 ways Biden Regime and Big Food corporations are crippling family-owned farms in America

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) One of the keys to surviving the Democrat-led food and resource apocalypse is keeping local and family-run farms functioning in full capacity. The Leftists would call it a conspiracy by the Right, but the signs are far too obvious for it to be anything but a true conspiracy created by the Left. […]

10,000 Dutch Farmers Protest Government’s Crippling Nitrogen Emissions Target in The Hague

Famine is a common result of maniac big state policies. Via: ReMix: Thousands of Dutch farmers protested on Saturday against the government’s policies to reduce nitrogen emissions, warning they will put farms out of business and affect food production. Hundreds of tractors from across the Netherlands could be seen driving to the event in The Hague […]

Randi Weingarten Deflects Blame for Crippling School Closures

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, is attempting to deflect blame for promoting school closures that crippled American students’ educations.

Hackers Minutes Away From Crippling Australian Electrical Grid

Up to three million Australian homes were minutes away from losing power after a major energy network was hit by a ransomware attack from hackers in November. Queensland’s CS Energy was subjected to a sustained ransomware attack on Nov. 27, in what the chief executive officer has described as a worryingly accelerating trend. The attack […]

Overparenting and the Crippling of the Next Generation

Neurotic parenting is preventing children from developing emotionally and becoming independent, says Lenore Skenazy, founder of the Free-Range Kids movement and president of the nonprofit Let Grow. Once dubbed “America’s Worst Mom” after letting her 9-year-old son take the New York subway alone, she’s featured in the new documentary “Chasing Childhood.” Here’s an excerpt of […]

Military Members are Dying and Suffering Crippling Effects from COVID Vaccinations

EWR comment: And did the military ever care about their own? They’ve been called cannon fodder. Remember the mysterious ‘Gulf War Syndrome’? Watch ‘Anybody’s son will do’. War is about profits, remember Gen Smedley Butler and ‘War is a Racket’. (There is an audio book also on YT of his full book). In the over […]

COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact NewsCOVID-19 “vaccines” are killing and destroying the lives of many teens. This is the true “pandemic” facing our society now, as we are seeing a record number of injuries and deaths in people so young, and previously healthy, after taking one of the COVID-19 shots.The FDA and CDC’s own statistics […]

Biden’s Appeasement of Hawks and Neocons Is Crippling His Diplomacy

Written by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies Photo credit: – Biden with NATO’s Stoltenberg President Biden took office promising a new era of American international leadership and diplomacy. But with a few exceptions, he has so far allowed self-serving foreign allies, hawkish U.S. interest groups and his own imperial delusions to undermine […]

Tehran says Biden administration must remove crippling sanctions if they want Iran to cut enhanced enrichment program

Iran’s foreign minister said the country won’t accept US demands to reverse the acceleration of its nuclear program, adding that Washington should make the first move and remove sanctions, as it was the party that left the JCPOA. Speaking on Friday during a visit to Istanbul, Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters that US hopes that […]

Crippling common good worldwide, landmark study shows $427 billion lost each year to tax dodging by corporations and the rich

A first-of-its-kind international report released Friday shows how wealthy countries are the primary drivers of tax revenue loss each year—contributing to $427 billion in losses to public funding annually and affecting the ability of countries all over the world, including developing nations, to provide services to the public. The Tax Justice Network’s inaugural State of Tax […]

Brazil’s Temer agrees to lower fuel prices after week of crippling trucker protests

Truckers have been blocking roads across Brazil, impeding deliveries of vital supplies to cities, since May 21. The protest was triggered by a spike in the price of diesel, which has increased sharply in recent months amid soaring oil prices. It has affected hospitals, as well as schools and universities, many of which said […]

Alex Jones, backtracking in the face of crippling lawsuit now says Sandy Hook shooting did happen

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UK Spy Agencies Warn Power Companies To Brace For Crippling Russian Cyberattack

Millions of Americans believe that Russian agents tried to infiltrate the voting systems of individual states – even though the Department of Homeland Security clarified that it was unable to verify who or what organized the attacks. Despite this, UK intelligence agencies are warning the National Grid (a major utility company), the National Health Service, […]

The Special Ed Epidemic: Burying Our Heads and Crippling Our Economy. Part 2 of 4.

Next Story WMP Note: In this 4-part series, World Mercury Project partner, Focus For Health,  examines the special needs epidemic and its effects on schools, the US economy, life after age 21 and the many theories that point to potential causes of the explosion of chronic disease and disability in our children. A recent survey of […]

Tesla caught "crippling" the battery life of cars, then controlling their discharge capacity from headquarters

(Natural News) Tesla owners in Florida got an early, although temporary, Christmas present, if you can call it that. Those motorists in the Hurricane Irma evacuation zone earlier this month remotely received about 40 additional miles in extended range for their electric cars before they needed a recharge. Tesla vehicles apparently are equipped with the same […]

Untreated Sewage Could Flood Gaza As Crippling Power Outages Worsen

A Palestinian boy fills tankers with drinking water for sale at a drinking water station in Gaza City. Poor sewage treatment is a feature of life in Gaza, a result of infrastructure damaged during wars with Israel and a chronic shortage of electricity to run wastewater plants. (AP/Khalil Hamra) GAZA — Due to the myriad of […]

Paris attacks: ‘France will destroy IS’ – Hollande

From: French President Francois Hollande described Friday’s attacks in Paris as “an act of war” France is committed to “destroying” the so-called Islamic State group after Friday’s deadly attacks, President Francois Hollande has said. He said he would table a bill to extend the state of emergency declared after the […]

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