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‘Cave Sweet Cave?’ Geologist Builds Cozy Abode In Vertical Cliffs In New Mexico… Here’s Why

‘Cave Sweet Cave?’ Geologist Builds Cozy Abode In Vertical Cliffs In New Mexico… Here’s Why Authored by Michael Wing via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Was it nuclear holocaust he was expecting? Who in their right mind would spend $20,000 excavating the side of a cliff in a steep valley for a few extra square […]

Vertical Gardens: Researchers Determine Efficacy of Cheaper Cooling Method

Hot summers can be expensive, with air conditioners and fans driving up household electricity costs; however, researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) have identified a scientifically valid and inexpensive cooling method humans have known about for nearly a century. In a study from the UniSA, living walls or vertical gardens—walls that are entirely covered with […]

Vertical Field set to go public on Canadian Market

Raanana-based Vertical Field, which develops vertical growing systems, said it signed a letter of intent to list on the Canadian stock exchange TSX Venture, at a pre-money valuation of $100 million.The company, which is controlled by Israeli businessman Michael Mirilashvili, said it intends to raise $20 million with the goal of expanding activities to the North […]

Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid Vertical Border Monument’

Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid Vertical Border Monument’ EL PASO, TX—Fulfilling a campaign promise to get rid of Trump’s racist and xenophobic border wall, President Biden announced today he will be replacing the wall with a brand-new, more compassionate “Rigid Vertical Border Monument.”  The new monument will be identical to […]

Vertical Field to deploy green-wall farms in Ukraine supermarkets

Vertical Field, a startup that has developed a vertical farming system, has signed an accord with Moderntrendo S.R.O, an agricultural distributor in Ukraine, to deploy its plant installations in supermarket chains nationwide. Vertical Field will conduct an initial pilot at Varus, a national supermarket chain, in early 2021 before expanding to other chains. Varus operates […]

A vertical greenhouse plantation integrates agriculture into the city

What was once a desert in Almería, southeast Spain, is today the orchard of Europe under a sea of plastic greenhouses. Intensive agriculture has brought prosperity to the area and with it the specialisation of new techniques for growing fruits and vegetables. A group of pioneering companies want to implement this technology in cities but […]

The ‘vertical apartheid’ of the Israeli occupation

The following is an edited version of the preface to Eyal Weizman’s Hollow Land, published by Verso last month to mark the 50th anniversary of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. This article was originally published by openDemocracy on July 13, 2017 and reprinted here with permission. In the context of a recent, mildly critical […]

Shanghai goes green: District with towering vertical farms may become a reality in the near future

(Natural News) From towering symbols of urbanization, the skyscrapers of Shanghai may soon become agrarian wellsprings. Such is the plan for Sunqiao Urban Agricultural District, a 250-acre district where people will live, work, and shop while surrounded by massive vertical farming systems. Sasaki, the US-based architectural firm behind this bold undertaking, has called Sunqiao “a […]

Italy unveils 1st domestically-built F-35B vertical landing jet (PHOTOS)

READ MORE: F-35 report finds ‘only thing stealthy’ to be ‘the price tag’ The aircraft, codenamed BL-1, was rolled out on Friday at an industrial facility in the northern Italian town of Cameri, according to a Lockheed Martin press release.  The F-35B, a variant of the F35 capable of short take-off/vertical landing (STOVL), is expected to […]

‘Flying Car’ Nails Vertical Take-off In Stunning Test Run

Lilium Aviation has successfully tested its all-electric vertical take-off-and-landing (VTOL) jet, stealing a march on rivals in the race to deliver the world’s first ‘flying car.’ Propelled by its 36 jet engines, the two-seater VTOL can reach a cruising speed of 300kph (186mph) and maintain that speed for an hour on a single charge. Source […]

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