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WATCH: Covid19/11 – Narratives Intertwined (Full version)

In 2021, on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, Off-Guardian asked 15 experts, including scientists, medical practitioners, journalists and activists, to share their views on 9/11 and the Covid-19 narrative. Perhaps these two narratives have more in common than we realise? A global War on Terror filtering into a global war against a virus, both instrumental […]

Mayorkas: Americans ‘Radicalized’ by ‘False Narratives’ Are the New Terror Threat

Alejandro Mayorkas, the jewish Homeland Security Secretary, used the anniversary of 9/11 (carried out by Israel) to call concerned Americans terrorists. [embedded content] Share now! Source

LIVE 10:30AM ET: Pelosi Criticized for Hiding Role in Jan. 6 Security Failures; Vaccine Narratives Take 180 Degree Turn

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being criticized for hiding her role in the security breakdowns on Jan. 6, and some allegations say she may be culpable for the chaos. Republicans are trying to obtain documents on Pelosi’s role on the day, and claim their efforts are being blocked. As investigations continue into who was responsible […]

Meta, Twitter Remove ‘Network of Accounts’ That Promoted ‘Pro-Western Narratives’ While Opposing China, Russia, Iran: Report

Facebook and Twitter took down a network of social media accounts that “used deceptive tactics” to promote pro-Western narratives that supported the United States and its allies while opposing countries like China, Russia, and Iran, according to a report released on Aug. 24. The joint investigation by the Stanford Internet Observatory and Graphika, a social media analytics firm, […]

The Battle of Narratives, and Africa’s Food Crisis

On July 11 Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, declared that, for now, the EU is not winning the “global battle of narratives”. But five months have not yet passed… He then again repeated his time-worn claim that Europe is on the side of truth – although many […]

Twitter Says It Will Consider Censoring “Emerging Narratives” About Ukraine War

RT News, otherwise known as Russia Today, is facing an outright ban from broadcasting in Britain and potentially the rest of the world following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Censorship of RT has long been in the works and was being discussed prior to the escalation of tensions, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Culture […]

The COVID Narratives Around Masks, Myocarditis & Natural Immunity Implode As Mass Psychosis Revealed

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/2/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Iranian ambassador says it’s necessary to clarify truth from false narratives

Iranian ambassador says it’s necessary to clarify truth from false narratives – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN— Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva said on Thursday that it is essential to make a distinction between truth and false narratives, according to IRNA. Esmail Baghaei Hamaneh made the remarks as ambassadors of OIC […]

Video: New Lt. Gov of Virginia Declares She Is ‘Destroying’ Democrat Race Narratives

The Virginia Lt. Gov.-Elect Winsome Sears (R) who won an historic victory this week, urged that she is “destroying all of the narratives about race,” that Democrats are using to attack Republicans, and challenged MSNBC’s resident race baiter Joy Reid to a debate, after Reid spent Tuesday night complaining that all Republican campaigns are centred on […]

Merging of climate and covid narratives established at Russian forum

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Rae Kwon Chung (L), United Nations Agenda 21 contributor and Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Committee, at the first press conference by laureates of the 2019 Global Energy International Prize. He was advisor to eight U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and contributed as a lead author for an IPCC special report on […]

Human Origins – The Narratives of Our Creation Conference 2021

The 4th  Ancient Origins Conference  is happening! Join us on the weekend of  November 20-21, 2021  for Human Origins – The Narratives of Our Creation. A team of leading authors, experts, and researchers will lead you on a journey around the world to investigate  the creation beliefs of ancient cultures  – and address  the controversies  surrounding […]

There are not ‘dual narratives’ when it comes to justice

Delegations to Palestine have provided an optimal way for committed individuals to travel to that country and witness firsthand the myriad ways Palestinians suffer under Zionism. Many groups organize such trips, frequently focusing on a specific theme: The American Friends Service Committee has been a leader in exposing Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinian children, the […]

Culture Wars reader sees communist narratives, warns Michael Jones ‘trying to fool you’

Front cover of E. Michael Jones’ magazine Culture Wars in 2009. By Tradition In ActionLetters to the Editor SectionMay 13, 2014 Anno Domini TIA, When I found a Culture Wars magazine left for people to circulate at a Latin Mass Church, I became concerned about the content of this magazine. It seems that conservative Catholics […]

U.S. Focus On Narratives Will Let It Collide With Reality

The impeachment narrative circus is leaving the town and the real world work can now begin: With the distraction of the impeachment trial of his predecessor now over, President Biden will quickly press for passage of his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan before moving on to an even bigger agenda in Congress that includes infrastructure, immigration, […]

COVID and the 3 Globalist Narratives

The NWO Coronavirus Narrative Future New World Order historians will describe the Coronavirus Psyop as a coordinated operation of the world’s “Deep States” aimed at unseating resistant world leaders and imposing the Orwellian rule of the “evil Western-version NWO.” They will say that the regime change elements of the operation utilized… “Deep State”/Big Pharma-controlled health […]

WHO Is Monitoring Online Conversations And Emotions To Change COVID Narratives

Machine learning analysis is being used on people’s conversations. by Cindy Harper The World Health Organization is collaborating with an analytics company to scan people’s social media conversations for “coronavirus misinformation;” something the WHO calls “social listening.” The global health organization says that it’s not only fighting the pandemic but also the conversations people are having about it. […]

Google to begin bribing journalists with cash to parrot establishment news narratives that are often fake news

(Natural News) They say in the political arena if you can’t get good coverage, buy it. Looks like social media giant Google is going into the business of buying favorable political coverage at the ‘expense’ of drowning out competing ideas (read conservative ideas). As reported by Breitbart News, Google has decided that […]

Ahed Tamimi: One story, multiple narratives

Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are among the most watched people on the planet. They’re under the constant gaze of Israeli soldiers. But in the Israeli media, Palestinians aren’t as visible as you might think. And when they do attract news coverage, there’s a perception issue. Too often they’re framed as problems – security problems for the most […]

There are two narratives, but one reality: Palestinian dispossession

I just finished reading Palestine The Reality: The Inside Story of the Balfour Declaration 1917-1938, by J.M.N. Jeffries, a British journalist for The Daily Mail at the time of the events discussed.  Who would think that a 748-page book on the diplomatic history of the Balfour Declaration and its aftermath could be a page-turner, but […]

Whitewashing: The Media’s Two Narratives On Terrorism

Whitewashing: The Media’s Two Narratives On Terrorism Above photo: Immigration rally. By Paul Sableman on wikimedia. Within hours after Akayed Ullah, a Bangladeshi immigrant, allegedly detonated a pipe bomb in New York City on December 11, severely injuring himself and wounding four others, a most comprehensive official and media narrative emerged. The formulation of the narrative concerning […]

YouTube videos target children with bizarre, mind-altering narratives disguised as kids’ entertainment

(Natural News) Most parents understand that the internet can be a dangerous place for children, and there are plenty of high-tech ways to minimize their exposure to undesirable content. However, none of these methods can completely sidestep the need for parents to pay attention to what their children are doing. Even if you’ve helped your […]

Shifting Narratives and War Crimes: NATO Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons against Syrian Civilians

CIA Inserted Pro-War Narratives In 1,800 Hollywood Productions

Don’t bother going to Hollywood if you want to be a screenwriter. You are more likely to get writing work on major Hollywood production by joining the CIA. Newly-obtained Freedom Of Information documents reveal that the CIA and the Pentagon interfered with 1,800 Hollywood movies and TV shows to subliminally make the public love war. […]

Media anti-Catholic narratives with an endless shelf life

A refutation of Michael Hoffman II By Jude Duffy June 29, 2017 Anno Domini Michael Hoffman II says my comments about him posted on an article published on Henry Makow’s site are calculated to harm his “reputation as a historian”. This is provably false. Far from being “calculated”, my comments were originally a private reply […]

Changing narratives? Ex-Trump adviser Page fires back at CNN’s ‘Russia contacts’ claim

     “False narratives,” not the alleged Russian attempts, were the ultimate form of meddling in the election, Carter Page told CNN, striking back at the network’s anonymous report claiming the FBI has proof he and other Trump advisers interacted with Russian agents. Carter Page made the comments to CNN on Saturday, just one day after […]

Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders

Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders July 21st, 2016 Via: Russia Today: The homeowner has been convicted of “excessive self-defense and attempted manslaughter,â€� Helsinki news reports. He will serve an unconditional sentence for four years and two months, which he […]

The real threat to the US Empire is peace, not Russia

     The monstrous US military budget is a classic illustration of the proverb about not seeing the wood for the trees. It is such an overwhelming outgrowth, all too often it is misperceived. In recent years, Washington’s military expenditure averages around $600 billion a year. That’s over half of the total discretionary spending by the […]

Virginia Republicans Vow to Sue to Reverse Restoration of Voting Rights to Felons

Virginia Governor gives right to vote to all freed felons who have served their time. Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe used his executive authority to reinstate the voting rights of former convicted felons. The reinstatement applies to all felons who have served their prison sentences and finished any supervised release, parole […]

The David Duke Show: Interview with Pierre Martin in Paris on Battle Against the Genocide of Europe

David Duke May 10, 2016 Pierre Martin reveals to listeners around the world the extent to which Paris, once the pride of Europe, has become to a large extent a no-go zone for white Europeans. This is a great show that you will want to share widely. Download Source Article from

U.S. embargo of Iran still in place despite lifting ‘significant’ part of sanctions

     US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said that the United States will continue imposing sanctions on Iran for its sanctionable actions outside of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The United States will continue imposing sanctions on Iran for its sanctionable actions outside of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), US Treasury Secretary Jacob […]

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