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We Must Save Ourselves from the Public Health Professionals

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Like other aspects of medicine, public health is about dealing with life and death. In the international sphere, this involves big numbers. If, as a group, a few million dollars is allocated here, it may save thousands of lives. Actual people living rather than dying, or grieving. If it’s allocated […]

Alerting Ourselves To Death

I was driving home from a cello lesson when I thought to myself, It is very hazy outside today. I didn’t think much more of it until about an hour later when my phone notified me of an air quality alert for my county. The air had elevated particulate matter levels that fall within the […]

“Americans must remain vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves and our families…” Note the date! less than a month after IsraHell Holocausted 3,000 American in New York on 11 September 2001, this red Russian Khazarian Terrorist was reassuring the Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels Illegally Occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people’s own Ancscestrial home Land, to […]

‘We Can’t Defend Ourselves’: Amazon Isn’t Doing Enough About Its Dog Bite Problem, Drivers Say

For Arturo Solozano, it was just another average day as an Amazon delivery driver. He would drive to a stop, pick out the right package from the back of his van, and walk up to the entrance to set it down before returning to his vehicle. Nothing special. But on one stop, something went wrong.  […]

Milley ‘We Must Prepare Ourselves For A Long War In Ukraine’

“Gen.” Milley just said that NATO is preparing to settle in for a “long war” in Ukraine, as the prospect for peace negotiations retreats further and further on the horizon. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the US International for profit Corporation Gen. Mark Milley George Washington’s 1st cousin General George Patton was murdered by […]

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Orwell vs. Huxley in 2023

aug 30 2023 This extremely compelling video highlights some of the recent events and, more importantly, how the powers-that-be are reacting to them. It seems crystal clear that George Orwell and Aldus Huxley were partially correct in their writings. But the parts that they got wrong weren’t too ambitious. They were too mild compared to […]

Humanity’s secret war against the environment, ourselves, and our children

Inequitable family planning and illogical pro-growth policies are taking away every child’s right to a fair start in life. Source

Navy secretary admits crisis in U.S. defense stockpiles: ‘Decision to arm ourselves or arm Ukraine’

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) We have been reporting for months now that U.S. military arms stockpiles were getting low — dangerously low — thanks to the deep state’s decision to send arms to Ukraine as it fights off a Russian invasion.And throughout the months that our own war stocks were being depleted, we were being told […]

‘We’ve got to stop fooling ourselves’: Enthusiasm gap keeps getting worse for Dems

It’s beginning to look like nothing is going to bail the party out this year. The last time the enthusiasm gap was this wide, in 2010, Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House. “Things could change,” said David Axelrod, previously an adviser to former President Barack Obama, in an email. “But with only […]

How We Sanctify Ourselves And Others Through Forgiveness

Christ and the adultress, John 8:3 In our recent article — What ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ Means For True Christian Fellowship — we reflected on how true Christian brethren should interact with one another. In this article, we’d like to dive a little deeper into the role forgiveness plays in our Christian relationships — and the […]

BDS Movement: “If we abandon Palestine, we abandon ourselves”

December 7, 2021 Source: Agencies + Al Mayadeen Net By Ahmad Karakira Amid the shameful wave of normalization with the Israeli occupation and the Arab failure to support the Palestinian cause in favor of the US and “Israel,” the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions movement has proven to be effective. Boycotting is one form of resistance […]

Killing Ourselves 

Recently I watched a film with the title “ Project Marathwada”. The story is about an old farmer from Nandurbar , a small town in Maharashtra. He wants to meet the Chief Minister. His son has recently committed suicide due to mounting debt and so have so many other farmers in the area. He is […]

Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock Deletes Heretical ‘We Are Able To Save Ourselves’ Tweet

Democratic senator and false teacher Raphael Warnock deleted a heretical tweet that was posted to his Twitter account, which read, in part, “…we are able to save ourselves.” The post was made in regard to the religious holiday of “Easter” and suggested that beyond the “resurrection of Jesus Christ” men can “save” themselves by helping […]

Saving Ourselves: Autonomous Disaster Relief In Texas

The failure of the state. On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with participants in autonomous groups across Texas, including Cooperation Denton, Stop the Sweeps in Austin, Mutual Aid Houston, Houston Tenants Union, and North Texas Rural Resilience. late thread, but I wrote a piece last week for @grist on how mutual aid […]

Keeping the vaccine for ourselves

Did you know that there are 4 different types of COVID-19 vaccines in development with 170 different vaccines in trials?  The reason for this is simple: those that develop the vaccines successfully do not want to share the secrets of their success with other countries – even if they are fairly compensated for their development […]

Lunar Eclipse In Gemini: Applying Ourselves In An Adaptable Way

We are having a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th which is peaking at 9:30am Universal Time. This will be on the night of November 29th to the morning of the 30th for the Americas. It will be a penumbral eclipse which only has a slight shade on the Moon dimming it’s […]

25 Years Ago David Icke Prophesied What Is Occurring Now; His New Book The Answer Says How to Free Ourselves of the Satanic Cabal Running the World

by Admin · October 1, 2020 [embedded content] £20.00We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking answers for what is happening. David Icke, the man who has been proved right again and again, has spent 30 years uncovering the truth behind world affairs and in a stream of previous books he predicted current […]

Selling Ourselves For Safety: A Look At the Migration Industrial Complex

The climate crisis, wars, violent states and economic crashes are driving migration around the world and in this capitalist global environment, it is no surprise that a profiteering industrial complex has evolved. I speak with Siobhan McGuirk and Adrienne Pine, co-authors of “Asylum for Sale: Profit and protest in the migration industry,” about the ways […]

Is the Power to Heal Ourselves Increasing?

Jacob Devany, Guest Waking Times Researchers are perplexed by recent studies that have placebos performing very well compared to new and experimental pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile the science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is echoing what mystics and shaman have been saying forever which is that we have untold powers to heal ourselves! Spirit and science converging This coming together between the spiritual […]

We Build Your Homes, But Have No Homes Ourselves: Diary Of A South African Land Occupation

‘We continue to resist,’ they wrote. ‘We will not move. We will hold this land’. Talitha and Johanna work as maids. They earn R150 per day, which is the price of a gallon of milk, a pound of cheese, a loaf of bread and four oranges (1 Rand is about 5 Rupees). They could just […]

Let’s Not Negotiate Against Ourselves: Demand Medicare For All

Let’s Not Negotiate Against Ourselves: Demand Medicare For All Above Photo: Private health Care/Flickr On April 18, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) introduced the Choose Medicare Act into the U.S. Senate. The bill closely tracks the recommendations made in a January Article by Jacob Hacker and a February proposal by the Center for American Progress (CAP). Both […]

Why We Keep Ourselves ‘Small’

April 13th, 2018 By Victoria Fann Guest writer for Wake Up World As I moved from a cozy little “treehouse” studio into a three-bedroom house recently, I became aware of a common thread running through my life as well as through the lives of many of the people in my life: the tendency to play small. I’m […]

Hotel Americana: They divide us; we conquer ourselves

     This is a saga of a once free people who were defeated with weaponry and then subdued with chicanery. The first part of the saga witnessed a rebellion as the masses put up a spirited battle to overcome oppression. After decades of systematic repression, eventually the people were quelled with a most diabolical of […]

What Orwell Failed To Predict Is That We’d Buy The Cameras Ourselves, And That Our Biggest Fear Would Be That Nobody Was Watching

What Orwell Failed To Predict Is That We’d Buy The Cameras Ourselves, And That Our Biggest Fear Would Be That Nobody Was Watching By Great quote from Keith Lowell Jensen: What Orwell failed to predict is that we’d buy the cameras ourselves, and that our biggest fear would be that nobody was watching. — […]

New Moon In Cancer: Expressing Ourselves With Greater Sensitivity

We are having a New Moon in Cancer on June 23rd/24th, depending on your location. New Moons are the beginning of a new wave of energy influencing the upcoming month. However, the astrological configurations at this time have a stronger influence over the following two weeks. Neptune recently went retrograde, on June 16th, and this […]

What To Do? What Can We Do to Free Ourselves and Our Country?

The time has come to act. The Occupy Wall Street action is a good example, one that I hope grows and is supported.   by Vic Pittman   The country has been taken over by sociopathic liars, torturers, thieves and people who will start wars and kill innocent people for PROFIT. One of my biggest criticisms […]

What To Do? What Can We As Individuals Do To Free Ourselves & Our Country?

The time has come to act. The Occupy Wall Street action is a good example, one that I hope grows and is supported.   by Vic Pittman   The country has been taken over by sociopathic liars, torturers, thieves and people who will start wars and kill innocent people for PROFIT. One of my biggest criticisms […]

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