Survey: Half of Europeans Fear and Loath Islamic Migrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2016


Same old Europe. With racists, nothing ever changes.

White people are hopelessly racist.

Even after all the facts are in, and we know that refugees are innocent victims seeking a better life pose zero threat whatsoever to Europe, and will in fact help the economy by filling important positions in the tech sector, Europeans still hate and fear them.

It seems that the only solution may be to aggressively encourage White women to breed with Moslems, and thus destroy the White race forever, and with it, hatred for the color of the skin.


About half of Europeans fear the arrival of refugees raises the risk of attacks in their countries, a survey published on Monday found, and many, especially in the east, see them as a burden on their economy.

Washington-based Pew Research Center found the share of people believing that “refugees will increase the likelihood of terrorism in our country” was, among others, 46 percent in France, 52 percent in Britain, 61 percent in Germany, 71 percent in Poland and 76 percent in Hungary.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who oversaw a welcome in Germany for about a million refugees last year, said on Monday that Islamist militants had used the wave of arrivals to infiltrate Europe. Some of those involved in Islamic States attacks in Paris and Brussels are believed to have come from Syria.

No one ever could have predicted that this would happen.

And it is a small price to pay for the benefits of diversity, which include valuable swimming lessons.


How are young White boys going to learn to swim without the help of Moslem men?

Asked whether refugees were a burden because they took jobs and benefits, respondents in the 10 states surveyed gave diverse answers, from 31 percent of Germans who agreed to 82 percent of Hungarians. In Italy, 47 percent thought refugees more to blame for crime than other groups, a little more than in Sweden and Hungary. Only 13 percent of Spaniards thought that, however.

Asked for their view of Muslims, Some two thirds of Poles, Greeks, Italians and Hungarians were “unfavorable”, a view shared by fewer than a third of French, Germans and Britons.

We will never be ready for contact with aliens when we harbor these hatreds.

It seems that the only hope for alien contact is a global Islamic state.


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