Friday Oct 13 – Gaza Could Morph Into Jewish-Muslim Violence in West

Does Israel and its supporters expect the world’s two billion Muslims to sit on their hands while Israel massacres two million Palestinians?

Hamas leader called for a worldwide “Day of Rage” today including a threat of violence against Jews living abroad.

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Israel has already exacted its revenge. At least 1,537 Palestinians – including 500 children and 276 women – have been killed and 6,612 wounded in Israeli air strikes on Gaza.

They had no role in Hamas atrocities. The principle of collective punishment will rebound on people who exercise it.

The world must demand a cease-fire immediately. Hamas does not represent Palestinians in Gaza any more than Netanyahu represents all Israelis. Netanyahu allowed the massacre of Israelis to take place in order to justify the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Zionists built Israel on the sacrifice of Jews in the Holocaust. 

Two million people are being carpet-bombed. They have no food! No water! No electricity! Please watch this SKY-TV video to see what life is like for them. This is a humanitarian disaster. Israel is preparing a ground invasion. Iran is warning, there will be a response.

Jews are interpreting support for these beleaguered people as antisemitism. “They want our people dead,” one Jewish student sobbed.  Jews need to reach out to Muslims and together demand a cease-fire and a two-state solution. 

Law enforcement agencies all over the United States are deeply concerned about the potential for chaos during the “global day of jihad” on Friday the 13th

Jews Discover Downside of Diversity

Commie Jews imported migrants to destroy white racial homogeneity but it is backfiring on Jews in general. Commie Jews actually hate Israel and are behind BLM, CRT, etc. who support the Palestinian cause. 

The seeds of a civil war, are just waiting to explode… Muslims show France who is in Control!

“Despite the government banning pro-terror demonstrations, Hamas supporters humiliated the French by gathering at the Place de la République in a massive show of force. The French have imported so many terrorists they now can go above the law and spit in the faces of authority without consequence. (Islam is the most practiced religion in France.) “

Israeli billionaire and his wife QUIT board of Harvard’s famed Kennedy School of Business after slamming college’s woke president Claudine Gay’s ‘shocking and insensitive’ response to Hamas massacre

Petition to fire Yale professor who called for SOLIDARITY with Hamas murderers who slaughtered Israelis hits 35,000

A petition to remove a Yale professor who cheered Hamas’ invasion of Israel has received some 35,000 signatures
Associate professor Zareena Grewal called Israel a ‘murderous, genocidal settler state’ and said it had been ‘an extraordinary day’ following the attacks. The Ivy League university has defended Grewal’s right to freedom of speech. (Your daily chuckle) 

Ilan Pappe on “The Nakba of Palestine”

Historian Ilan Pappe of Exeter University discusses the people and ideology behind the crimes of the war of 1948, which he describes as the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.  This speech was given at the Al-Awda Convention in 2008.


Christopher Ruffo—Welcome to the Cluster B Society
Psychological dysfunction is now valorized and embedded in our institutions. We need to understand what we’re dealing with.

Watch: Over 100 illegal migrants attack Polish guards on Belarus border with stones and burning tree branches

There is a creeping sense that our society has turned upside-down. Healthy debate is replaced by activist hysterics. Speech is declared violence; violence is excused as speech. Masculinity is condemned as “toxic,” while men in dresses are celebrated in the public square. It feels as if we are in the midst of a society-wide mental breakdown.

The Iranian Guards will support Hezbollah against Israel
According to Russian sources, Iran may enter into an armed confrontation with Israel on the side of the Shiite movement Hezbollah in the framework of a joint operation. Thus, a significant territorial expansion of the conflict that has erupted in the Middle East cannot be ruled out.

So far, Iran has refrained from directly participating in hostilities, limiting itself to a humanitarian mission. Tehran, together with Cairo, organized the provision of aid to the Gaza Strip, mainly medicine and food.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Documents Proving Pfizer was Secretly Manufacturing the Deadly Drug REMDESIVIR

Pastor Chuck Baldwin-What Does The Hamas/Israeli War Portend For Bible Prophecy?

“Eighty percent of evangelical pastors and churches believe the Scofield-spawned propaganda that the modern Zionist State of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It’s not! I might as well go ahead and tick off evangelicals right at the beginning of this column, because it won’t get any easier as this column goes on. 

God has NO future plans for national Israel. ZERO! ZILCH! NADA! NONE! National Israel was buried in the ashes of Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 AD. It is gone FOREVER! The Bible nowhere predicts a future national Israel.”

WikiLeaks document details Mossad’s orchestration of 9/11 including a flight from NY to Israel on 9/11 after all flights had been grounded


“It seems everyone is referring to Israel’s latest lawn-mowing operation as the rogue state’s 9/11.  If they mean it was planned and implemented by the Mossad [as was America’s 9/11]- I would agree.  But I also see a distinct similarity to Maui’s Lahaina-but on a much larger scale [2 million Gaza citizens].   Bibi has already announced that Gaza is going to be-razed to the ground-Perhaps Lahaina was just a beta test-for Israel’s DEW weapons and humanity’s gullibility [or cowardice]?

Russia Has The Two State Solution To Gaza Crisis! – Norman Finkelstein

The BBC is Commie Jew – A Jewish BBC sports reporter quits his job because of broadcaster’s refusal to call Hamas ‘terrorists’, as he slams ‘unjustified’ decision and says words have the power ‘to fuel hate and put fuel on the fire’

50 misinformation, disinformation and outright COVID lies told by the Australian government and regulators

Did people get injected with a “vaccine” that was never subjected to safety testing in any clinical trial?

“Died Suddenly” reports have increased by 82% and 1,400 athletes have died since the rollout of covid injections


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