“Americans must remain vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves and our families…”


Note the date!
less than a month after IsraHell Holocausted 3,000 American in New York on 11 September 2001, this red Russian Khazarian Terrorist was reassuring the Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels Illegally Occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian people’s own Ancscestrial home Land, to not worry about reprisal from America for the mass murder of Americans on 9-11 False Flag as the red Russian Khazarian Terrorist had America by the balls!

Nitwityahoo quote from 2002

Actually the headline is the sub headline of a big lie propaganda piece

trying to convince Americans what they have to fear is not the End of Times Death Cult which has attacked America again and again.

WW2 General George S Patton was trying to stop the complete takeover of Eastern Europe by the Rothschild’s red Russian Crime Cabal.

George was trying to stop the Rothschild’s preplanned Cold War which led to Americans dying in the Rothschild’s pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars.

George was threatening to expose red Russian like FDR, Ike, and a whole host of other treasonous bastards in the US military and Washington DC crime cabal to the American people.

So they murdered him.

James Forrestal opposed the red Russians occupying Palestine and forming the Illegal “state” of Israhell as bad for America, so they murdered him.

Joe McCarthy, A WW2 hero and a US senator, was exposing how high up in the US military and the US “government” the red Russian Zionist/Communist had infiltrated.
So they murdered him.

JFK was going to do away with the Rothsild controlled, Anti-American CIA.

JFK was going to have the US treasury print US’s own paper currency which US did not have to pay Usury Interest to the Rothschild’s Not federal, NO reserve(s), and NOT a bank private Usury organization.

JFK was going to pull America out of the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam War.

JFK was going to stop the Terrorist Crime Cabal IsraHell, Illegally Occupying Palestine from getting Illegal Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction, which they now threaten to blow the whole;e world up with if anyone tries to stop their Terrorist Crime spree of raping, robbing , pre-planned wars and mass murder

So they Murdered JFK, in broad daylight in front of a standing Rome only crowd of Americans.

but a tiny organization, Hamas which was instigated and is run at the top level by the same Non Semitic red Russian Khazarian mongrels

who are busy making a shit hole of the whole wide world so they can rule the whole wide world and have as slaves any non cult member they do not Holocaust.

The stock and trade of a magician is illusion.
Keeping the mark’s attention on one hand, while the other hand perpetrates the trick of the illusion.

Judaism is Black Magic.

The evil illusionist is trying to keep fear and attention focused on one of the Black Majic practitioner’s hands, Hamas, while the hand one really needs to worry about, Judaism rapes your children and cuts your throats.

The Ole Dog!




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