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Inheriting Palestinian exile across generations

Susan Muaddi Darraj’s communal story-telling weaves together the themes of the inheritance of exile between generations and the fragmentation of Palestinian lives across homeland and the diaspora. Source

Israeli Defense Minister: Hamas Leaders in Exile Are Dead Men Walking

JERUSALEM, Israel — Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant vowed Saturday night that all Hamas operatives would be killed — including those outside Gaza, sheltering in comfortable exile in Arab states like Qatar. “There is no difference between a terrorist who walks around with a Kalashnikov … and a terrorist who wears a three-piece suit […]

Iran on the Day Imam Khomeini Returned from Exile

February 2, 2023  By Al-Ahed News On February 1st, 1979, millions of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran and the roads surrounding Mehrabad Airport to welcome Imam Khomeini as he returned from his exile in Paris despite threats to bomb the plane he was onboard. The photos below depict the popular celebrations marking his […]

Imagining Palestine: Cultures of Exile and National Identity – Book Review

January 13, 2023 By Jim Miles (Imagining Palestine – Cultures of Exile and National Identity.  Tahrir Hamdi. I. B. Taurus, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, 2023.) In her recent work, “Imagining Palestine”, Tahrir Hamdi has made an intriguing, thought-provoking, and challenging discussion on the idea and reality of Palestine. Imagining Palestine is the ongoing process of remembering […]

Shaping Palestinian memory in exile: An interview with Palestinian-Chilean author Lina Meruane

Award-winning Palestinian-Chilean author Lina Meruane reflects on the place of Palestine in her writing Source

Tigrayan Christians plant more churches in exile

Ethiopia (Mission Network News) — Despite a ceasefire in the civil war earlier this year, the humanitarian crisis continues in the northern Tigray region of Ethiopia. The agricultural system, which employed three-quarters of all Tigray people, has been effectively destroyed by the war. Hospitals have run out of drugs for cancer patients and often simply […]

US Has “Contingency” For Ukraine Government-In-Exile & Covert Guerrilla Warfare

The reports reveal that “a flurry of planning” at the State Department has been happening since the Russian invasion kicked off a week-and-a-half ago. “We’re doing contingency planning now for every possibility,” a Biden admin official was quoted in Washington Post as saying, which also named Poland as the likely location for a Ukrainian government […]

Georgia Arrests Ex-President Saakashvili After Return From 8-Year Exile In Ukraine

The Republic of Georgia’s former President Mikheil Saakashvili made a surprise announcement earlier this week, confirming that he had returned to Georgia after eight years in exile – during which time he mostly lived in Ukraine, and was still politically active, even rising to prominence in Ukrainian politics. On Friday the government of Georgia issued […]

Afghan President Was Politically Isolated Before Slipping Into Exile

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani slipped out of his country Sunday in the same way he had led it in recent years — a lonely and isolated figure. Ghani quietly left the sprawling presidential palace with a small coterie of confidants — and didn’t even tell other political leaders who had been negotiating a peaceful transition […]

Trump, even in exile, is the Republican Party’s cash cow

If the committee’s intent was to leave the impression that it was moving on from Trump, it was short-lived. Ten days later, the RNC sent another fundraising email, titled “Thank you, President Trump.” Over the subsequent days, the account sent 15 emails decrying Trump’s impeachment for instigating those riots. From there, the embrace only tightened. […]

Imagining Palestine: On Barghouti, Darwish, Kanafani and the Language of Exile

February 24, 2021 An archive photo of Mourid Barghouti with his late wife Radwa Ashour. (Via: Mourid Barghouti’s Twitter account) By Ramzy Baroud For Palestinians, exile is not simply the physical act of being removed from their homes and their inability to return. It is not a casual topic pertaining to politics and international law, either. […]

Imagining Palestine: Barghouti, Darwish, Kanafani and the language of exile

For Palestinians, exile is not simply the physical act of being removed from their homes and their inability to return. It is not a casual topic pertaining to politics and international law, either. Nor is it an ethereal notion, a sentiment, a poetic verse. It is all of this, combined. Palestinian poet Mourid Barghouti died […]

Tibetans in northern India go to the polls to elect government-in-exile

Hundreds of Tibetans in exile have been voting to choose a new political leader. The election took place in India’s northern city of Dharamsala, which is home to Tibet’s government-in-exile. Voters wore masks as a COVID-19 precaution as they cast their ballots during the first round of the election. One of them was Lobsang Sangay, […]

Exclusive: Leftist in U.S. Threatens to Kill Cuban Exile Leader on Monetized YouTube Video

A sympathizer of the Cuban Communist Party located in Miami threatened the life of the head of one of the most prominent anti-communist activists in the Cuban exile community this week, referencing the bloody assassination of Russian Marxist leader Leon Trotsky. The death threat occurred in a video that YouTube is still currently hosting at […]

‘Library of Exile’ exhibit opens at British Museum before resettlement in Iraq

LONDON — “Library of Exile,” an installation created by the acclaimed British artist and writer Edmund de Waal, was given a second chance for viewing in the artist’s hometown when London’s British Museum reopened to the public on August 27. The British Museum had been closed for the last five months due to the coronavirus […]

Ending seventy years of exile for Palestinian refugees

As I write this piece 47 Palestinians have been shot dead and thousands injured in Gaza by the Israeli army since the beginning of the “Great Return March” on March 30th. The March demands the realization of the right of return of Palestine refugees to the territory from which they were displaced between 1947 and […]

The Rohingya, Facing Turmoil in Exile, Welcomed Back to Myanmar With Words but Not Action

The English-language Bangkok Post reported on May 5 that the Rohingya refugees who return to Myanmar will be safe, according to the military there, as long as they stay confined to the camps being set up for them. Myanmar’s current commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, told a visiting delegation from the UN Security […]

Families as pawns: Israel pressures Palestinians into exile through foreign spouse visas

Like many young married couples across the world, Claire and her husband have a five-year-plan. But instead of their main concern being how to deal with the imminent arrival of their first child, Claire’s family is facing the very real possibility of expulsion and exile. Like scores of other foreigners married to Palestinians in the […]

Nazi genocide survivor "felt in exile" in Israel

Adri Nieuwhof 19 October 2017 Jacques Bude Adri Nieuwhof Jacques Bude survived the Nazi genocide because he was saved by Belgians as a child. His parents were deported and murdered in Auschwitz. A retired professor, Bude supports the call for a boycott of Israeli universities complicit in the violation of Palestinian rights. He lectured in […]

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