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Vice President Kamala Harris Used Child Actors In Bizarre Space Video

Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely mocked following her appearance in a bizarre NASA video for children about the wonders of space exploration Harris was criticized for appearing on the video while the Biden administration had been facing several major problems, including the crisis at the border, the Afghanistan fallout and a lagging approval […]

NHS hiring actors to play Covid-19 patients and care home residents as well as spending millions of tax-payers money on propaganda TV adverts rather than care

BY DAILY EXPOSE ON SEPTEMBER 24, 2021 • Listen Now  The NHS is currently in the process of shooting various TV adverts as well as hiring actors to play Covid-19 patients and care home residents, meaning they are spending millions of pounds of tax-payers money on propaganda rather than care, despite a backlog of patients feared to be as […]

Actors Non-Speaking Role: Nurse/Doc/Patient Simulated COVID Vaccine Shoot

Queensland, Australia Listed by View details PAIDWEB We are shooting photos & videos of simulated COVID-19 vaccinations in a safe medical centre environment. We are using a Hollywood grade FX prop needle syringe (spring loaded blunt tip retractable). A medical professional will be on site to supervise and teach how to simulate injections accurately. Male & Female […]

‘Trump 2021 or Goodbye Freedom’: Far-Right Actors Rally Behind Trump After CPAC Speech

In his first public appearance since leaving office, former President Donald Trump made it clear that he intends to remain a significant force within the Republican Party. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, Trump attacked his successor President Joe Biden, rehashed his baseless claims of voter fraud in the […]

Leading Israeli Actors Lior Ashkenazi, Sasson Gabay Star in New Israeli Film ‘Karaoke’

Lior Ashkenazi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Lior Ashkenazi and Sasson Gabay, two of Israel’s most well-known actors, will co-star in the new Israeli film “Karaoke,“ Deadline reported on Thursday. The drama-comedy is about an older couple (Gabay and Rita Shukrun) who become infatuated with their “flamboyant” new neighbor, a former modeling agent played by Ashkenazi, according to […]

Two Mandalorian Actors Make Nazi, Holocaust Analogies Months Apart; Lucasfilm Fires The Conservative One

In the first instance, Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal made a now-deleted Instagram post in November likening Trump supporters losing the 2020 election to the Confederacy and Nazi Germany losing in 1865 and 1945. In June of 2018, Pascal compared Jews in a Nazi concentration camp to ‘children in cages’ using a 2010 photo of Palestinian […]

Three Netflix Actors From ‘Cheer’ Arrested on Child Sex Charges

Three stars from the Netflix show ‘Cheer’ have been arrested for the sexual assault of children. Last year, another star of the cheerleading series, Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris, was sued for sexually abusing twin brothers who were just 13-year-old at the time – then arrested one week later for “enticing an underage boy to produce sexually […]

NBCUniversal Adopts Ruderman Foundation Guidelines to Audition Actors with Disabilities

NBCUniversal joins the growing number of production companies committed to auditioning actors with disabilities with the help of the Ruderman Family Foundation, a Jewish disability awareness and activist organization. The major media and entertainment conglomerate announced the guidelines on January 29 and joins in the foundation’s continuous efforts to improve the portrayal of disabilities in entertainment […]

Delingpole: Only Gay Actors Should Play Gay Characters Says ‘Doctor Who’ Showrunner

Straight actors should not play gay characters, says one of Britain’s leading writer/producers. Russell T Davies (pictured), a prolific and successful screenwriter whose credits include Queer As Folk and the revival of the children’s sci-fi series Doctor Who, has told the Radio Times: ‘You wouldn’t cast someone able-bodied and put them in a wheelchair, you […]

Mozilla Says “More Must Be Done” To Rid Internet Of President Trump & Other “Bad Actors”

The developer of Firefox browser, Mozilla has said that “more must be done” to rid cyberspace of President Trump and other bad actors. They argue that the banning and permanent removal of the US president is not enough…. There comments however has prompted many to vow to uninstall firefox vowing never to use the group’s […]

In 1 Week, 3 jewish Actors Separately Pretend to be White and Criticize Whites for Existing

January 27, 2020: The Guardian interviews Jewish actor David Schwimmer (Friends) who says “I’m very aware of my own privilege as a heterosexual white male whose parents were able to pay for a private education for me. I’ve always felt a sense of responsibility to give back and to call things out if I see […]

“Are your globalist agendas failing because you’re using sub par crisis actors? Look no further” (satire)

If you search ‘crisis actor’ these days you’ll find serious debunking articles by the mile featuring that well worn term ‘conspiracy theory’. I tend to find that a fairly good indication there’s a bit of truth therein. You judge for yourself. In the meanwhile I always liked satire to get a point across. Thanks to […]

Selling lies? Adverts for crisis actors in Melbourne

I recently mentioned this scenario regarding crisis actor adverts. One of our readers (thanks Warren) sent a satirical video on topic. You can watch that here. EWR Screen shot of the ads below, article further down: From Melbourne Hiring actors to ‘play people affected by lock down’ in a storyline of how they are […]

Conspiracy Theory? Politicians and Corporations Admit to Paying Actors to Show Fake Support

By John Vibes In an age where most politicians have very little support for their campaigns and causes, they have been known to resort to desperate measures to improve their public image. While this practice is disregarded by some as a “conspiracy theory,” many politicians have been caught hiring actors to fill the […]

New Actors Could Be Drawn into Israel’s Coming War With Hezbollah

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — In mid-2006, Israel and Hezbollah fought a short-lived ground war in Lebanon, the outcome of which has generally been accepted as a victory for Hezbollah, as Israel struggled to inflict any meaningful damage on the Lebanon-based group. As the Nation’s Sulome Anderson has explained: The 2006 war was an impressive win […]

Will the Real Crisis Actors Please Stand Up?

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times It’s been almost 20 years since the massacre at Columbine High School. That was in 1999, when cable news was really just beginning to sinks its teeth into American culture. It was a new format, and for the first time such horrific news was in your face, everywhere you […]

High-profile actors, artists, athletes, and activists join Dream Defenders in supporting Ahed Tamimi

Editor’s Note: Today, the civil rights organization Dream Defenders released the following open letter in support of Ahed Tamimi, who trial starts tomorrow. The signatories include prominent actors Danny Glover, Rosario Dawson, Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams, and The Practice’s LisaGay Hamilton; musicians Vic Mensa, Talib Kweli and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello; civil rights leaders Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza (co-founders of Black Lives Matter), Angela Davis, Michelle Alexander, and Alice […]

Prominent actors, musicians, and authors demand Ahed #Tamimi’s release

Prominent actors, musicians, and authors demand Ahed Tamimi’s release Danny Glover, Rosario Dawson, Cornel West, Angela Davis and others sign letter demanding Israel release the 17-year-old Palestinian from custody.  By +972 Magazine Staff Ahed Tamimi in the Ofer prison military court. December 20, 2017. (Oren Ziv/Activestills) Dozens of major American actors, athletes, musicians, scholars, and […]

Tamimi: Israeli claim ‘we are actors is madness and stupidity’

by Nathan Schmidt Israeli occupation officials claimed that Al-Tamimi family was not real in order to justify violence and oppression against the family members, including the 16-year-old brave girl –Ahed Tamimi. Former Ambassador to the US and Israel’s current Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Michael Oren has reiterated allegations that the Tamimi family are […]

Tilda Swinton, other writers, actors, musicians condemn Trump’s Jerusalem move

Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno are among dozens of writers, musicians and actors condemned Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “In recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” the letter states, “Donald Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for […]

Artists, Actors, And Musicians Support Net Neutrality Protests

Above photo: Michael Stipe, Tom Morello and Graham Nash are among the 150 musicians, actors and artists who penned an open letter in support of net neutrality. Ollie Millington/WireImage, Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images, Bobby Bank/Getty Images Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and […]

Crisis Actors Busted Staging a False Flag

Crisis Actors Busted Staging a False Flag By Here is an amusing example of crisis actors staging a false flag terror attack: View the original article at Washingtons Blog Posted in Analysis & Review, Television Video & Film. Tagged with False Flag. No comments By darkpolitricks – November 5, 2017 Source Article from […]

Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: A Mix of Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

October 7th, 2017 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World The Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred on the night of October 1st, 2017 is without doubt another false flag operation. The clues are everywhere. The official narrative is full of holes and the event fits the pattern of the false flag formula we have to […]

Hard Proof of Crisis Actors and Fake Grief in Grenfell Fire Hoax


CNN BUSTED using crisis actors to stage “Muslim outrage” in London after terror attacks (Video)

Any doubt CNN is fake news? Doubt no more. CNN was busted using crisis actors to stage muslim outrage after the London Bridge terror attack. WATCH. @CNN scripting a narrative. Right before your eyes. — Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 4, 2017   Via […]

Hard Proof of Staging and Coaching of Crisis Actors in Portland Commuter Train Stabbing Hoax


A Guide to Staged-Deception ‘Crisis Actors’

By Thomas Müller of The New Nationalist Up until now, many feel the Take the Cake award for worst staged-deception actor has gone to Gene Rosen at Sandy Hook — or at least his performance is the most well known and can be viewed in the following clip. Watch him rehearse and mess up his lines. The […]

Hard Proof of Staging of Crisis Actors in Portland Stabbing Hoax


Nice Hoax Confirmed with Dummies and Fake Blood Everywhere

Nice Hoax Confirmed with Dummies and Fake Blood Everywhere What a terminally corrupt arch-hoax it is, that is this ridiculously fake so-called Nice Truck terror attack. It’s fake beyond belief, and no one can demonstrate otherwise. See the vast amount of fake blood that is seen. See also the endless numbers of dummies. It’s a […]

Ebony Editor Claims ‘Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People’

From The Daily Sheeple Fun “fact” according to the editor of Ebony Magazine: Apparently hate crimes can’t be perpetrated against Caucasians, so if a black person starts screaming about wanting to kill white cops, then shoots a dozen of them killing five, it somehow magically isn’t a hate crime… because, you know, they’re white. Via Daily […]

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