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GOP Sen. Wicker: ‘The Left Has Taken over a Large Part of the Way Americans Communicate’

Friday on FNC’s “Your World,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) argued that similar to what one might see in a third-world country when a strongman “takes over in a coup d’etat,” the American left was engaged in taking over the way American citizens communicate, which could be a way to maintain power. The Mississippi Republican U.S. Senator […]

How Your Cells Use Light to Communicate

Christina Sarich, Guest Waking Times “Your body is woven from the light of Heaven.” ~Rumi Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a living and non-living process? What makes us “alive” instead of just machines or robots acting out commands? What is the life force, or what ancient philosophers called the “animus”? It […]

Studies Show Humans Can Communicate Telepathically With Another While They’re Dreaming

Next Story *This is a re-post article, by us, from 2014 with a few new updates. Dream telepathy suggests that human beings have the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while they are dreaming. And this isn’t a new concept, as scientific interest in telepathy dates back to the fathers of the psychoanalytic movement. […]

US has diplomatic channels to communicate with Iran: Washington

Speaking to reporters at a press briefing on Thursday, Heather Nauert said she does not believe that Tillerson has spoken with Zarif since he took office. “We certainly have various diplomatic channels, lines of communication that can be used to communicate with the Iranian Government,” she noted. “My understanding is that we have not, but […]

In the Language of Trees: How Plants Can Teach Us to Communicate

May 29th, 2017 By Matt Toussaint Guest writer for Wake Up World When I was a kid, I would name the trees in my backyard. They all had distinct personalities and dynamic qualities, including the ability to talk. I would spend inordinate amounts of time collecting their branches and sticks, talking with them about my […]

Rabiei: Singapore to train Iranian expertise laborers

Kuala Lumpur , May 19, IRNA – Iranian Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei conferred on Thursday with Singaporean Minister for Manpower Lim Swee Say on expansion of mutual cooperation. In the meeting, the two sides agreed on transfer of Iranian workforce to be trained and pass professional manpower skills in Indonesia. […]

CEO Redefines Generosity: Gives Employees Surprise Of Their Life

Chobani is one of the biggest names in Greek yogurt worldwide, and the company’s CEO recently decided to make it even more remarkable by redefining corporate generosity. In a surprise move, Hamdi Ulukaya has made all of his more than 2,000 employees part owners of the company he started back in 2005 by giving them […]

Disney tries to bury nutrition research it funded after discovering financial ties to discredited Coca-Cola researcher

(NaturalNews) In what has been described as a “rare window” into the world of corporate-backed scientific research, the Walt Disney Company was revealed to have tried to stop the publication of a study it sponsored, due to the discreditation of one of the study’s main researchers for taking money from Coca-Cola. The science […]

The Health and Wellness Show – Interview with Yarrow Willard, Master Herbalist

     This week on the SOTT Radio Network’s Health and Wellness Show, we’re extremely fortunate to have a chance to speak with Yarrow Willard, Cl.H. Yarrow is a Master Herbalist and the visionary of the Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary on Vancouver Island, at . From an early age, he was raised in the ways […]

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

by Ed Mattson   It is the same challenge every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…deciding what my topic of discussion will be for the day’s article. With veterans’ issues, military issues, and of course, today’s political landscape, there is no shortage of issues that need the “dirty underwear” aired. Following weeks of hammering the Veteran’s Administration […]

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