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US leaders react to death of Henry Kissinger

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday that Kissinger “really set the standard for everyone who followed in this job.” “I was very privileged to get his counsel many times, including as recently as about a month ago. He was extraordinarily generous with his wisdom, […]

WATCH: ‘Embarrassing’: Fans React to USC QB Caleb Williams Sobbing Uncontrollably After Loss to Washington

USC quarterback and presumptive #1 overall pick Caleb Williams let go of his emotions in the embrace of family Saturday night after the Trojans’ 52-42 defeat at the hands of the Washington Huskies. Source

Lawmakers react to Biden’s Oval Office address 

Lawmakers reacted after President Biden delivered an Oval Office address on Thursday night, during which he spoke on the Israel-Hamas conflict and the war in Ukraine. Democrats seemed to react well to their leader’s Thursday night speech, with many praising the president’s words on the current foreign conflicts. “Tonight, President Joe Biden masterfully presented the… […]

DARPA/ARPA-H REACT Program Seeking To Make Your Body A Bio-Factory & Most Dangerous Nobel Prize

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (10/3/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

US politicians react to Tehran Times scoop on Rob Malley

TEHRAN – Several American politicians have reacted to the exclusive report published by the Tehran Times regarding the suspension of U.S. envoy for Iran Rob Malley’s security clearances.  Speaking to an American media outlet, Senator Josh Hawley criticized the Biden administration for not providing clear information while Tehran Times has released astonishing information about the […]

‘Positive and Enthusiastic’: Democrats React To Biden’s State of the Union Address

Democrats gave a strong endorsement to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, with one calling the speech “positive” and “optimistic.” Republicans, in turn, described the speech with terms ranging from “divisive” to “delusional.” Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.) told the Epoch Times after the speech that he appreciated it. “I think the President hit […]

Politicians react to Supreme Court’s decision to extend Title 42

Politicians react to Supreme Court’s decision to extend Title 42 lead image Source

Everyone, before you react to anyone out in public, please become aware of this increasingly common Covid ‘vaccine’ adverse effect!

COVID-19 pandemic triggers SURPRISING changes in personality, new study suggests by: Stephanie Woods NaturalHealth365 (NaturalHealth365)  It seems that there is yet another thing that we can blame on COVID-19: a bad attitude.  Or at least a worse one. If you’ve noticed that people aren’t quite as nice as they used to be pre-pandemic, you’re in […]

‘Putin believes it is necessary’: Muscovites react to troops call-up

Muscovites have given a guarded response to Vladimir Putin’s partial military mobilisation, the first of its kind in Russia since World War II.  For now, around 300,000 experienced reservists are being asked to serve. Putin’s call-up, which comes as Kyiv makes progress with a counteroffensive in north-east Ukraine, has sparked a mixed response in the Russian capital. […]

‘We feel really upset’: Britons react to Queen Elizabeth II’s death

“I can’t believe what’s happened, I don’t think we expected it. We feel really, really upset,” said Debbie Thomas.

Conservatives React to Biden Calling Them a ‘Threat’ to the Nation: ‘I Go to Work… Pay My Taxes and Don’t Break the Law’

Conservatives on social media reacted to President Joe Biden’s recent divisive political speech, in which he referred to “MAGA Republicans” as a “threat” to “the very soul of this nation,” by sarcastically explaining how they are threats to the nation as well. “I go to work. I work hard. I go to the gym. I hunt. I […]

Conservatives Across the Country React to Liz Cheney’s Primary Defeat

Decision Desk HQ called the race for Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney’s Trump-backed challenger, at 9:27 p.m. Eastern — less than 30 minutes after the polls closed in the Cowboy State. Source

‘You can’t turn the clock back’: Paris attacks survivors react to guilty verdicts

Survivors and relatives of the victims of the November 2015 terror attacks responded to Wednesday’s guilty verdicts with a mixture of emotions, mostly relief. Source

Harvard luminaries react to ‘Crimson’ pro-BDS editorial with nastiness, not intellectual honesty

In attacking the Harvard Crimson for endorsing BDS, Larry Summers and Alan Dershowitz deny a core reality: “If there is ever to be even a minimally just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the most important prerequisite, is the Israeli recognition that their historical narrative of the conflict is largely mythological and that they have incurred […]

Actors, Comedians, and President React to Betty White’s Death

Tributes from fellow actors and comedians poured in on social media Friday in reaction to the death of Betty White. “The Golden Girls” star was 99. White was a television mainstay for more than 60 years. “It’s a shame. She was a lovely lady …. Ninety-nine years old. As my mother would say, God love […]

NASA Hires 24 Theologians to Assess How World Would React to Discovery of Alien Life on Distant Planets

In other news… James Webb Space Telescope Launch Via: Daily Mail: NASA is looking to the heavens for help with assessing how humans will react if alien life is found on other planets and how the discovery could impact our ideas of gods and creation. The agency is hiring 24 theologians to take part in its program […]

Dopamine & Serotonin Affect How We Perceive & React (Mind Control Doctors of the CIA Use Human Hormones For Mind Control….)

Comment: ADRENOCHROME is only One of MANY hormones used in mind control. Mind controlled slaves are dosed with endocrine chemicals to bond them to their slave master aka “handler”. FULL STORY In first-of-their-kind observations in the human brain, an international team of researchers has revealed two well-known neurochemicals — dopamine and serotonin — are at […]

Netflix’s ‘Seaspiracy’: Viewers React To Commercial Fishing Industry Exposé

By Tiffany Duong, EcoWatch In his latest documentary, 27-year-old British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi calls out the commercial fishing industry for harming the oceans in the pursuit of fish. Since its release, the polarizing film has gone viral and climbed to Netflix’s top ten across the globe. The exposé has sparked countless questions about and investigation […]

‘We Are Going Into the Pain Cave’: Right-Wing Activists React to Biden’s Presidency

With Joe Biden inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on the same steps that right-wing extremists had charged up to storm the U.S. Capitol less than two weeks ago, reality hit some right-wing activists and extremists: Trump was out of office, and their campaign to keep him there was fruitless. But while […]

Jewish Groups React to Passing of Sheldon Adelson

Several Jewish groups issued statements mourning the death of GOP megadonor and Jewish philanthropist Sheldon Adelson on January 12. Adelson, 87, died after suffering complications from his treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; he had taken a leave of absence for the treatment on January 7. Adelson’s widow, Miriam, said in a statement that her husband donated […]

‘Disturbed, distressed & saddened’: World leaders react after violence grips US Capitol, urging calm & ‘respect for democracy’

A series of world leaders have weighed in on an explosion of violent unrest in Washington, DC, calling for de-escalation on all sides after protesters stormed the US Capitol, seeing one woman fatally shot by police amid the chaos. A political rally held to protest the results of the 2020 presidential race descended into a […]

Argentine Jews React With Fury as Key Suspect in 1994 AMIA Bombing Atrocity Is Acquitted

A display in Buenos Aires of pictures and names of victims of the 1994 AMIA bombing, in which 85 people died and hundreds more were wounded. Photo: Reuters / Marcos Brindicci. In a shock decision on Wednesday, an Argentine federal court acquitted the individual charged with supplying the truck that was used in the deadly […]

Families of dive boat fire victims react as captain charged with manslaughter over 34 deaths

Jerry Boylan was in charge of the 75ft dive boat Conception that caught fire off the coast of Santa Barbara in 2019. Now he has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 34 counts of seaman’s manslaughter for his part in one of the worst ever US maritime disasters. “I am glad they finally […]

Ex-Iran captains react to death of Diego Maradona

TEHRAN – Three Iranian football legends shared their reactions to the death of Argentina football star Diego Maradona. Maradona, who captained Argentina to victory in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, passed away at the age of 60 due to a heart attack at his home on Wednesday. The former captains of Iran national football […]

Jewish and pro-Israel groups, policy experts react to Biden national security picks

Browse > Home / News / Jewish and pro-Israel groups, policy experts react to Biden national security picks November 24, 2020 by Jackson Richman – JNS Read on for article U.S. President-elect Joe Biden announced a number of cabinet and national security picks on Monday that offers a view into the direction his administration will […]

“He Shouldn’t Be Leading The Country”: Young Americans React To Video Of Biden Brain Freezes

The Nation watched last night as Joe Biden managed for the most part to not fall asleep, completely lose his train of thought or declare that millions of Americans have died from Coronavirus. Here is the debate in full: Here is Infowars’ live coverage: And Infowars’ post debate coverage: CNN viewers registered their belief that […]

People React Better to Both Negative And Positive Events With More Sleep

New research from UBC finds that after a night of shorter sleep, people react more emotionally to stressful events the next day — and they don’t find as much joy in the good things. The study, led by health psychologist Nancy Sin, looks at how sleep affects our reaction to both stressful and positive events […]

Gaza youth react to ‘occupation play’

The video below is a production called “It’s What We Do: A Play About the Occupation,” produced and directed by Pam Nice, a member of the Washington, D.C., chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace. Although it is a drama, the dialogue of the soldiers is adapted from the actual testimonies of Israeli soldiers from Breaking […]

EU spokesman: Bloc stands ready to react ‘swiftly’ to any Trump trade curbs

     The European Union has reacted to US President Donald Trump’s criticism over, what he called, the EU’s unfair trade practices, which the President sees as discriminatory toward the US, explaining by it the expanding US foreign trade deficit. “We here, in the European Union, believe that trade can and should be win-win. We also […]

How Will Bitcoin React in a Financial Crisis Like 2008?

How Will Bitcoin React in a Financial Crisis Like 2008? By Charles Hugh Whenever I raise the topic of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I feel like an agnostic in the 30 Years War between Catholics and Protestants. There is precious little neutral ground in the crypto-is-a-bubble battle; one side is absolutely confident that bitcoin and […]

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