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UK Theme Park Bans Pride Events After Drag Queen Simulated Sex Act In Front Of Children

The owner of a family adventure park where parents were left ‘horrified’ by a drag queen act that was performed in front of children has profusely apologised for allowing the display to go ahead. A clip showing the performance, at Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was filmed on Saturday by a concerned parent who was […]

China: Simulated War Games Sink U.S. Carrier Group with Hypersonic Missiles

A study in China’s Journal of Test and Measurement Technology concluded, citing a series of software simulations, that the communist nation’s hypersonic missile technology could destroy the formidable USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet by evading the ships’ defense systems, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. The war games add to mounting anxiety in the […]

The New COVID Variant Scam Was Simulated in Israel Weeks Before It Was ‘Discovered’

by Brian Shilhavy The flames of “COVID fear” are being stoked again, as the Big Pharma Globalists unleash their new plan to increase profits and exert more tyrannical control over populations by using their corporate media and puppet politicians in an attempt to extend the false “COVID pandemic.” Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seen […]

Actors Non-Speaking Role: Nurse/Doc/Patient Simulated COVID Vaccine Shoot

Queensland, Australia Listed by View details PAIDWEB We are shooting photos & videos of simulated COVID-19 vaccinations in a safe medical centre environment. We are using a Hollywood grade FX prop needle syringe (spring loaded blunt tip retractable). A medical professional will be on site to supervise and teach how to simulate injections accurately. Male & Female […]

“The CIA Simulated UFO Abductions In Latin America As Psychological Warfare Experiments” – Dr. Jacques Vallée

The Facts: In his book, “Forbidden Science 4,” Dr. Jacques Valle explains how he came in possession documents showing that forced “UFO abductions” were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments. Reflect On: What type of technology would the CIA have to have in order to pull something like this off? The picture you […]

Russia Secretly Simulated A Full-Scale War Against NATO: Report

Authored by Darius Shahtahmasebi via,  In September, Russia held extensive military exercises that included the use of both Russian and Belarusian military forces. The drills were scheduled to last for at least a week. On December 19, German newspaper BILD reported that two NATO member intelligence sources had claimed the September drills were a “dry run” […]

China selects site for simulated Mars colony, doubling as tourist attraction

READ MORE: Red Planet Reconnaissance: Watch 10yrs of Mars exploration in under 3 minutes (VIDEO) An agreement to build a “Mars village” in the province’s Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan autonomous Prefecture was signed on Tuesday, China News Service reported. The region is part of the vast Tibet Plateau, with a desert occupying three-fourths of the […]

Black Lives Matter: Produced By George Soros

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson claims to be leading a grassroots revolution for racial and economic justice, but it can be revealed that he has close connections with the privileged and is funded by George Soros and the elite for the purpose of inciting terror and furthering their agenda for a civil war and […]

Turkey: 2 Russians detained, alleged spies, accused of murder

     Turkish police have detained two Russians, accusing them of espionage, according to reports. The Russian consulate has confirmed the information, saying the Russian citizens deny all the accusations. Russian authorities are staying in touch with the detained. Turkey hasn’t notified Russian diplomats about the nature of the accusations against the two Russian citizens, the […]

‘Turning point in Zika outbreak’: CDC confirms virus causes microcephaly

The Zika virus drew international attention after the World Health Organization (WHO) reported its rapid spread across the Americas last year. The virus is carried by the same mosquitoes which also spread dengue and yellow fevers, along with some other diseases. The virus, which is now considered a global public health emergency by the WHO, […]

TSA Confiscates 5-Yr-Old Child’s Disney Toy, Because It “Resembles Gun”

PHILADELPHIA, PA — A 5-yr-old child was left in tears after TSA, in the eyes of many, sunk to a low previously thought impossible. The agents searched the child and took away his buzz light year toy. Why? (Are you ready for this?) Because it “looked too much like […]

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