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Sky News Australia Drops Bomb on Fauci, Calls Him ‘Incredibly Stupid’ for Funding ILLEGAL Gain-of-Function Coronavirus Research in Wuhan

Sharri Markson of Sky News in Australia has dropped a major bomb on Tony Fauci and his contrived Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic narrative. In a recent segment, Markson called out Fauci point-blank for funneling American taxpayer dollars to Wuhan, China, to conduct illegal gain-of-function research on coronaviruses. Markson says that Fauci is “up to his […]

Giant Camel Sculptures in Saudi Desert Found To Be Incredibly Ancient

A team of archaeologists studying life-size rock carvings of animals in the Saudi Arabian desert were shocked to discover the true age of these impressive stone sculptures. These carved figures of giant camels were %20first found in 2018 , and it was originally estimated that they were about 2,000 years old. But the new analysis utilized […]

The Incredibly Evil Khazarians Who Now Control the U.S. Under the Name ZIONISM & Ashkenzi’s & Their Illegal Balfour Declaration

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 21 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson for a show entitled, “His Legendary Trilogy On Khazaria – Part 1.” We discussed: Ancient Khazaria and its influence on the world today; Gog, Magog, and the Apocalypse; why the Khazars converted to Judaism; Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth […]

Disney’s Animatronic Biden Praised As ‘Incredibly Realistic’ After It Short Circuits, Has Speech Malfunction

Disney’s Animatronic Biden Praised As ‘Incredibly Realistic’ After It Short Circuits, Has Speech Malfunction ORLANDO, FL—Disney has recently unveiled their latest addition to their Hall Of Presidents attraction located in the Magic Kingdom. It now features an Audio-Animatronic replica of President Joe Biden that exhibits stunning accuracy of his likeness.  “We hold these truths to […]

Psaki Says Biden Is So Incredibly Fit He Has Achieved Resting Heart Rate Of Zero

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a press conference yesterday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed that President Biden is very fit and healthy– so healthy, that he has achieved a resting heart rate of zero beats per minute. “The President is so, so very healthy,” said Psaki. “So healthy. I’ve never seen anyone more healthy and vibrant. He is […]

‘Incredibly disturbing development’: Israeli airstrike flattens media building in Gaza

An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City on Saturday that housed offices of multiple media outlets, including the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera. The strike on the building came in the afternoon after the owner received a call from the Israeli military warning that the building would be hit. AP’s staff and others […]

Incredibly, Moderna Experimental mRNA Vaccine Trials being Extended to Children and 6-Month-Old Babies in Texas

Cited by Health Impact News by Marla CarterABC 13 – Houston “If you want the COVID-19 vaccine and aren’t in line to get it, there are still a number of vaccine trials- some involving kids. Lakshy Patel is in the eighth grade and going to school virtually hasn’t been easy. “The WiFi problems, so I […]

The Incredibly Evil Satanic Crime Syndicate Running Amerika (& Our Media)…..Chosenites From Hell

Comment: Evil Khazars shown cutting Simon of Trent to death-a Christian child sacrificed to their evil lord-Satan. This is the real reason Simon of Trent was made a Saint. They have hidden their history from every U.S. citizen and control the Media , Publishing, Abortion clinics, Wars, anything evil you name it they control it: […]

Biden blasts Trump’s ‘incredibly damaging messages’ about democratic process

AFP — US President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday accused Donald Trump of brazenly damaging democracy, as the incumbent’s campaign to reverse his election loss through baseless fraud claims was dealt another blow as a recount in Georgia affirmed Biden’s victory there. Trump was behind “incredibly damaging messages being sent to the rest of the world […]

The Incredibly Evil Rothschild Zionist Mafia


Dolphin takes down Australian paddleboarder in incredibly well-timed shunt

     Jaw-dropping footage from Western Australia shows what may be the beginning of a dolphin uprising against humanity. In the video, one member of a gang of the mammals unexpectedly launches a full-body assault on an innocent man. Paddleboarder Andrew Hill, 54, was enjoying the surf Friday afternoon when he noticed a pod of dolphins […]

If you knew what was in tap water you would never drink it again

(NaturalNews) Water is essential to all life on Earth. When it comes to humans, our bodies require water for virtually every biological process needed to stay alive. Playing a crucial part in the body’s overall digestive system, water helps to flush out your kidneys and liver, and to rid your body of any […]

Whistleblower Manning rushed to hospital, reports claim attempted suicide

     Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning was taken to a hospital in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas after reportedly attempting suicide in the maximum-security military penitentiary, where she is serving a 35-year sentence for leaking classified documents. Manning was transported to the hospital Tuesday, according to CNN’s crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz. By Wednesday, she had been released from […]

15 Brilliant Test Answers From Smartass Kids

As adults, we are constantly in awe of children and their abilities. Deep in the process of learning, they are thrown into trying a variety of disciples, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. But when they say something that seems so mature and witty, we almost can’t believe it. Perhaps it’s because we don’t expect them to […]

See What Chinese Astrology Has To Say About Your 2016 Year Ahead

February 8th rang in the 4713th Chinese New Year. To celebrate, let’s take a look at your Chinese Zodiac forecast for 2016! The Chinese Zodiac runs on a 12 year cycle, with each year represented by an animal and its unique characteristics. These 12 animals include: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, […]

Despite Killing Nearly 1,200 Americans, Not a Single Cop Was Convicted in 2015

Andrew Emett | The Free Thought Project Although the number of cops charged with murder or manslaughter sharply spiked last year, not a single officer was convicted for these unjustified deaths. With less cops killed in the line of duty in 2015, the number of people killed by police […]

URGENT ALERT — ‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"


The Donald blows away the leftist Jew orchestrated opposition in his Las Vegas rally… totally!

The Donald blows away the leftist Jew orchestrated opposition in his Las Vegas rally… totally! Neanderthal/Caucasian/Khazar Jewish propaganda in the media is being exposed by The Donald; and if he overcomes the leftist liberal/commie Jews’ US presidential polling fraud and the bitter opposition from the Bush/Clinton crime families he will be the next president of America. […]

Jewmerica Sends Troops To Syria

Jewmerica Sends Troops To Syria Jewish Agenda Articles Jewmerica Sends Troops To SyriaBy Brother Nathanael Kapner November 1, 2015 © Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation!Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax Exempt/EIN 27-2983459 Or Send Your Contribution To:The Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 1242, Frisco CO 80443 E-mail: ___________________________________ ONCE THE CAMEL GETS his Jewish nose […]

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